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Technical Video: How to Prepare the ends of optical fiber ribbon cable for splicing

Welcome to today’s technical video presentation. Tools required for this procedure. Always follow local safety requirements and wear gloves and eye protection. Secure cable in a clamping devise and measure and mark cable to the desired length. Go to end of cable and score the jacket/ armor about 4” from the end to expose armor. With a rotary jacket cutting tool or hook blade razor knife, score jacket at the opposite pencil mark. Flex end of cable at ring cut and with a utility knife slit the jacket longitudinally and remove the jacket to expose rip cords. With side cutters or splicing scissors cut a small slit in jacket near rip cords. Wrap the rip cord with needle nose pliers and pull rip cord to opposite ring cut. Repeat procedure for both rip cords. Cut rip cords leaving several inches in the event you need to expose additional cable. Remove cable jacket. Cut the strength members, leaving enough length to attach in splice closure per manufactures recommendation. Score armor if needed at the cable end, flex and remove the 4” of armor. At pencil marked end of cable, score armor as close to jacket as possible. Using needle nose pliers wrap the pull strings and pull down the length of the armor. Remove armor and cut off dry water blocking yarns and material. Cut and leave several inches of rip cord for bond clamp installation. Score central tube and flex slightly. Slowly pull off the tube. If the tube is gel filled, remove the bulk of the gel with a clean, dry, lint-free wipe. Follow up with a wipe soaked in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. The cable is ready for installation in closure for splicing. Thank you for viewing this technical training video. Please visit our website for additional product information and technical resources.

Reynold King

12 Replies to “Technical Video: How to Prepare the ends of optical fiber ribbon cable for splicing”

  1. What is the make/model of blue tool being used to make the ring cuts in the cable, armor, and buffer tube? It looks like a Cable Prep RG-11 prep tool.

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  3. Don't use pliers wrapped that close. If the rip cord breaks and the rip cord is broken inside the jacket you are in a world of hurt ! Especially if you are doing a job in the middle of the night.

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