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Suspended Push-ups Made Better – Stick Mobility Exercise

What’s up everybody?
Stick Mobility here, Mitch and Dennis. We’re going to show you again a nice little
quick fix for a suspension push-up so, we’ve done the row, we do a push-up, two of the biggest
moves you typically see people using in gyms or anywhere with suspension trainers. and then we’re gonna take it up a notch
and he’s gonna do a floating push-up. No, maybe, we’ll see, we’ll see how it feels today. But look at, all we did, place the stick through the straps. Now this could be a regression for most people
because now it’s not so much independent anymore, more of a solid platform, but you could kick
it up a notch by creating a lot of irradiation. So what we’re gonna do here,
he’s already set in this position, right. Get them in the normal same push-up position, but they’re gonna be able to get their body right and hold
it and not worry about shoulder shrugging and all that. Difference here, as you lower yourself
we’re going to pull apart on the stick so you’re activating the back like you should
do in a real push-up or a chest press and on the way up he’s going to push in
and try to collapse that stick. So now he really irradiates all this anterior tissue to create more neural drive,
add more strength, get everything firing. So cores turned on, right, he’s squeezing glutes, he’s working, he’s able to maintain that body position. We could hold down if we wanted to like he did,
briefly to really get everything working, but this would be like the equivalent.
So as he’s lowering himself, he’s activating the right muscles,
this would be like spreading the floor. Okay, teaching the body how to turn the right muscles
on and get everything working together globally. If we just look at one more right,
he’s pulling apart on the way down. These are the important cues to tell them. All you have to do is say pull the stick apart,
lower yourself under control, as you push yourself back up,
push the stick in and try to shorten the stick and feel all this guys, all these muscles kick in. Simple as that a little easy fix for your push up. One to make it a regression,
two, or to amp up neural drive. So until next time. Stick Mobility.
Movement made better.

Reynold King

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