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The Earthly Personality Type of Develop Your Element | Jannik Laursen

Have you ever been told that you should
stop taking care of everyone? Have you been told to speed up because you get
paralyzed trying to make everyone happy and don’t know where to even start ? Well
you probably earthly, but let’s find out. Hey guys, I am Jannik from Develop Your Element and today we’re going to talk about the key characteristics of the earthly type,
but hold on you’re not just one personality in Develop Your Element we
talk about six different personality types, we call them elements but we also talk about how you are a mix of all the different elements all the different personality types we’re just different combinations
different percentages of each personality but not only that in
different moments we step into certain personalities more than other moments so what we try to explore in this particular video is what your biological
essence which personalities really dominate and are easiest for you to
operate in and in fact can have regenerative effect can really recharge your battery when you operate in them. Is the earthy type one of your
dominant elements? Let’s see if you relate with any of the following
characteristics. The earthy type is the the most introverted of the ambiverts that doesn’t mean that they are fully introverted nor doesn’t mean they’re fully
extroverted their middle energy but for them what’s most important is harmony is relaxation it’s comfort it’s making sure that everyone around them are happy and
comfortable and they themselves also are happy and comfortable so that’s why they
are a very nurturing, caring, personality. And if they are surrounded by people who
are really stressed very tense very intense it can be really hard for them
because their instinct is to fix the problem help them relax help solve their
problems but if the people around an earthly person aren´t willing to relax
aren’t willing to solve problems aren’t willing to seek harmony it can be really
tough it can be very draining because an anxiety kicks him and anxiety and very
strong need to fix things and take care of people and nurture people and solve
everything it’s such a strong instinct. Now with
earthy people they’re likely to put other people first
to an extreme degree meaning in relationships and in family situations
they will always focus on making sure everyone is happy this means that
sometimes they don’t express what they truly desire what they truly need and
really postpone their own needs sometimes years sometimes for a lifetime they go putting other people first and while it can be very nice to put other
people first in some situations if we don’t take care of ourselves if we’re
unkind to ourselves we have less to give and one thing we tell a lot of earthy
people is remember what they tell you in an airplane? First put the oxygen mask on yourself and then the people you’re taking care of? Well this is very good
advice for all the different personalities but it’s especially
important to talk about this with earthly people because they really feel
guilty when they do things for themselves they really have a hard time
being selfish also if you’ve noticed the certain person always see the best in
others always forgive people very fast always be empathetic with other people
even when they act in not so kind ways they probably are earthly. Another thing you might notice is earthly people they’re fantastic nest builders I mean they
build nests for themselves, they build nests for everyone around them, they
really want to make sure that everyone is comfortable, you know if you walk into
a room and there’s an earthy person it’s very likely that they’re gonna be
checking if you’re comfortable they might bring your pillow they might bring
your blanket they might ask how the temperature is they might ask you if you
need something to drink they want to make sure that you are comfortable and
once you’re comfortable and everyone else is comfortable then they can build
their own nest. One thing to keep in mind with earthly people is they really
really are generous they really really love to give they really love to support
people and it’s in their DNA it’s it’s part of their being so learn to receive
from them but very importantly learn to express gratitude and happiness because
for them when they give and they see the other person receive and express some
level of gratitude or happiness it’s very powerful it instills a lot of
happiness a peace in that person, they are people
pleasers it’s really a part of their being but if they give and they don’t
see happiness or they don’t see gratitude as a result of their actions
it can be really hard for them it can really be devastating for them because
they really care they genuinely care. So does this sound like you or somebody you know? If so, please let us know in the comments below.
And next up is a video about the Airy type, the Airy type is a very mysterious
introverted type of personality and the are brilliant minds they really
observe and analyze everything and they really are worth exploring, so please go
check out that video

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