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Teachers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Teaching

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Teachers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Teaching”

  1. I know this is a strange question, and a long one…
    do you believe that as a teacher that there are some people who just shouldn't teach , but do and that's why most children have problems with trust in adults?

  2. You can be terminated for failing a drug test because marijuana is federally illegal even if it is legal in your state. Which is ridiculous. Teachers should be able to do what they want on their free time and marijuana should be federally legalized.
    You absolutely can’t show up to work high at most jobs. And you shouldn’t.

  3. Ok what bigass rock did everyone just crawl out of?! Lol teachers out here smashing their students, smoking WITH their students, drinking WITH their students everyday and folks still acting like we supposed to believe teachers are the most "mature adults" on Earth or some sht.. Only children supposed to believe that 😂

  4. To those who say we aren't underpaid:
    I live in Florida. I'm studying to become an Elementary school teacher. I worked as a substitute teacher. As a sub, I was paid about $70 a day after taxes. Since I was employed by the board and not a specific school, working every day wasn't an option. Kids will literally try to make you cry or make you quit. They will steal from you or throw things at you. I expect to make about 40k a year before taxes as an actual teacher. I will work from 7:30 in the morning to 4pm, if I want to grade paper and prep for the next day at home. Otherwise, I'll be at the school until about 6. On top of grading, we have mounds of paperwork that are required for each student on progress and expectations. Plus phone calls, emails, meetings, workshops, etc. Half the summer is full of training. Your half days and random days off are for us to have meetings, finish report cards, and train to conduct testing.
    Did I mention that the majority of new teachers quit within the first 2 years? We are missing more than 400 teachers in Florida classes. These spots are either filled by subs or the kids are placed in already overfilled classrooms.
    Any other questions?

  5. My dad worked at my elementary school for a bit while I went, and he was friends with a lot of the teachers and he told me my first grade teacher was a total pothead lmao,, she was a 45 year old white woman I would’ve NEVER known

  6. here’s a few facts about teacher pay at least in florida since i live here and have talked to teachers about this:

    -teachers don’t get paid for any work they do outside of school hours even if they are still at school, tutoring, grading, etc. (unless it’s a teacher workday because teachers have to work a certain amount of days under contract)
    -they do not get their payday over the summer or spring break or “extra days” (only the normal holidays) even though most teachers (especially elementary) plan out classes and lessons, buy supplies, grade, and more during this time. you have one salary that doesn’t include these days. it is not paid vacation. however, you can chose to spread your salary over 12 or 9 months.

  7. I feel like dan would cook you a nice Italian dinner and you’d talk about indie and classic films all night in low lighting

  8. Bro no just no capitalism is not the reason why the teachers are underpaid the underfunded schools are the reason why teacher are underpaid which pisses me off because I respect teachers so much because they would waste there entire paycheck on school supplies because they want us to learn, but saying that capitalism is the reason is a big understatement because the problem is the education system in how they manage pay for schools and if there was better management the question 'why teacher are underpaid' wouldn't come up

  9. do you think united states schools will become as good as example, norway schools where they can get paid to goto school and no homework?

  10. Teachers in Boston actually get paid really good and for every year your a teacher u get + 4 grand a year

  11. Teachers replaced by ai? To be completely honest that is so terrible, teachers connect to their students and students connect to the teachers.

  12. I'm so glad I go to alternative school my teachers can talk to us about anything, I can't imagine my teachers not being allowed to smoke weed or talk about it 🤦‍♀️ I feel bad that people have to go to public school I would have dropped out years ago if there were more than 60 kids tbh.

  13. Teachers pay is exactly how it should be. They get summer break, winter break, and a ton of other breaks. They don’t want go to work if there is any holiday unlike normal jobs. I mean they only work 180 day minus the one there sick. If anything they are over paid.

  14. Who else watched NHIE with Dan, then came onto this video saw him and went… YES YOU LEGEND…….

    No, just me……. OK 😂

  15. I saw my teacher smoking in their office and not even bother to hide it.

    And my school is full of cussing student and teachers 😅

  16. I did a presentation on teachers' pay! It is exactly the capitalism thing (less education funding in general = less pay for teachers) but also bc it started out as an unpaid job that only women held and the pay went up once guys joined the field but not nearly as much as the professions that started out paid and male-dominated

  17. I honestly love how when they use Dan as the thumbnail for these teacher videos, they get clicked on faster than the sound of light.

    But other teacher videos, are possibly no where near the view count the same as the other videos that include Dan.

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