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Teachers & Teens Swap Snacks

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Teachers & Teens Swap Snacks”

  1. is she a filipino with the dried mangoes and chicharon i think she is cause of these stuff same as mine when i got those stuffs

  2. If me and my science teacher did this she wouldn’t bring a snack, she’d bring Dr Pepper or Pepsi I’m not joking.

  3. Isit only me but i thought that the black girl was the teen while the other girl was the teacher ?(not trying to be rascist btw)

  4. It is just me but every time when your tried and you eat spicy chips like takis or hot Cheetos. They give you a boost of energy 😂 idk but for me it does and it makes me feel like I could jump off a high cliff 🤣🙃

  5. Sea weed is really not that bad .
    It's like those fish flakes you give to fishes yes I did eat the fishes food an was not disappointed taste just like sea weed

  6. Did you google phones are copying apples because the Apples phone has four camors and the pixels have 4 the apples has no home button and the pixel has it fun fact

  7. Shes a bad science teacher because carbohydrates are acutely the main energy source for the body and ignoring them will result in being sleepy most of the time

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