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The Fertile River seeks to educate audiences

The rhythmic tunes, vibrant sets,
captivating dialogue of the arts is so often an escape from everyday life. But
sometimes the arts do more than entertain and are used to discuss
difficult issues. We perceive the stories that we get a chance to experience as
that’s something that happened to someone else, when in actuality it’s us.
That’s the magic. We see ourselves through the depiction of characters and
and the stories that are told. Baylor’s upcoming guest production of
The Fertile River is a perfect example of art serving a greater purpose. The
play focuses on the eugenics movement in 1950’s North Carolina and the efforts to
sterilize those that were not considered useful. Ultimately, we hope to allow our
students to kind of get some more information about exactly what happened
in North Carolina with sterilization. What happened with individuals there and
all throughout the world and how people are unjustly treated and how we can
give voice to those individuals. We’re using this as an opportunity to educate,
empower, inspire and allow the art, through the Baylor theatre arts
department, to serve as an example of what it looks like to take art and do
things that are incredible with it that serve the greater good. Performances of
The Fertile River will take place on Saturday and Sunday and tickets are
available on the Baylor Theatre website. Reporting for LTVN, I’m Rylee Seavers.

Reynold King

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