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Study Speech & Language Pathology

I’m Alaa, I study Speech and Language Pathology
at Strathclyde, and I’m from Oman. It’s so interesting to know human’s thought processes
and how we’re all so different, but in other aspects we’re all the same actually. Speech
and Language Pathology is really interesting, especially if you love the humanities side
and the scientific side, because there is the anatomy but then there are things like,
“why do we do the things that we do, and how do we do these things?” so that’s very interesting.
My sister told me something once, because she sees mostly stroke patients, so doctors
give them life and they help them live, but then we give them quality of life. So, we
help them adjust to living as normal humans, because it can be quite hard for them – especially
those with speaking disorders – because they can’t really communicate with people
and we communicate with each other using speech and that’s quite hard to not have, so we just
help them learn how to communicate with others. The most specific thing that I did in the
ISC was Psychology. I found it really useful. It was really interesting as well, so I had
a lot of fun studying it. I went to a hospital, it was in Dundee. It was quite exciting. If
I’m honest it was so tiring, but I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I was so shy
in my first few days, the first two days I didn’t speak or say anything, I just followed
the speech and language therapist around, but I learned a lot and it was so much fun.
I thought my heart would hurt, and I’d feel bad for the patients, but I didn’t; I enjoyed
helping them without feeling bad that they can’t do certain things, because I’ll
be able to help them do them. I have a long plan. I’ll go back home, because I’m needed.
I’ll work in the hospital at first, because we have to help those who have swallowing
problems, and then, once there are enough speech therapists in hospitals, I want to
open my own practice.

Reynold King

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