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The Training Program | MX Nation S3E3

Reynold King

68 Replies to “The Training Program | MX Nation S3E3”

  1. Thank you guys for creating such an awesome look into some of the personal challenges our favorite riders have to come over in each race and week, definitely a series I will watch until it's end!

  2. I would mean so much to me if you should subscribe it has always been a dream to got my you tube channel to 200 subs

  3. I envy these guys who grow up in a mx household and have easy access to just new bikes etc.. just turned 18 grinding hard to be able to buy a new bike

  4. Marvins wife is literally a queen. She's super supportive, seem so genuine and you can tell that she loves the sport as much as Marvin him self.

  5. I didn't know Anderson has an actual disease, I just thought he got altitude sickness last year in Colorado. Good to know

  6. Fuck Marvin I can't stand the bloke now after what he did in the supercross to let dungy win. I know it was team orders but it was pretty fuck up

  7. Matthilde is so sexy honestly can we just clone her and paige craig so we can all have a hot and supportive wife haha

  8. After watching S3E4 on the Red Bull website, and realizing that MX nation has morphed into KTM Nation, it's going to be so sweet watching Tomac win the championship this Saturday.

  9. Hey this is cool because I been hearing RC thank Aldin Baker,yeah yeah yeah,I always wonder,not doubt who is this guy,and what does he do so well that his training reputation has brought him to motocross world…cyclist turn trainer….ah keep it up.good work…

  10. I have a website with 200+ fitness articles if you're into self-development like myself

  11. Fuck with Colorado Natives at their home track? You lose. By the way, if people think Thunder Valley is "high altitude," they are pussies.

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