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The beggars pretended to be educated ladies when she eated, so cute!!|ep8-2

Don’t you like eating meat the most? My mother is a vegetarian Even if the New Year And we won’t make meet dishes This is your first Chinese New Year in here These dishes are for you I haven’t seen so many food before Now I eat every day these days and I get tired of these I also eat vegetarian food today But I’m still very happy Then you are here for the first time Do you feel used to I am used to! It used to be the happiest time for me and my uncle every year At that time, no matter where we went, we could get several pieces of meat. That’s not something I usually eat Nothing like now, I’m tired But I’m still very happy. You are happy On the way to Beijing I just said that in the future, there will be many flavors of mountains and sea, what do you want What will i buy for you But you must remember, everything Have to eat slowly eat slowly Does this chicken leg look good? I might as well see Both of you are vegetarian today I do n’t know if this chicken leg is poisoned Don’t think about other things before Today is the God of Wealth Later You go and light a firework, You come to be the god of wealth today Be the god of wealth? You confused me You’ll know later Here, move the ladder over be careful be careful Put it here Great Come here to tell you Put a few here Up Further up Why are you here Alright Yishan You are old this year, I am a bit tired I want to go back to my room and rest All right you should rest earlier Mom, slow down Don’t pretend What to hold? She is gone You do n’t have to worry about her indecent image seeing you happily Hurry up and eat your chicken drumsticks Your chicken thigh didn’t move I saw it Fragrant! So you are pretending I practice martial arts daily How can these vegetarian dishes be full? I do n’t practice martial arts. Because you like to eat meat I did n’t dare to eat this meat while my mother was here. I only dare to eat those vegetarian dishes I can not I dare not eat meat Come and you eat You eat, i’m not hungry, give you food Uncle you eat Never give up Never give up Do you miss it again? It’s ok I will accompany you later Let’s go fireworks Order the dragon firecrackers Alright Uncle and me Also firecrackers But we have no money Wait for others to finish I’ll pick up those firecrackers that didn’t explode It’s ok I will buy you a few hundred this year How much you want Really? Really! Let’s eat it quickly Hurry up and set off firecrackers These chicken legs are for you

Reynold King

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