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one two three * OOOH* Come back, thanks. Good morning ‘logang’, what’s poppin? so today .. yo, what’s your deal? you want me or do you not want me you’re acting like every girlfriend I’ve ever had hey guys Ayla came to hang out today she’s right there okay now we’ve had enough you can go home now sorry about that *I wasn’t done yet* ayla you are done get out of my face I gotta do my intro wait yeah im like the new pet like no you’re not Ayla what do you think bro should we adopt Ayla? you got papers can we adopt you? Imma make ’em. *what are you doing?* I’m making papers * that’s not even a nice paper, it’s crinkled* I know, it’s all I got *but this is your mail* ..adoption *do you even know my last name? where is my consent?* you don’t have consent, you’re under five-foot * OOH WOW, of course you bring that up* wow my new pet, I got a new pet, come look, it’s your new sibling yeah she’s great, no wait Ayla, I’m not done with you. *nooo, do not put that on me* hey look , I got this leash, I gotta take you for a walk. this got sexual really quick. you know, gone sexual dude, I like that. SPONGEBOB time measurement. okay guys so Ayla went outside to go play with ?Kon/Kong? I got that good glued inside my fanny pack bro I need a bowl. I just moved in, sort of, kinda thing oh here we go, got it ya inside my fanny pack I got that like *wiggling around a small package, imitating angel dust addiction symptoms * DON’T DO DRUGS I’m just kidding guys, okay this is a powder that makes I’m just gonna show you *seizure motions* I’m gonna lock her out. watch this bro :* pours 2 bottles of water into the powder in the bowl while phone begins to ring* What the *squeek* is going .. hey Dad. So if you guys can’t tell by now I’m making snow. *doorbell rings repeatedly* -hold on! hello, look what I made. That’s nice, ?william?*insert name* you like it? you did a great job if you put that on my head I’m going to punch you right in the face in front of everybody okay I won’t do it. – cause I know what you’re thinking I can let you in now, do you wanna be let in or not? *yeah, but put that down* you don’t even know what it is *reads paper: yeah, I know* I adopted her you see? you don’t want him to adopt you the way he raised ?his puppy?it’s too late, it’s too late, she already signed. you should run away from home. *running away yelling No No NOO, you are ridiculous* why did she come over today? that’s my question. *SERIOUSLY?* Let me help you. It’s always summer here it in hi I just want to get that Christmas spirit back *Who’s gonna clean that?!*
dad? autotuned song *help me, help you* Yo, this remix is dope bro, Oh by the way: “Help me help you” is number I think 14 on the global top viral 50. Let’s goooo -working its way up number one soon, FACT! yeaah, but yeah so things have kind of calmed down here and I’m looking around you got my dad, you got Ayla, you got Brendan but you know there’s a problem going on in here I’m gonna fix it yeah thank me later Greg thank me later Ayla made me later Brendon do not forget guys by the time this vlog is out, you’ll have about ten hours left it by merch at twenty percent off we’re only doing this one week another here so get it while the iron is so stupid while you can time is running out yes set or be a maverick or if you’re in the low gang you just want to rep the fan that’s my girl that’s what you do link is in the description also speaking of this guy we had a little incident this morning Piazza dan Halen funny let it go no here it is what are you doing dad what are you doing that I’m helping you become my sister what are you doing dad you need to become nice to me how your son no I’m not gonna be nice to see ya it’s my house no it’s not I raised my boy unit world and I brought myself in I bought all of the other sports ever made ever loose do you enjoy hurting your children it’s like what super not sometimes is you I thought it just say now is gonna make a joke without it’s funny no but then you think it was over no man another answer with this tattoo oh my god look like mom you’re dressing up is my mom yo here’s a picture of my mom look look she’s right here do you guys see the resemblance is that thing look at the camera do you enjoy dressing up as women some little change of scenery it’s a beautiful day outside guys where do you go when it’s a beautiful day outside Zealand no no it’s also not iou’s house dad you do know this to be to please say yeah guys were headed to the beach but as usual I have an idea this little guy has not gone swimming yet before I continue notice that bulk of them up I’ll say it again I’m a good dad yeah Kong has not gone swimming yet so I figured what data making Bushwick and I know what the soft people are thinking oh hi hung lit everyone’s gonna be like kill you’re taking your dog swimming in the ocean yes yeah and his instrument at Kong does happen not at home dude I can’t remember the old jr. honestly got some more word about Ava Johnny McCall oh that’s what we’re actually doing right now hey guys me luck and American Life Brendan for God’s record audio so you have to deal with this voiceover brewing here’s me giving a little pushing her around targeting cartilage because she’s a child and under five foot Jochen you need to get pool floaties though which is what we found what I told you we got a car like I do on Wednesdays here’s me jumping on the car like I do on Thursdays Fridays Saturdays and Sundays and if you look closely in this shot you will see something that I like to call wearing mad immersion real life it makes me so happy I got my boy up I told him to be a man it was awesome we got another this boost not do an epic more jah-el me Oh help me help we are you ready speech a lot of red spot against Cooper first you look behind the row yogas dog our shoes on bro that’s the most Hollywood dog I’ve ever seen look at this – come on roll some real light I’m just saying bro that’s not cool I was good – look dad I would know dogs don’t like this dog for after principle he used them boxing gloves a creeper how’s the food I adopted you I just need to make sure you’re doing okay yeah yeah is it okay okay listen sure the way come on you’re the worst kid ever bro I’m returning guys everyone knows you can’t take your dog swimming for the first time on an empty stomach I’m gonna go ahead and eat my fish how long has never felt Sam before so this is the first time my boy calling this average is meeting sad he’s like what is this it said I already said that puppy long distance and great for building castles and or smashing on that’s a fact mother Kong montage come on Tasha you’re at the beach the ocean is over there all talking to my right knee hi bro let’s go hallo I’m reading you can you blow up the penguin love you dot enjoy the timeline okay got a look miniature penguin and and these are done do we let those as well she’s good at both laugh thank you context too high so I think it’s time to get my boy calling in the water looking strong crazy I know we can do it we can do it we can make a happen buddy hi Ayla go ahead and get down in a bathing suit so you got a dual is the block not rose Jesus let’s get out of here thank you go or should I say cray Lizzie I’m fucked I mean damaged good okay we got the tank we got the surfboard on man I’m swimming hammer we’re gonna do it is he okay put you in the you into trouble because Jesus advertising car knows how to swim already on there I’m gonna have you swim to shore probably it’s a good life skills no one I got so that actually went pretty well so I’m like yo vlogging to sleep bro and knowing what I know about YouTube there’s one thing that can make this better throw it’s gotta go session hello hello I’m large has to go central I put him prestige on sexual I have to you just like it subscribe what what happened I want sex to grow why what happened to get me out you girls I would spin Europe oh so Mia Mars are gonna sing I’ll give the first hey what you are talking about when you something I’m talking about sexual a little a row in opera I’ve good news the bad news day let the bad news is I only have one vowel concept but if you are ratchet as you guys can see Kong is back to whoever would like to Skippy that’s a good no no whole equipping go party good dog good no joke the biggest fool busting yet addictive fact doing dog swim for the first time they also kind of proof really big anyways yeah it’s time to go back home wrote oh yes we are back home but I’m being quiet because my boy Kong fell asleep in a bizarre is this so cute he’s kind of salty not like upset like literally like salt water so we have to give him a bath so that’ll economic put oh that’s your daddy kiss me on the mouth oh hey guys we’re getting in it may or may not go sec so again I don’t know what is it we have to talk about even though I think you the water dog because it is cute well be that little I’m screwed up oh is it Bo’s depressing okay this is raw call are not fucking calm to what you’re so sad as I could tell Rob let’s get to check your water man oh hi baby you doing good hey y’all you gonna be so clean oh wow really – yeah that’s back ok calm you did good baby boy yeah you know coach duck dog is completely clean without a blow-dryer I’ve done this before talking – elizy be delighted I think he’s warming up to the idea of the blue you know I could be a dog groomer dude if you do doesn’t work out he knows his hair is number one asset Oh first bad buddy ha yo go oh that is the vlog look at look when we created he’s a little puffball we know it love if you haven’t already get your matter merchandise by the time you’re watching this vlog to say I may or may not enjoy on but still get to gear up the fancy a maverick doing the cute no gang oh yeah don’t like to subscribe if you’re not subscribed presented we rock anyways not NZ I was are you telling me help here y’all sit down the only hobby

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