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Teacher arrested after assaulting a student at Largo High School

Reynold King

74 Replies to “Teacher arrested after assaulting a student at Largo High School”

  1. There are three sides to this story. It is unfortunate that teachers are physically assaulted at work and at the same time there are students who are hurt by adults and classmates. School and work shouldn't be this dangerous.

  2. Yeah, the teacher should’ve used way more expertise in being the bigger person in this situation. Abusing a student is NEVER the answer. Thank God for the student cameraman’s quick thinking & action😇✌️

  3. Kids need to respect their teachers point blank! Parents should apologize to the teacher then take this lil girl home and whoop her ass!

  4. Parents check your kids or the world will check them. These kids are disrespectful. I have seen the on going abuse from students. Nothing is done about it. Eventually a person snaps.

  5. You see government is not your friend these kids are antagonize these teachers in the class so they can get a lawsuit and get the new Jordan's that come out next year.

  6. The student should have been expelled immediately and charged with assault. I think we as a society need to realize these students are more dangerous than we can comprehend. The witness said, the teacher calmly asked the student to not approach, the student refuse because she was upset about a grade. The student attack first, the narrator said, "nudge", let's be real that was more than a nudge. A student should never be allowed to assault a teacher in any manner. I can't stand when people say be the bigger person: lay down, get punch, stomp, thrown, spit on, put in critical condition at least you will still have a job. No thanks, I will protect myself by any means necessary. These kids are vicious these days and very dangerous.

  7. These kids have no respect and are violent. The teacher should not have been arrested. Because of all the backlash PG County schools have gone through more than likely and unfortunately this teacher will be made an example of.

  8. Please charge the student. So students will know there are consequences. They were both wrong for physical contact. The student was the agressor. If u let the student go, you should let the teacher go too. Fair is fair.

  9. Allllllll that space to walk around and the student CHOOSES to walk in front of the teacher AND bump her?!. That girl wanted a reaction from the teacher and she got it. That was neither the place nor time for the student to bring up a grade change when class is in session.

  10. The teacher was way too excessive. Like how gonna body slam a child just because she bumped u. That really could have been handled differently. As an adult she should known better.

  11. This happens daily across the nations in every school. The majority of the time, teachers have to ignore this behavior and still teach. You have to be a teacher to understand this! Teachers are bullied more than students and nothing gets done to protect us. Too many grown teenagers in a class. This student provoked the teacher and touched her first. This is self- defense on the teacher part. No child abuse or assault charges should be filed. In the past, I have witnessed a high school teacher get attacked, stumped, kick, etc because he failed a student. I pray for both parties involved. The teacher is not at fault! Thank you to the students who intervene. (Prayer Warriors-Let's Pray for our teachers!) We are losing good teachers one by one.

  12. The student deserved it…if you teach your kids at home they wouldn't even have the audacity to approach a teacher in a disrespectful manner.. Student pushed teacher, teacher unleashed an [email protected]# whoopin…Goid for her..


  14. That young girl was way out of pocket. She needs to stay in a child's place and respect her elders. There's no room for teenagers to assault adults, and adults aren't supposed to defend and protect themselves. This teacher did NOT go after the young teenager. The teen was the aggressor. Parents, if you fail to discipline your children and teach them how to conduct themselves at all times, this is what you'll end up with. STOP CAUDLING THESE CHILDREN! Don't leave disciplining your children to teachers. That's your job, not theirs!

  15. Students emulate their parents, apparently that girl has no upbringing nor social skills. Teachers have a right to defend themselves and should not suffer abuse from students/kids

  16. Surprised? Nope. This school is 91% Black, 5% Hispanics. Algebra II scores: 1% (State average is 27%), Algebra I scores: 5% (State average is 29%), English scores 29% (State average 43%).
    Most likely, the injured student had a question about her English grade.
    Jokes aside, I think it all starts with the parents who teach valuable lessons of respect and behavior. Let me guess.. I'm pretty sure all these students probably have the latest iPhones (the student who recorded the video had one), but they don't want to spend a dime on education.

  17. She beat that girl ass, im sick of disrespectful teens im glad the teacher stood up for herself but im sad she will lose her license. If it was me i would have let the kid hit me then i would press all kinds of charges send em to juvie for a lil while.

  18. Her ass probably was skipping class and got mad because her grades wasn’t good, as y’all can see she was talking trash before she push that lady 🤦🏽‍♂️ that’s unacceptable parents should raise they kids to be respectful

  19. This story is incomplete. According to police, the 17-year-old student was upset with Noirie for contacting her parents the night before about grades and lack of homework. Police say that the student 'admitted to stepping on the teacher’s foot and bumping her with her shoulder.' The teacher struck back to defend herself. The detecs will be bringing charges onto the student but the student is a minor so we wont hear about these charges –

  20. It seems as though the student accidentally brush the teacher because she is heavy and was carrying the bag. The teacher definitely overacted. Is the teacher taking kickboxing classes?😒 She beat the student up. All she had to do was call security to escort her from the classroom😒 Why all the anger? Think before you act and calm down “woman” kickboxing champ!

  21. She needed that whooping. You want to step on adults feet and bump into them because you have a bad grade? You need your butt whipped. Parents discipline your children or they’re going to end up in a body bag or prison.

  22. America needs to put metal detectors in all schools and bring back the paddle and physical discipline in schools. American children are out of control and need to be put back in their place immediately. Don’t want to get punched and kicked? Well don’t put your hands on an adult or anyone for that matter. I have my kids in a charter school and in a few years I will home study. Public schools are a jungle

  23. The student (the larger woman) bumped/nudged into the teacher as she was walking away when the teacher snapped. This is not self defense. You cannot throw haymakers on a minor who offended you with their speech and slightly bumped you while walking away. She's ruined her life, now with a felony on her record and loss of her job. Great work throwing away your higher education on these animalistic kids. Bet those student loans still waiting to be paid along with every other debt but you won't be teaching (all your hard work to achieve a piece of paper that says you graduated) & will most certainly find it hard to establish another profession. You know all those nasty questions on job applications (i.e have you ever been arrested, have you ever been convicted of a crime, felony or misdemeanor. Oh and with technology now prospective employers will Google your name and see the video. Life just became 10X harder for her. She'll need to open her own business most likely as few will want to employ her.

  24. how dare that student try to walk pass her and accidentally nudge her while passing she deserved it the teacher had every right to attack that child

  25. These kids these days have no respect. I get that. But the self control after the 1st slap or punch. Like the aggression isn't excused. I'm seeing it from a parent's stand point. After the case. Its me n u same energy…

  26. These younger teachers not taking the bullshit from these big ass disrespectful kids. Yes the teacher is wrong, but the student is wrong also. The teacher is short and who knows if she’d been bumped before by her or another student. Enough is enough!!! Well she bumped the wrong person/teacher that day!!!

  27. So many people don’t care until they are on the receiving end of bad behavior.

    You can meet them where they are and be their friend, or you can hold them to a higher standard.

  28. Y’all over here defending a teacher for swinging and hitting a CHILD first. It’s unprofessional and disgusting. The child didn’t swing on her all she did was bump into her and walk away. And I’m sure she didn’t even mean to bump into her. There was no need for physical altercation. Do not work with kids if you can’t keep your cool when kids push your buttons.

  29. Sorry this is a result of 50 years plus democrat monopoly on our school system and families .
    As trump said what the hell do we have to lose . I am voting all republican until this crap changes

  30. The teacher should have shown much more restraint. Had she done so… She could have had the child expelled for assaulting and bumping into her.

  31. Watch the rest of this video where the same student went behind the teacher, pulled her to the ground, stomped her, called her a bitch, and threatened to continue to whoop the teacher's ass. Sorry, we are not in Kansas anymore! These big ass, overgrown teens are bullying, hitting, spitting on and punching teachers everyday and teachers are expected to hold their breath and hope for a reprieve. Trust me–I've seen it first hand. This teacher had enough and she will pay the price for being in a field where you are often treated with contempt and disrespect with no recourse.

  32. I would love to see Mr. "grab em by the pussy" Trump spend just one month in a classroom as a teacher with no other income. Would love to see his stiletto-wearing idiot Slovenian import toilet-wife spend a month in a classroom with this kind of behaviour too. But we know, that will never happen. May the teacher get a new career where she is respected and paid what she is worth – should that be the path she chooses.

  33. Most likely the teacher is going to catch a bad rap for this but that goes for ANY TEACHER who gets into ANY fight or altercation with a student. Thing is, some of these students act like they are untouchable and are the main ones to provoke incidents like this due to their disrespect level being so high. Sad part is, you only see the fight and have no idea of how strained the student/teacher relationship was from the beginning even before the fight even started.

  34. I agree with those siding with the teacher (Ms. Noirie), if only in part, and yes, I do think the student should be disciplined (a detention for a week, perhaps a suspension), but not expulsion that some of you are calling for. And while many of you have sympathies for the teacher (which is a harder, still underappreciated profession let's be honest), Vivian Noirie clearly went over the top. She would have been better advised to write the student up, remove her from her classroom (or get someone to do it for her if she couldn't), refer her to an administrator, and have him or her deal with the student in a manner he or she would deem appropriate. Instead, Vivian Noirie is now out of work, facing criminal charges, and will not likely teach again now that this incident went viral. Put it in yet another way, the life Vivian Noirie knew it is now over.

    Also, we are overlooking the fact that teachers must always be above their students, and not at their level (most do get that, but some do not). And while the teacher in this instance may have reached a breaking point (she probably went through too many instances of being disrespected, abused, who knows), this is one of those instances where she should have kept a cooler head. But she did not, and is now paying the price for her decision. And that's a real misfortune.

  35. Unlike the student that slap the teacher. This teacher was a bit over the top with swinging on a student that brushed past her. This escalated rather quickly.

  36. She had no business doing that. The teacher was way out of line. She completely escalated the situation. She seemed to be prepared to do that.


  37. We don’t know the story as to what led up to this but from my family & friends that work in the school system, most of the time the teens are uncontrollable and disrespectful and sadly the teachers have no help because majority of the parents are as ignorant as their offsprings and encourage it. I thank my children’s teachers as much as I can as they have a job that I could not do. The term “ it takes a village” no longer applies when the villages are so divided meaning parents are raising their kids “ new school “ and the “ ol school” standards have been eliminated in most homes. This is hurtful to watch as a mom.

  38. Well if they're going to press charges on the teacher they need to press charges on the kid also. Teachers shouldn't hit students and vice versa.

  39. Absolutely pathetic!!! This teacher was DEFENDING HERSELF!!! Here we go again teaching our young black youth that there is no respect for authority!!!!! And they wonder why their kids are being shot dead 8n their streets!!!

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