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So when we teach academic composition
with our students and every student who comes through Antelope Valley College
takes at the very least English 101 that basic academic composition. There is a
huge demand for teachers in California and in the entire United States. Teachers
Association estimates that a hundred thousand teachers will be needed in the
next decade alone. I teach Reading. I have many students who are interested in K-12 teaching careers and because I am a teacher and I am
credentialed K-14 I give them a lot of tips on what’s needed. And I think
it is very important for everyone to know basic Mathematics. California State
University Bakersfield Antelope Valley campus has the full range of teaching
credential programs here on campus at the Antelope Valley College. With a
background in English especially in composition and the critical thinking
that comes with research and literature our students can move into any area of
study. So students can go to Antelope Valley College and get their AA then
transfer and do a blended program for the Liberal Studies program and get a
multiple subject credential or they can get a single subject degree there and
then continue on and get there single subject credential. Immediately when I
think of what makes Antelope Valley College unique or special is that it’s a
place where people from across the community come together in order to
change their lives and to make an impact not just in their own lives but in the
lives of their families, the lives of their children. There is a huge benefit to get
your credential here in the Antelope Valley and then teach here in the Antelope
Valley. We have found that actually teachers who
are locally grown we like to say tend to stay in the schools here. They’re more
vested in the schools. We are able to connect them with the different
districts and the different teaching modes that are going on in our Antelope
Valley, there are a lot of different types of schools and so we’re able to
get to know the student and get them placed in the proper placement where
they can be successful and they really can love their career. So we get the best
people of the entire Antelope Valley sitting in our classes so it makes it a
pleasure to teach these students.

Reynold King

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