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The Return of Sneak Attack Squad Training! Wild Dinosaur Nerf Madness

(gravel crunching) (phone vibrating) – What? Hello? – What are you doing? – Um, I’m walking home from school? – Why? – I don’t even know how
to answer that question. – Okay! Well, anyways it’s that
time of year again! – Huh? – It’s time for some Sneak Attack Squad training. – Uh, I wouldn’t know anything about it. No. – Expect an attack, anytime when you get home today. – No. I am not going… – Okay! See you soon! Bye! (chuckling) – You didn’t…hello? Hello? (sighs) Not this again! (mischievous music) (clomping foot falls) (loud clicking) (door creaks) (suspenseful music) (clomping foot falls) (clomping foot falls) (clicking loudly) (feet clomping) (feet clomping) (suspenseful music) (clomping foot falls) Aha! I don’t have time for this. (clatters) (clicking) Come on. Come on. – Aha!
(surprised scream) (discharges) – Ah!
Ah! – Ah! – Oh! – Nice shot Evan! – Whoa! – I can’t get up! – Hey, stop, no, it don’t! Huh! (grunting) – Ah! – Ugh! Rev go rack! See ya! (rock music) Ahhh! (discharges) (guffaws) – I’m not playing this game! (door slams) (electronic toothbrush whirring) (clicks) (clatter) Hey mom, do I have time to walk Cliff home before I go to bed? – Yeah, you can have a little bit of time. – Thanks mom. (ominous rock guitar strumming) (discharges) – Ah! (hard rock music) A ha, ha! – (screaming)
Ah! Ha, ha! – (repeated screaming) – Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha! (loud panting) – Game’s over! Looks like you failed training! – Ah, uh, Aha! (dog barks) (loud whirring) – Oy! Ay! Hey stop it Colin! Colin stop it! Ugh (grunts) Okay! Okay. Ugh! (roars) (loud sigh) Where are you? – Aha! (blaster discharges)
– Ah! Ahh hah! Ahhhh! Oh! (cocks Nerf Blaster) (Blaster discharges)
Ah! (Blaster discharges) Oh no! Gah…
(Blaster discharges) Ah! (groans) – I’m going to get you!
(screaming) – I’m going to get you! (door slams) Scaredy cat! – Hey mom. Can I go for a motorcycle ride? – Um, yeah. Just be careful and don’t go too far. – All right, thanks mom. (door creaking) (garage door whirring) – Hey mom! – Yes? – Where’d Ethan go? – For a motorcycle ride. – Can I go play outside? – Yeah, that’s fine. – Um mom. (comping foot falls) – Time for some pay back, Ethan. (door handle clicking) (suspenseful music) – Wait a second. Just in case. (suspenseful music) (Engine revving) (engine turns over) (engine revving and idling) (engine running) (engine running) (engine sputtering) (metal clang) – Ugh Hunh. Never been this far. (suspenseful music) (Nerf Blaster discharges twice) – Ah! Ah! Aw! – Aha! – Hunh – Ah!
(blaster discharges three times) (return fire) – Ah! (blaster discharges) Ah! (blaster discharges)
Ah ay! Ugh! (blaster discharges repeatedly) – Ah! – (Evan) Hunh! Yes! (groaning) – Ah! Ugh – Ah! Ah! – Hey get back here! (blaster discharges) – Ah! – Hey! Hunh! Come here! – No! – Hey come here! – Hey you gotta pay! – Keep the change! (dinosaurs roaring) (blaster discharges) – Stop it! (blaster discharges) (blaster discharges) Ugh! Ugh!
(blaster discharges) (suspenseful music) (dinosaur roars) (inhales loudly) (dinosaurs screaming and roaring) – Ahhhh! (screaming simultaneously while blasters discharge repeatedly) (dinosaurs roaring) – Go, go go! – Ahh! (dinosaurs screaming and roaring) – Hey guys, on February 17th, we’re going to be at Jurassic Fight Night, at Gila River Arena, at Glendale Arizona. We’ll be doing a meet and greet there at 1:00 PM. The show starts at 3:30 so get your tickets at Ticketmaster now. – These guys behind us are on battle there. – Call down who you thinks gonna win. (Roaring) – Let’s go! Let’s go!

Reynold King

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