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Strength training for runners | Best glute exercises! (Part 2)

– Recently I shared with
you three great ways to strengthen gluteus maximus. Today we’re gonna add
on with three more poses that will give you extra glute power. And with some extra additional strength training for runners benefits. (calm music) I’m Helen Clare, this
is Run Better with Yoga. Helping you to run stronger,
longer, more focused, and injury free with yoga. Please do subscribe. Look out for our new videos each week, plus our free downloads. So, glute maximus. It’s the primary hip extensor, which means it draws
the hip back behind us. Super important as a runner. Today we’re gonna look
at three standing poses. Because glute max tends
to get a little bit tired, all the sitting we do, glute
max gets a little bit lazy. Especially the lower section. It can even start to switch off. So these three standing poses, they’re fairly challenging,
but they’re great ones that will help to switch glute max back on and strengthen it back up. We start standing. Bend your knees. Now, as you pause here, in this stance, it’s called Utkatasana,
or just Chair Pose, I want you to imagine that you’re hugging your sitting bones from within. So we’re thinking about this lower part of gluteus maximus, it’s down here. Imagine that you’re hugging your sitting bones with the muscles. We’re taking our attention to the lower half of gluteus maximus. Trying to bring more
focus and attention there. We’ve gotta have that awareness first before we can rebuild any connection. (deep breathing) Two or three more breaths. This area should hopefully start to get just a little bit tired. Okay, from there we’re gonna
take the right foot back. All the way back to a
comfortable distance. Heel is now towards the
center, down on the floor. And looking ahead, bending
comfortably into your front knee we’ve got a Warrior One stance here. Now hug the front hip back, belly’s just drawing in gently. And have that same sensation of hugging the sitting bones from within. And you’ll mainly feel
this on the front side, so hip of the front leg. If you wanna take the arms up, if you can. (deep breathing) Good. And then coming up, and
then opening to this side. Bend into your knees. Now just drop your pelvis just
as far as feels comfortable. We wanna have the feet, knees, thighs going out in the same direction here. So it doesn’t matter if
you’re up a little bit higher. Drop the tailbone, avoid any
sticking out of the butt there. And again, just a few breaths here. Thinking about hugging round
the sitting bones again. Taking our attention to the
lower part of glute maximus. And obviously, as well as
strengthening the glutes in these standing postures,
we’re also helping to strengthen the feet, all
the way up the legs as well. (deep breathing) Last breath or two. And now let’s come up and
turn towards the back. So we come to that Warrior
position on the second side. So you might need to
adjust your feet slightly. Your hips facing forwards. Hug the front hip back. Arms can go up if you like. Strong in both legs. Okay, hands back down. Let’s step now to the back of our mat, back to this chair position. A few more breaths here,
hug the sitting bones. So there’s no clenching of the whole butt, it’s just this engagement
of the lower part. (deep breathing) And then we’ll go back the same way. So let’s take the left leg
back this time, Warrior One. Open the chest, hug your right hip back. (deep breathing) Turn to the center. This is a Horse Stance. Or, of course, also known
as the Goddess Stance, I think that sounds a bit nicer. Just coming to that comfortable height for you at the moment. And attention, if you can,
keeping it on lower glute max. Two more breaths. (deep breathing) And back up. Last Warrior, turning back to the top now. Aware of any fatigue in
the legs, in the glutes. (deep breathing) Okay. Leaning partway forward,
step back to the top. Last few breaths here. Really noticing how it
feels to take your attention to the glute max, and to
the lower part especially. Notice if you can’t,
notice if you can’t really think about engaging the muscle down here. The first step is taking
your attention there, bringing about more awareness. And then we get to fold. If it’s comfortable for you drop your torso all
the way over your legs. If it’s not then you could
stay up a bit higher, use your hands on your thighs there. Just allow the glutes to
lengthen out a little bit. (deep breathing) Great, okay, so there we have three fairly challenging but great poses to help build more strength
in gluteus maximus. And it will really help with your natural running technique. Please do download the
free printable sequence of this class, just via the link below. Please subscribe to the channel, look out for our weekly videos. And I look forward to
seeing you next time.

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