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Teachers Become Super-Commuters To Work In San Francisco

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Teachers Become Super-Commuters To Work In San Francisco”

  1. Would newscasts emphasize that contract salaries are gross salaries and that most teachers receive anywhere from 50-60% of that gross amount? The public doesn't usually understand that. Rent is anywhere from 2-5000.
    This teacher seems to be single. Imagine if she had a child.
    Also, living on campus would be mentally unhealthy.

  2. I have lived in Bay Area for over 20 years and this is not super commute by any stretch of imagination. Oakland to SF is just across the bridge. There are people commuting from central Valley, modesto even Sacramento. It does not take 1.5 hours to go from Oak to SF, even if you take BART. Maybe she was used to living right across the street from the school and now she has to commute 45 mins to an hour on… and I am being generous here. Also she makes a decent salary. California provides good salary and benefits to teachers not to mention the pension. Commuting is not an issue unique to SF. Pretty much every large city in the world is crowded and commute is a problem. Given the number of employers in bay area its no surprise that it is over crowded.

  3. Well I guess there's 2 options. Either embrace van life or move to a different city. Geez, this makes me appreciate growing up and living on the east coast. If you're making $90k a year, you could live comfortably almost anywhere on the east coast. (Excluding NY & Boston lol)

  4. Iiving in Fort Worth. Having the same problem. I Feel ya. Don’t want to take my odd out of their high school and community they’ve been in since kindergarten but I’m struggling. The house I use to rent for $600 a month is now $1500. I’m just a waitress. Single mom. Rough.

  5. Y'all don't realize that influx of immigrants are responsible for this.
    Curtailing immigration really isn't an option because those jobs gotta be filled up by someone and employers are incentivized by hiring locals who don't need any relocation pay and visa sponsorship.

  6. I make $100k a year now and I feel very poor with the take-home pay being only $5000 a month after taxes, 401k deductions, and medical insurance payments. I would hardly have anything to save up and live as comfortably as people claim that I can with a $100k salary.

  7. STOP VOTING DEMOCRAT! I'm going to go out on a limb here and peg her as a liberal, a routine Democrat voter like almost all else here. At 4:43 she talks about being pushed out against her will… I come across this kind of crap ALL THE TIME and it pisses me off to no end! If she's a liberal she is NOT being pushed out against her will! These results are merely the fruits of her ignorance, and the politicians, policies, movements and tyrannical sentiments masked as altruism, etc. that she supports. This is literally the result of her will. She's just too stupid to put it all together. Grasp of cause and effect is not the modern liberal's forte. Stop. Voting. Democrat.

  8. Cry me a river. No one forced you to become a teacher in San Francisco. Maybe teaching should become privatized. That will shut them up.

  9. I knew a marketing manager who commuted to SF from SANTA ROSA and had to move their car every 2 hours while at work.

  10. I hate that just because people who love something or someplace think thats a good reason for a whole entire economy to change its ways. I love Kim Kardashian but she doesn't love me so i need to find another bitch to love. Dig?

  11. That's just reality….if u cant afford it, move out. I now live in Sacramento and I commute to SF for work. I love SF too but that's just life. 120k a year is barely enough there.

  12. All the teachers should just leave so they have no education that'll teach those retarded home owners to lower their rent

  13. Teachers, nurses, educators, cashiers, baristas and cleaners should all just move out of SF and the Bay Area in general and leave its tech giants and landlords to root in greed and gluttony.

  14. The Problem is Economics and Zoning. Ther

    There is an unlimited supply of money from the tech companies so when the housing costs go up, their salaries go up and the landlords raise the costs again. That's supply and demand.

    The only solution is to increase the housing supply, but their totalitarian government zoning laws barely allow developers to build more apartment highrise.

    So it will never be solved unless San Francisco collapses

  15. Thanks for continuing coverage on this topic. I myself have a four hour round-trip commute to my job working for a Bay Area city in the mid-Peninsula where I was born and our city manager brags about how he essentially we won't pay us to be able to live in the community we serve. It's the old new norm for public employees in the area.

  16. I would bet the average salary of $83k, given for a teacher in San Francisco, does not include what they receive in benefits and retirement. So, it's more like the average teacher makes approx. $100k + a year. Plus, they get holidays off and the summer off. Basically, it sounds like teachers want to be paid $100k to $120k a year (not including benefits) for 10 months work. For what teachers do, that's insane. What are the principals supposed to be paid? $250k a year? What about superintendents? $500k? It's just insane. It's up to the City of SF, I guess. I hope property taxes can pay for it, but I doubt it.

  17. I know some people who travels 10 hrs a day just to go to work and working grave… pretty much earning less than 50 k just to make ends meet…… Yup! We are miles from the shore, no life vest we need to swim for it.

    They need an ecologist to solve their problem You take out one kind and it all falls apart lol!

  18. Lol that's funny Oakland to sf suck it up not that damn far 20 minute bart ride. I work in sf live in brentwood imagine that bart is 1 hour 10 minutes

  19. So funny americans call this gentrification but the reality is this is CLASS WAR! Stop crying and start fighting the wealthy. If we use effective strategy these tech roaches, Developers, slum lords and greasy politicians will buckle! We need affordable housing and we should put a wealth cap on those who can move into the city—best of all any of these class war generals must spend 1 week on the street in SF before they can even be considered for SF residency.

  20. Ooooo Boo Hooo. That’s what happens when democrats create a system that DESTROYS the middle class. Live in needles, pee, and feces San Francisco, you suck.

  21. This will never be solved until people accept the fact SF needs to build up. The zoning laws are absolutely ridiculous.

  22. The Federal Reserve has ensured this scenario will get worse. Print money unlimited for the top 10%'s benefit, let the roaches scatter for the crumbs as prices go way up and good jobs leave the country.

  23. As a former SFUSD teacher, I want that $62K and $83K questioned. Who are they talking about? I earned $32K in 1995, but you are paid by your education, so a teacher with a PhD earned that $62K back then. This is to say, I wager most incoming teachers have only their BA's and maybe a teaching credential: what are they earning TODAY? If my suspicions are correct, San Francisco is further behind solving this problem than they think, which means they will never solve it.

  24. Wow San Francisco is more expensive than London and if you make 90 grand per year in the UK, then you are doing very well in life for a normal working person because you can buy a two bedroom house or flat in a nice area in London, UK.

  25. I didn't go to uni so I work, to the embarrassment of my parents, as a shop assistant on min wage in a small town. My daily commute is a 12min walk and I earn enough to pay for the rent of a very small house with a garden and the basics. I keep forgetting, why am I going to regret this one day?

  26. Shit, I used to commute 90 miles each way 5 days a week on a combination of a commuter bus and Bart, to the city…. call me crazy

  27. yikes! Whether true or not, but another issue is foreign investment in buying homes in cash and left vacant – why doesn't SFran pass laws like New Zealand did last year with banning foreigners buying homes – laws to limit LLC's and Inc's being landlords – can't union &/or school districts help pay toward home purchase? Not just teachers, will be police etc., also. If nothing's done this city within 10yrs is going to be of a limited demographic, & 21 & older.

  28. There was a big Not In My Backyard movement in SF in the 50's and 60's that prevented city highway construction from federal funds which limited the ability of the city to grow it's economy and population. The highways would have allowed more housing without causing too much traffic congestion. Now, any new housing will cause gridlock wherever they are built.

  29. Land Lords… are the most evil people on the planet.. EVERY year they raise the rents.. no reason. they should have to prove they have made huge improvement's to be able to do this, to justify the huge increase.

  30. It takes me the same time (3 hours) to drive to work 17 miles everyday. When it comes to commute there are worst places than SF.

  31. All they need to do is rent control for teachers, medical workers, and civil servants. Stop allowing tech giants to turn necessary fellow humans into their slaves

  32. This is a tragedy. The renewing of the world is possible through children. How can that happen if there are no teachers there to teach?

  33. How the hell do it take you 3 hours to get to S.F. From Oakland 😭 Big cap, fake news. This is disrespectful to real "super commuters."

  34. There are 35,000 cities and towns in the U.S.. MOST of them more affordable to live in than SF, but people just HAVE to live there. Same with L.A. and San Diego. My crappy little house I purchased 20 miles south of L.A. back in 92 for 115,000 (I thought was outrageous at the time) has Chinese, Korean and Indian realtors coming to my door every month showing me lists of people who want to buy my home. These aren't American citizens mind you, these are people living overseas willing pay upwards of $780,000 to move into a crappy neighborhood. This is a situation caused by demand! Too many people from all over willing to live among needles, shit and "homeless" who will pay anything to do so when you could pay less than a third in other states. Ridiculous.

  35. Some of us who grew up in California were forced to move to places with sane cost of living to keep life goals on track. Where we could apply our California tax payer funded educations to state economies that actually appreciate the talent, work ethic, and ideas and reward us with the ability to live "The American Dream". Not really feeling sympathetic to the sob stories anymore,. I was once like her…but in a more marketable field and I still was running into a future dead end. So I decided to go somewhere where else. There is a life outside of California, but since its icky flyover country its a non-starter. Its your life and your life choices in the end and I respect that, but don't come to me for sympathy when you're facing an impossible situation. For a state that claims to stick up for the little guy, I never saw it in practice.

  36. No disrespect, but I'm not understanding how KPIX defines a super-commute. I lived and worked in the Bay Area in '79–radio stations KNBA and KRVE–and long commutes from all directions were a simple fact of life for a lot of different reasons, one of which was people wanted to live in places like Santa Rosa even though they chose to work in San Francisco. Maybe we could get the scoop on what is happening at this hour with a KPIX Live-at-Six Exclusive from the toll plaza of one of the bridges, like all the San Francisco TV news crews did back in the day.

  37. Important subject and reasonably good reporting. Quite sad that even the local news media can't spell the word 'salaries.'

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