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The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS

Well, often times Business Education today, and I see it all the time Kids come out of college, the best colleges Wharton and Harvard and Stanford and some of the great business schools and they’ll come out and they won’t have practical experience. There’s too many case studies that aren’t practical. You know, we ask kids that are 16 to 18 years old to make $100,000 debt decisions when they go off to University, and they are not prepared for that. They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into, they just assume ‘Okay, I’m gonna pay four years of education at twenty-five thousand a pop and when I come out the other side somehow I’ll be able to pay it back’. Reporter: Right. That’s not how life works anymore. There’s no need even to have a college degree. At all. We’re in high school- I mean, if somebody graduated from a great university, that may be an indication that they will be capable of great things, but it’s not necessarily the case you know, if you look at say, people like Bill Gates or Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs these guys didn’t graduate from college but if you had a chance to hire them, of course that would be… a good idea. [laughs] I think having the flexibility to explore a lot of different things which you can do when you’re in college which is one of the amazing things about being in college is you can work on all these hobbies and encode a lot of stuff and try a lot of different things. It’s this amazing flexibility that I think most people take for granted and once you decide ‘Okay, I’m gonna start a company and I’m gonna do it with someone else’, you immediately now need to convince someone else if you want to change your mind on something, and I think people really undervalue the option value and flexibility. I think explore what you want to do before committing is really like, the key thing and keep yourself flexible. Interviewer: [chuckles] No, I think that that’s… Interviewer: Yeah, I agree. I mean, it’s actually kind of funny like- you know, if you think like ‘what is education’, like you’re basically downloading data and algorithms into your brain and it’s actually amazingly bad in conventional education ’cause like it shouldn’t be like this huge tour If someone is standing up there kind of lecturing at people and They’ve done the same lecture Twenty Years in a Row and They’re not Very Excited about It and In fact i think a Lot of Thing People Learn It probably There’s no point in learning them Because It that They never use them in the future because the like Kids Just in school Kinda Puzzled as to why they’re there i think The People Who are doing the work that we care about are Figuring Out What to do next not following the person who told them what to do next and the problem with most Colleges Is They are high school But with more binge Drinking The entire purpose of a Good University Is to give you a Foundation to fail Not a foundation to get an a and if You graduate from college with straight A’s you have to do some serious soul-Searching? As to why you chose to spend your time doing that a student’s Work for the b students The C students Run The Businesses and that These students dedicate The Buildings it’s like The Newspaper Industry Write more printing presses more Big Buildings write Makes this look Grander We Have Brains That we’re putting them Out there there’s There’s a Point of diminishing returns in Terms of What it’s worth for a college Education and How much Debt you’re Willing to sell Yourself with a Lot of People file a Lot of People are following if Not we’d have problems we Have too many Entrepreneurs we have too Many Successful people look how many People Go through Business Classes iF Everything You Needed Was in that Actual Business class in that book it’d be too Many Successful Business People Right How many People graduate Matter of Fact the professor Wouldn’t have The time to sit there and teach you He knows this book Damn near Broke a them page by page he knows all right cuz he be entrepreneur he too busy i’m Too i’m doing Way Too Much Right Now cuz i got the palm trees and We do It we Sell It so much Right Stuff that I’m doing that i ain’t quite got time to teach and so when You walk into a Boardroom With a Bunch of Guys in suits who all went to college you’re fine Yeah i Mean Because They Read a bunch of Words I’ve Lived a Bunch of life That Self-Esteem From Seriously I Mean Most My mom first and Foremost Just live in Life like you know being in real situations and Happen to be a person of High integrity and Honesty you Know you never embarrassed Yourself of Course not You never walked in and Said how Everybody Thinks I’m ignorant Here i’m stupid i Never i don’t i don’t Feel ignorant right you know i don’t ryan felt like i came up in this Situation or time you know where i wasn’t afforded Certain opportunities and if afforded Opportunities I could Be Oprah could be Bill Gates i could Be Warren Buffett in My Experience in Business There is Very little difference if Any Between a Very High-Priced Business Education and What’s available a Lot for a Lot less Money i went to the university of nebraska-Lincoln My last Year in college i went to Wharton for a Couple Years Before That I learned Just as Much At University of Braska As I did at Wharton you Need to be prodded in the right Direction but an Awful lot of It Is Self As Self taught It Isn’t Necessary to pay Thirty or Thirty-five Thousand Dollars a Year to go to some big-name School to get the Education at all i mean if you’re gonna Learn accounting if you’re going Is the probably the most important of Course You’d take in Business iF you’re gonna Learn to count you learn in accounting Absolutely as Well and My view going to you and Always going to harvard i mean i see i Would i bet on that and so i Wouldn’t run Up Huge Bills and Education Is Very Good at Training People to do the same Things that we’ve done over and Over again? And i think there’s Always a question What the nature of The Educational Good is You Know you can Say It’s a it’s an investment Good we’re investing in the future you can Say It’S a Consumption Good like college Is a Four-Year Party you Know i think most of the parents and students think of It Actually as an insurance Policy Where you’re Buying This Really Ever more Expensive insurance So that The students don’t fall through The really Big cracks in our society and We Should Be Asking some big questions why the insurance Costs are Going Up and Up like That and if you were the president of Harvard or stanford if You wanted to get a Lynch Mob of students alumni Faculty to come after you and try to lynch you What you Should Say Is something Like This you know we we live in this much larger more Global World We Offer a Great Education to everybody and so we’re gonna double or triple our Enrollment over the next 15 to 20 Years and People Would They’d All Be Furious because the value of The degrees comes from This Massive Exclusion and and What you’re Really running is something Like a studio 54 Nightclub i hate It i Hated School i Really Hated School i Really all i hated School Generally Right Because It Was this Instruction Following Thing Now i bet you it’s probably also Because i wasn’t good at It and some People Like I’ve Got a Great Conceptual rep Memory and a Terrible rote Memory so if i have a Story i could tell you Year By Year Kind of What Happened Within a Story Within a Context but if i was to go into You Know like a Memory Based Learning it’s terrible i have a Terrible Road Memory? Ego Barrier Is the worst Thing and if we Were raised differently Just imagine in the schools that all Along The People will always Say Everybody Makes Mistakes Everybody has Weaknesses the Key is really to Understand What Your Mistakes and Weaknesses are so that You can Learn from them right i think in Punishment is it’S a terrible Concept punishment means that You made a mistake and you’re being Punished i think Instead of punishment Every time somebody Makes a Mistake you Should Say The Only Thing that you need to do To get out of your punishment his first think What Kind of mistake Was that so if i’m in this Situation That’s like That Again How would i do deal with It differently not to make that Mistake so that Learning Should Come from The mistake not punishment because you’re teaching People not to make Mistakes Where’s Where the learning comes from Not the appreciation the if you keep Doing this over and Over again you’re gonna Keep encountering The Same outcomes you Know it’s an Extremely Corrupt System We Have at This point There’s we have an Education bubble in the u.s We have a Trillion Dollars of student debt To first approximation this has gone to pay for a trillion Dollars Worth of lies about the value of The education People Have Received And and i it’s not at all obvious Yet Though What’s going to What’s going to replace This or how it’s going to change My Um you know the the you know the and I’m somewhat Skeptical That It Will Be replaced By Any Sort Of single Unitary System and i have This fellowship for Young People to start Companies and You know it’s not my claim is not That Everybody Should Do This i don’t think everyone Should become an Entrepreneur and i think i think there is no one-size-Fits-All so i think the future will be much more heterogeneous Much more diverse in terms of What People do And What’s What’s Really Anomalous is the sort of Unitary tracking Where you have to go to an elite college You go to yale or you go to jail There’s nothing Else You can Do you know and so the The i think the universities are Perhaps in Perhaps in the same Place as the catholic Church Was in 1514 if we Go back 500 Years Where you have sort of This is monolithic Way newton’s universal Way of Body of Knowledge of teaching Things the difference Between the yale and the Harvard political science Faculties are probably No greater Than the differences between the dominicans and the franciscans we have all Kinds of small Debates Within This context? We are we Have a System of Indulgences That’s costing more and more to support this priestly or professorial Class of People We are told That it’s the only Way to Salvation You Must get a diploma to be Saved if you do not get a diploma then You Will go to hell And i think and i think the i think the the message that i have That’s like? The 16th Century Reformers That’s a Somewhat Troubling Message Is that you have to work out? Your Salvation on Your own you have to save Yourself and and And That’s That’s i think i believe that is the truth but it’s a it’S a somewhat uncomfortable one

Reynold King

100 Replies to “The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS”

  1. PLEASE READ –> Hi everyone, this is a completely different video than normal. Videos will resume back to normal on Monday with an EPIC video by Simon Sinek. I want to explain that College is a perfect solution to many, however to others it may not be a good fit. For myself, it was perfect, for one of my good friends, it wasn't a good fit. If you are currently in college, do not rely on that the piece of paper that you receive at the end to get you far, it is your own commitment and perseverance that will get you far. College is one of the best places on earth to develop networking connections with fellow students and professors, as well as create experiences that are extremely valuable. I want to emphasise that you don't need to go to the best and most expensive school to get the best education or be successful. My advice is to BECOME INVOLVED, make friends with as many people as possible, help others, and be true to yourself. I REPEAT, this is not a video saying that College is useless, but rather we put too much emphasis on a piece of paper, thinking that a degree is going to catapult us to great success. Make the most out of your time, go out there and make connections with other people, and take risks!

  2. I'd rather do fun things and use another technic, my technic which is way better than spending 15+ years in school aka "Hell" which has useless value.

    This comment was supposed to be in another video….but i'll leave it be.

  3. I doubled my salary after recieving my college degree. Very few billionaires are without a college degree. But, everyone's path is different.

  4. Key question is can you earn a living with what they are selling you. If norm don’t go it’s generally a wasted time and money. Trades are wide open vocational and technical education lead to good paying jobs. My niece is a medical tech making $50 an hour. Quit in 3rd year of college took lots of science courses.

  5. Depends on the degree. You can't just waltz in with your resume and highschool diploma and expect to be given an accounting, engineering or physician's job. You gotta quit whining and fucking study. Stop feeling sorry for yourself like a cuck. Man the hell up 👆

  6. College degree is useless for those who don't want to be hired but rather work for themselves, as simple as that.Do not mislead the people.

  7. I have come across a few people & heard their story about spending money for post secondary only to become broke & homeless cuz the courses r too expensive, no job guarantee, too many other people graduating in the same field etc…wait? Some countries have free post secondary school & we don't…tha fk 🤔

  8. How do you know whether a class is useless? When the TEACHER gives in to the notorious question "How can we even apply this to our day to day lives/routines?" and ASKS the class and nobody answers. This was a contemporary mathematics class in my freshman year, first semester. I don't even go to that class cuz the teacher admitted the lack of necessity for the course. I didn't waste a hard earned scholarship to be told that my time is best used elsewhere lmao

  9. It depends on three things:
    1. Work ethic (the most important thing). A person can get all A's and never try at all but someone who get's C's and work their butt off. That C student is gonna get further because of their work ethic.
    2. What you wish to do for a career. Careers need experience mostly, some need college degress or some needs just high school diplomas.
    3. What degree you are studying for. For example, Liberal Arts Degrees are useless but a STEM degree is more valuable.

  10. I volunteered wuth a half way house for boys transitioning out of a juvenile detention center. One of my tasks was to help them with their home work if they needed or wanted help . One young man came to me and announced that he got Fs in everything because he just wasn't very smart . But he always came for help. We talked about why he got each of these questi ok ns wrong on a quiz or test and each 5ime it just got worse. . So I changed my tactic. Instead of talkung anout what he got wrong we only talked about what he got right and why. Soon he was getting more and more right, and more of the residents there were requesting help. I learned a huge lesson from that young man the positive is a much better teacher then the negative .

  11. Most people become financially successful by: inheriting money, having family or personal connections that help them, pleasing their bosses (no matter how much it is against their principles or how crap the product is) or exploiting their workers.  Let's be honest….Working hard is not one of the top reasons. Teachers and shop assistants and bank clerks and cleaners etc work hard and get paid very little.This is a bad, unjust system, and it holds most people back. The only real way we can make life good for the majority of us lovely humans is to have a different economic system.

  12. College professors and staff think one way that's dangerous to put into an 18-year-old child head and you wonder why they want socialism

  13. Its true… I lost interest on my architect professor so I went and found a book that containts a lot of information regarding engineering and stuff so I cut classes many times just to train myself and its funny I ask my classmates the thing that they've learned and they said they barely know how to draw 2D and here I am already passed the 3D drawing techniques the plumbing… etc. and I just laugh wtf this school…

  14. Mathematically speaking (and backed by empirical research), college degrees are not worthless. The MAJORITY of people with college degrees make more money in their lifetimes than the MAJORITY of people who do not possess one.

  15. teachers will give you a B+ on a essay and not actually write where u made a mistake so u just re write the same way the same thin not knowing what to change

  16. This is simply BS. College degrees are relevant. I wish to migrate to some other country where I can pursue my dream of being a metal vocalist with no scope here in India. But I am not eligible because I don't have a college degree.

  17. Education is important but school is useless
    The irony here this people will never hire you if you dont have a degree.
    They say you dont need college degrees ,why then is it a requirement to work at their companies?

  18. Indeed. College is a scam. What grinds my gears is that certain jobs state a degree is required for hiring/promotion purposes. Total bullshit.

  19. Now this applies to me. I mean, I'm flunking hard on my first year of college and I just realized how worthless it is. I wouldn't tell my family because they will say otherwise. But that's alright. I don't need some degree to start working online, which I will do after the last 4 years I have in education.

    But damn, I wished that I attended a college course that has me reading books till I can go. Cause honestly, I am not getting that English major.

    But that's the point. I didn't attend college just to have high grades or be a top notcher because it's practically impossible to do, I'm in college so I could spend the last 4 years in education I have right now. It would never matter if I graduate or not.

  20. College literally just means that you have proven that you know this subject. Companies hire people with degrees because they are proven. Somebody who may be better at this but doesn’t have a degree hasn’t been proven unless they have created something.

  21. Lol the regular education system teaches you how to work for someone.I wont do that I’ll be a self made millionaire with my businesses.

  22. For every Bill Gates there are thousands of people who never graduated from college who are struggling economically. Fact of the matter is: people with a 4 year degree are more likely to be successful in life.

  23. There are all sorts of problems with the reasoning of the people being interviewed, and ironically these are reasoning errors they would not make if they went to college and listened to what they were being taught. Is having a college degree necessary for getting a good job? No. Is it sufficient for getting a good job? No. Does having a college degree increase your chances of getting a job? Yes. Does it increase your chances of getting a wider variety of jobs? Yes. Does it increase your chances of getting a higher starting salary? Yes. I could go on. The point I am making is that these people are relying on anecdotal evidence—which they should know is one of the worst forms of evidence—and failing to distinguish between necessity, sufficiency, and probability. In college, they teach you not to make these mistakes.

  24. Famous people who didn't graduate from High school before they became successful: Dave Thomas founder of Wendy's Mark Twain famous American writer, Charles Dickens famous English writer, The Wright brothers that designed airplane and ran airplane business, although they had help from a sister with a college degree but not in engineering. Harry Truman had no college or University degree but only United States President without one.

  25. Id say it depends on the motivation of the person and the non dependency on other professors. They over rated college verses certain known tapes.

  26. This is beautifully done, i've got my children listening to it (they still young), but i'd rather program their minds with powerful thoughts – they've created the below b

  27. The irony here this people will never hire you if you dont have a degree.
    This is very pleasant to hear as a failure in school

  28. All of these dropouts jerking themselves off watching this. Reality is that this is the minority who make it big without a degree, everyone thinks that’s gonna be them. You can make something with no degree, but it is a huge leap to say that a degree is worthless. Chances are you are better off with a degree. With no degree your firstly gonna have to work your ass off and a little bit of luck on that.

  29. K great. But how many entrepreneurs are actually multimillionaires or billionaires? Fact of the matter is it doesn't matter which route you take. Its not gonna happen over night. Its gonna take alot of time.

  30. If college degree is useless then why …..these top tech firm's always choose students from the top universities of the world…..and not even students ….. they want fucking best for their business……..
    That means they are not men of their own words ……so plz dear society don't believe on them …..

  31. Sadly, no one will hire you without a degree. Also, if you have a master's degree in my area corporations and colleges have a scale and for IT security and programing is 75k with a B.S. to 90k with a master's. So than notion that some one is making 25 an hour with a MS degree is a fallacy. Also, when the 2008 recession came 99% who got laid off were those without a college degree those that had even an associates never got laid off. I was the one without a degree now I am the one with the degree and making 3x more than my friends make without a degree.

  32. While I do believe that getting a degree is silly considering that most people can make a living without even needing one, but there's no harm in having a degree in case something happens.

  33. Well as a member of multibillionaire muti-industry business empire family I say you don’t need a degree in most Jobs around the world and especially business and finance, the key to be successful on making money is really just naturally gifted to you, you either born understand the concept of money or you think you know but you don’t for the rest of you life, simple as that

  34. You are statistically more likely to make more money if you go to college. It’s simple macroeconomics. Stay in school kids.

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  36. lately my wife stay glued to her phone, she doesn't give me attentions like she used to, I kept thinking if I've became ugly already, but the answer was and still NO. During my search, i found a post when a lady was showering praises on a man called TONY who helped her out, quickly I jumped on the way to contact him and it was through his gmail [email protected] OR WhatsApp +1 330-271-6380. I was shook and overwhelmed that I could read her texts, see pictures, emails and all that after he completed my job. I am pleased to tell you people about him

  37. You know what I'm sick of? People pointing to the exception to prove that the rule is wrong. Colleges suck and should be better, but I'm tired of everyone saying, "Oh you can become independently wealthy, just look at Bill Gates!" Stop. It's like saying, "My game is going to be the next World of Warcraft because it's an MMO and people love MMO's." These billionaire entrepreneurs have a strong mixture of good instincts, useful skills, and immense amounts of luck. I don't want to downplay anyone's achievements here, but let's be real, anyone could get unlucky and have a perfectly decent business fail. And that could have happened to Gates or Jobs or whoever. But it didn't.

    Colleges, sure, are antiquated and out of date. I myself think they need a major reform in how they do things. Every cell in my body wants to puke at once when I say this, but college is the best thing we have right now to do what it does. That doesn't mean I like it. That doesn't mean that it'll be like that forever. But it does mean that you shouldn't say it's worthless – it just could be more helpful.

  38. So according to these people in the video, are they espousing that people don't go to medical school, nursing school, dental school, become engineers, lawyers, teachers, pilots etc. It is easy to make these sweeping statements when you have billions in the bank. If they feel so strongly that university education is not worth it then why don't they use their money and power to help improve it? Plus if they say that a college education is useless, what alternatives would they like to put forward? Would we have had the transistor if Bill Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brittain did not go to university? Steve Jobs is mentioned in the video, granted his contribution is very key but let us not forget that it was Steve Wozniak a college educated engineer who designed and built the first few Apple computers. Would Alexander Fleming have observed the effects of penicillin and Howard Florey and Ernst Chain synthesised penicillin that saved millions of lives if they did not go to university? If any of these gentlemen care to furnish us with an answer I am all ears!!!!!!

  39. I hold Mr. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg CEO for to Corrupt and see by this Person´s where no the Privacy beware and by People Side is. She working with no Company Etic´s what I willy Risky See for all End to end User from all Platform By Mark How Namend Facebook,Instagram so etc what is Power By under Mark Zuckerberg. By Mr. Elon Musk I see a Risk for To Motivated and no Ethical´s work and see by this Persons a willy high System Risk and a begin to over Fly what a American Ethics beware. And I More for Beware the US and so who the UK Trust.

  40. Sometime I am thinking, is university train us like dog( imitating what other people already done) or educate us how to think and solve the problem( finding your value), I am not the historian and archaeologist, but from my perspectives and knowledge, since our mankind be born, back in Million year ago, there was no university excited, older people by teaching younger people based on their experience and their feelings, because there was no google and youtube, people have to think and come up a new ideas to solve the problem and confusion in order to survive in the rigorous environment, that push our mankind move forward to innovate something new. Now, we are in the comfort zone for so long, people stop thinking and creating, people by copying and imitating other people's idea to grow themselves, like my University, professor marking student's assignment, and trying to balance everyone score, according to faculty's requirements, they mark down someone's paper, University really train me as dog, we all unique not the same, because we are unique, that makes our world diverse and colourful, that's reason why I hate school, by judging people from their score. ( English is not my first language, please forgive for the grammar error)

  41. I hate college. I really hate college. If you wanna learn skill, the skill that is high demand. Go on Google, and find out "online course." That is lot cheaper and efficient than college class.

  42. I think studying computer engineering is better than computer science because I can see all they try to educate us is you don't need CS degree to be success programmer right.

  43. What people don’t realize is that your most valuable asset it experience.

    A good degree should get you the experience you need to get into the field you want. If it doesn’t, then it’s a waste of time.

  44. I typed "If you aren't copying anyone else's work, you have nothing to worry about!" in search to find if any youtuber have issue with false copyright claimer. This video appearing in top result show how biased youtube search is for popular video

  45. I dropped out of high school my senior year .. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a little boy. I now own a successful clothing company, I’m a member at an elite Country Club, have plenty of money and my health. All you need is persistence with a definite purpose. My confidence comes from my personal skills NOT from a piece of paper that you hang on a friggin wall !!!!

  46. in my opinion, just do what you gotta do bill gates steve jobs drop out of college because they knew what they're doing and they're passionate about it. in life its all about taking risk ang following your heart dont let society let you decide who you wanna be.

  47. Most of the people in this video, ironically, either have college degrees or are certifiably gifted/geniuses. Too often, the people who get "motivation" from this kind of video are the type who want shortcuts or don't have the discipline, work ethic, or ambition to actually go to college or see most pursuits through. College is far from a "bad or useless" thing. It teaches you how to truly think and reason. It's not simply memory and tests. It teaches the "skepticism method" which is absolutely invaluable in life. And it's still your best bet at a high income as long as you pursue a degree that's in demand. Every statistic out there corroborates the fact that college grads STILL make significantly more money than non-college grads. I'm not saying college is for everyone, but this "anti-education" movement is… problematic.

  48. That a God dam lie! The lack of a college degree has made most of you people little shits; that only care about a delusion! Money…

    We will all die broke! The difference most of will Fry!

  49. In this days political environment, its old money and your connection to old money that guarantees your success… but remember, you have a choice, your vote, and if u vote conservative, u are literally voting for the status quo, so if you're not old money and still vote for the establishment, realise that you're shooting yourself in the foot

  50. Would you feel comfortable stepping abroad a plane knowing the pilot is not qualified or does not have the required degree to fly it. Who would you trust to be your financial advisor, an engineer or someone with a high level finance degree. Fact is education matters

  51. Some of these so-called "successful" people that are not going to college INHERITED millions from their parents….so exactly WHY WOULD THEY GO…especially if they're not that "bright".

  52. Wish I saw this before I started. Now I'm trapped, for another 2 years, not happy and in debt. Any teens considering going uni, I honestly say don't.

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