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Team Jia+ SDC18 | Meet the Team (The First 10 Days)

We are very excited to begin the competition. Me and my “compagnon”. For the first week of the Solar Decathlon, Team Jia + has been busy ! Building the main structure of the house in just three days, starting to set up the electrical and ventilation system, and preparing the outside scenography. Working with an unforgiving sun or under heavy rain. All the teams gave all they got ! And yes, I said teams. Plural. Because Team Jia+ is not only an assembly of Chinese and French people, But it is also composed in groups, branches each one with their specialization on one part of the Jia+ project. These teams within the team work separately but all at the same time on the various aspects of the construction and beyond. Let’s go and meet them ! Let’s start off with the Construction Team ! “First three days we assembled the house and since then we’ve been doing inside finishing such as windows, doors and flooring.” Since day one, they are supervising the reassembling of the different modules previously built in Xiamen, putting the house back in its original shape. “I’m here to oversee the smooth running of the construction. I make sure the house is being build by the books, and explain all the optimal gestures and postures the students should adopt.” But their wouldn’t be any house to build without the Architecture Team. They conceived the outside look and the interior design to make it the most comfortable for its inhabitants. “We’ve been elaborating the design of that project for a year, and it took another more year to build it, to finally complete it now. Compared to our previous sketches, this is even better than I imagined. And I’m thrilled to work with everyone here.” The Jia+ house also packs some cutting edge housing technology to connect its owners with their home. That’s where the Innovation Team comes in. “The innovation is that this is a smart house. In the last 10 years, we witness the advent of the smartphone, and now we tend to go toward the smarthome : Meaning apps in every house, in every room, giving information about the temperature and the general comfort. The house will make choices by itself. ” “Connected Velux, connected lights, all the outside or inside curtains, you’ll be able to control it via smartphone or PC. The point being that the owner becomes actor of its own comfort.” Along with these technologies, others systems like the heat pump, The HVAC, or the photovoltaics, must be properly installed to match the competition goals in terms of energy consumption. That’s the job of the Engineering Team. “We are currently doing the outside deck and some inside furnitures. And also, we’re going to waterproof the house, and take care of electricity and all the HVAC preparing.” “So here, I am setting up the ventilation pipes. We have what we call a balanced ventilation system, which allows us to keep the coolness inside while constantly renewing the air.” With more than 80 people from two different continents on this project, it would be easy to loose the track of it. Hopefully, the Coordination team is there to keep everyone working together in the best conditions. “Everyday, so many things to do ! I need to contact our sponsors, our teachers, and reply to many things from the committee. Every morning, me and Nath we have our daily meeting with the committee. I need to cooperate with many people, with our team members and team leaders to keep our construction good.” “I’m the safety manager of Team Jia. I have to check that everyone has the hardhat, safety shoes and a vest. Safety first !” Stepping out of the construction itself, a project that big requires a lot of paperwork and organization. In the shadows, the Administration Team makes sure everyone here at Jia+ is provided with what they need to succeed in what they do. “I have joined this group last year, and I’m a member of the finances group. My job is to help everyone to buy things they need like tickets, and to buy some water for everyone everyday.” No matter how innovative or original project is, communication is essential to make it real to the eyes of the public. To that end, the Communication Team takes pictures, record videos, write news about the project and post it all on social medias. “My work is to make sure that everybody gets daily information about the project, what is going on in, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, posting photos, etc.” “I take care of the translation things, because we work in English so we have to translate some papers. And we work together for the sino-french theme day : The Jia+ Day.” “I’m in the communication team. I take pictures of the construction, of the team members everyday and I keep the website up to date so that everybody knows how we’re doing.” Jia+ is not just an architectural project. For each and everyone of us as individuals and as a team, it is a chance to learn from each other. Every people on those teams wouldn’t be there without the others. That’s how we worked our way here, and that’s how we build it now. You

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