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Strength Training with Household Items

As you all know from last weeks introductions my name is Blythe and I’m an exercise physiologist here on staff at NCPAD. This weeks tip is about finding things in and around your home that can be used for strength training. Not everyone has access to the gym or to expensive weight training specific equipment like these hand weights. But if you have items like candles, soup cans or even milk jugs you can perform upper body strengthening exercises around your home even just while you watch television. Today we will demonstrate two different upper body exercises the bicep curl and the tricep extension. If you use a wheelchair, transfers and seated pushups which you do to prevent pressure sores are essential movements that should be performed several times a day. Two important muscle groups that are needed to perform these tasks are the triceps and the biceps. If you strengthen the bicep, you will also need to strengthen the tricep, which performs the opposite movement so that you can maintain muscular balance. Improved strength in these muscle groups is also very important for getting up from the floor. People with balance impairments have a higher incidence of falls and will occassionally have to lift themselves up from the floor.

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