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100 Replies to “The EASIEST Way to PROGRAM Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to ATTRACT What You Want! (POWERFUL Technique!)”

  1. Excellent! I never thought of using a memory palace for remembering and visualising goals. Great idea. 🙂

  2. This is the missing piece I was searching for. Thank you so very much !
    I use the LOA for over 25 years and I changed a lot but there are a few things I can't reach, and I didn't understand exactely why.
    Now I know. I placed them literally out of my reach, in a beautiful place where I never come.
    After seeing your video, I placed them in my own home and it felt immediately much better.

  3. Even if we creat it we still have to work and pay bills. Money is never going to fall from the sky or health or stop wars ect ect. I think we are all one big joke.

  4. I can do blue balls and rainbow..
    Wiht my hands
    And i can do screen share others peole mind.
    I can talk with my mind with others
    I feel my vibrations on my hands

  5. h tele a huto nehéz felemelni biztos jol jon egy targonca hozzá:)) de online digitális cyberg vilgban ahogyan elveszik mások pénzét és uj adokat ronak rájuk ezzel a teknivál online a privát bankszámlájukra is tudnak rakni egy kissebb összeget ami nekik természetesen nem számit:)))))))))) bár mekkora legyen is az :))) hidd el nekem nem tudod a pénzröl elterelni :)))))))))))sem a jogdijamrol:))))))))

  6. Don’t get married- that especially fucks with your vision- the other person will hold your down as soon as they’ll sense you wanna fly

  7. This stuff doesn't work for me. I still meditate on a better life. The visual of the better life I see, does cheer me up. I will never stop meditation. But when I feel that pull from the Universe to "go for it!!", I jump. And it always falls apart. I return to my current life, with more debt from travels I couldn't afford.

    I don't know how it always falls apart, even when it feels so right to take the jump. I know that if I feel the urge to make a move, and I don't, then I am allowing the opportunity to pass, and I stay where I am. However, when I make the move in faith, it still falls apart, and I am in worse financial peril, but still where I always am.

    Makes me feel like not ever taking chances again, and just enjoy my misery.

  8. Thank you for this information that the mainstream system blocks from people to keep them down and dependent.

  9. OH WOW! I developed this method years ago. But just took an ordinary moment in time, played it out with my desire as being "part of the play"… played the same scene over and over again when I thought of it. It WORKS.😊

  10. omg this is literaly so good its really a cheat i keep thinking and feeling like i have a stack of cash in my closet

  11. Does this work on people? Like if you want to manifest a certain type of relationship with someone you already know? And should I visualize that persons face throughout my space?

  12. Hey i have an important question, will this be different with adhd? Or do i need to kinda change things? Because of my adhd im always thinking and forgetting simple details but then i remember other stuff that you normally wouldt remember.

  13. Does this work for altering physical appearance? Because i really want to turn my eye color green

  14. So basically, subconscious is like Thanos. Either reality is often disappointing or can be whatever I want.

  15. I like how the video is about how to regularly think about what you want even though your reality is completely different. Then they show a million dollar home when she says "think about your home".

  16. I really can't believe it i was just thinking about a video with a title of how to use subconscious mind power and this video popped out on 1st on home. ❤👌

  17. Pag-binagyan tayo michael at bitin tagkalahateng Million lang tayo, . . I-negosyo muna natin . . .magaling akong magluto Ferds pagtulungan natin . . .parang sa bayaw mo siguro . . .sa umaga miki laddit at tinapay steam at kanin, atbp ulam na almusal, between 8 am at 12 nn japanese food takoyaki at idomoniyaki at red iced(pwede balot) cold tea, seasonal bibingka at puto bungbong sa almusal . . .between tanghali at hapunan vegetable and fruit donuts literal na ihahalo prutas o gulay . . .

  18. the secret is get out of the box(system of the civilization) forget all what they have told you, forget all about school forget about everything 80 percent of it are nonsense!.. and restart your knowledge.. by finding the truth by yourself not by what they say!

  19. I want to attract a guy I am falling in love with..what do I need to do . can anyone help me please .. describing me simple words or in points pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. thank u

  20. Anyone please guide me on how to imagine the money that is not in a form of a cash.. We're moving to a cashless society and plus bitcoin, it's hard to imagine. So, by imagine my bank account full of digits?

  21. I'm serious I have done that in the past and it just seems like it creates a Target for the opposite to happen and I seriously believe when I write something that it will come true or else I wouldn't have wrote it like for instance 2018 I wrote down my Declaration of how my life is going to be and it ended up being the total opposite of everything I wrote and I'm not like for instance 2018 I wrote down my Declaration of how my life is going to be and it ended up being the total opposite of everything I wrote and I'm telling you I'm not sitting around worrying that things won't happen what happens is I get to work on those things that I want to happen

  22. If anyone watching can help out that'll be great. I just want to know if this works well as i will probably try it to turn my hobby into my job and I don't wanna put time into something that doesn't work

  23. I am in the best relationship. He is always by my side. He can’t be mad for long. He apologizes. He is with me right now. We are married. We are happy.

  24. 💙💚❤💗💛🧡💖💜🧡💛💗💙💚❤💚💙💙💗💛🧡💖💜🧡💛💚❤❤❤💚💚💙💙💗💛💛🧡💖💜👍

  25. I am grateful to this channel , not only for this one video given above but for all of the video that YourYouniverse had gifted to us.

  26. I am tired with programming on sub conscious mind. Nowadays think about how to program on super conscious mind !

  27. I ve wondered what spatial memory was. I had no idea when I clicked on this video to watch that I would hear about it and get so much more. I Love You Tube ! And my New Life Because of It ! Thank You for this Upload for the Female s beautiful voice and for her presentation !

  28. Thank you for your wise advice I've been meditating now for several months I can also control my dreams now ( lucid dreams ) now for some strange reason I can talk to my subconscious mind in the early mornings ?

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