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The “I” In Team Is Hidden In The “A”-hole!

Hi everybody Coach Dom again! I love this one! There is no “I” in team-I know where it’s hidden, it’s hidden in the “A” hole and I love showing this picture and I probably found it on the web, so all props to whoever originally came up with it but it’s as old as time when you’re a coach of team sports! There’s no “I” in the word team and it’s so huge how much success you can have with any team effort whether it’s your family, your spouse, loved one, or a team sport. When we forget about who’s going to get the credit and just get the job done! Just I don’t care, I don’t care who’s going to get the applause & I don’t care who everyone’s going to say did the good job long as we win, as long as we get the job done! Man I’m a winner and that’s the thing to sell to a team, into a young team! That’s the most important statistic isn’t how many yards you got, how many yards you threw for, ran for, caught for, how many interceptions, tackles unassisted, whatever you did, punt returns, kick returns, home runs, batting average, ERA, at the end of the day the most important statistic is the old W for W-I-N and that’s probably another video some other day. W-I-N stands for what’s important now but i love showing this one here that there is no “I” in team! It’s really important to teach selflessness, not selfishness with any team sport and this gets reinforced in your practices with kids! Especially if you’re working with American football with linemen & they don’t get a lot of love and support that they deserve in the press! Only the people who really know the sport can point out the observations of them and they love all the little juice you can give your linemen! They’re probably God’s most favorite people on earth is lineman! So anyway I just want to point this out to you! Like, share, subscribe, another one in my series of coaching and coaching football and team sports and again like, share, subscribe! Check out my channel! I’ve got a lot of different things to show you and I just get a kick out of this one! There is no “I” in team and there it is! The “I” in team is hidden in the “A”-hole! Anyway this is coach Dom! You folks have a blessed day and get out there and coach those kids and love them up and help them be the best they can be!

Reynold King

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