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The Try Guys Wear Boob Weights For A Day

(coughs) – [Keith] Zack, Zach. – Now, imagine someone
put a five pound ball underneath that skin. – Ah, ow. (groans) – Oh, fuck me. – My boob, my boob’s killing me. – Oh no, they’re on my chin
I’m getting suffocated. – Boobs. (upbeat music) – So, today we are trying on boob weights, not big boobs but weights that simulate the weight of big boobs. – There’s a viral video
that came out that featured men wearing weights on their chest. – So, that company sent
us their boob weights so we can try it out too. – I have chronic back problems already, actually I can’t imagine how that would be impacted with weights on my chest. You have large boobs. – We do. – What’s that like? – I think it’s amazing, but it’s also a fricking headache. – [Rachel] I feel like my posture is down. – There’s nothing worse than
having extreme back pain and then this bra like sitting on it. And, I literally will go
in the bathroom sometimes and like massage my shoulders. – So, today we’re gonna
try things like exercising, normal chores, just live our daily lives. – Two on your chest is
going to feel heavy. And, it’s gonna feel awkward. – I know my wife’s boobs really well. I also have a sister. I don’t know hers as well. (gong rings) Good morning, beautiful. – Good morning. – So, the Try Guys slept over at my house and now we’re gonna try on some boobs. – Our breasticles, our
tatas, our teehee enablers. – All right, oh I mean
they’re a lot like testicles. – Weight, how much do they weigh, though? – [Woman] 3.3 pounds each. – Oh. – What, that’s not that much. – Look at them go, look at my boobs go. (laughs) – I don’t know if this is
supposed to be a fun video, but it’s fun right now. – There can only be three
Ds before you become an F. – An F, what happened to E? – There is no E. – Oh no. – Like, my first thought
is these need support. – And, that price doubles, too. – Yeah, your bras are more expensive. – They’re falling to the side. I want you guys to go inwards and upwards. – Strapless doesn’t work for me. – [Rachel] Nah, I can’t do topless. – [Winter] It just sits on top of ’em. – Already I’m feeling just
like a little bit of a pull. – We’ll see what I say
at the end of the day but right now I don’t think
this is too much weight. – I just want you guys to just go through the motions of your day. – All right, let’s go
clean up Ned’s house. – [Zach] Boo. – I’m gonna start with dishes. – [Zach] Are you gonna
put on pants ever, or? – No, I’ve got fake
boobs, but a real booty. – [Ned] Doing the dishes was
touch because bending over the boobs are kinda swinging around. – Me, on the other hand, I
learned a pretty cool new trick. I’m having a great time. – If you turn too fast
it’s like you have to be aware of this extra – [Winter] Weight.
– Part of your body. – Oh god. – Certainly, the constant
strain is something my body isn’t used to. – [Keith] Zach, do your chores. Don’t swing, Zach. Zach, we’re working. Zach. It’s making Zach very
grumpy and he’s already a little whiny baby. – It was when we were
about to clean the toilet that my boobs broke. Oh, ow. – [Keith] What was that? – The fucking thing snapped
and hit me in the head. – Oh Boy. – Is that helping? – Ah, it’s not nice. – So, Ned put on a bra
and I said, “Fuck it, “I’m putting on a bra, too.” – Oh, are you fucking kidding me. Do it on the lower setting. – No, this is the lowest setting. – What? – Most stores don’t sell my bra size. So, I have to actually buy
like a different bra size that’s close to my bra size,
but it’s not my bra size. So, it won’t fit right and
like my boobs won’t sit right. – It’s weird that the pain has changed and now it’s not pulling
down, but it’s like digging in here. – Can you imagine having these heavy boobs and this bra that’s like
digging into your shoulders. – It just distributed the pain. It’s just everywhere now. (gong rings) – So, we’re walking to lunch. Two of us are in bras,
two of us are without. – Keith and I decided
to keep our breasts free because we’re just those
free spirited types. – At one point I had to
run across the street to catch a light. – Oh yeah, I run like this. – You what? – I like be like. – And, god when you
run your boobs are just bouncing so much. – Going all sorts of ways. – You’re holding them,
just like I instinctively grabbed my babies. – Sat, and put my boobs on the table. – Yeah, that’s nice. – Over the past hour I started to get like a lot of like tightness
here and every time I roll my neck I get like
some pretty intense cracks. – Lunch was great. It was rejuvenating, but I got some crumbs down my bra. – Nothing has really bothered me yet but I know we’re about
to go work out at a gym and I know that’s when most
women with large breasts cite really terrible inconveniences. (gong rings) – So, we’re at the gym
we’re gonna work out. – I’m going to do poorly. I just want to say ahead
of time that the boobs are not the reason why. – Have you ever gone to the gym and left your sports bra at home? – Yeah, I can’t work out then. – Me too. – So, we’re gonna try
it a little bit without a sports bra, and then we’re gonna try it with a sports bra. (thuds)
– Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck me. – I’m so nervous to work out with these. – When you’re jumping it’s a weight here. And, if it’s not supported
it’s like pulling on the front of your chest. (thuds)
(groans and laughs) (groans) – Oh god, my boob, my boob’s killing me. – Oh no, they’re at my
chin I’m getting suffocated by my boobs. – You feel it all up in
here ’cause it’s literally– – And your back. – You back, too. – My full back is really starting to hurt. This morning it was shoulders and neck, but now my like my mid
back, my lower back. – We need a sports bra, Eugene. – Yeah. – This is a disaster. Okay, it’s time for sports bras. – These do feel more secure. It’s not comfortable. – Normal boobs are squishy goodness. This is rocky shitness. – Yeah, it’s rocky
shitness, the classic term. – One sports bra wasn’t
enough so we’re gonna go two. – Well, they’re definitely in place now. – That’s a little bit better. Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Okay. – Oh, no okay I’ve got it. (groans)
(record scratches) (coughs) – Boob punched me in the throat. Can I have another please? Hold on, I’m just gonna, can I just. Okay, my throat’s not gonna get punched. (upbeat music) – Come to mommy. Give me some sugar. – Oh yeah, this is a lot safer. (upbeat music) – Oh. – This is just way easier. – Definitely function over fashion. – I can see why if you
forgot your sports bar you would go home. – If you don’t have a sports bra and you are large breasted
you can’t do this. (gong rings) – We’re back at the
office and for the rest of the day we’re just gonna be doing our normal job, a lot of desk work, a lot of answering emails
and we’re gonna see how the boobs effect us here. – Also, Eugene and I are now wearing bras so everybody’s supported. Doing desk work isn’t
the most difficult thing in the world. It’s just that after you’ve
spent your whole day working and then sitting at a
desk for several hours just hunched over it
just sort of compounds the problems that you’ve been getting. – That’s probably the worst of it for me, ’cause I have all of
this weight on the front and it’s not evened out on back. I’ve definitely thought
of getting a reduction because of that back pain. – At the time of my breast
reduction I was 30GG, like George, and I was
a dancer growing up. Had the body, very skinny, 110 pounds and then all of a sudden I
had double Gs on my chest. Medically, I ahd like
terrible, terrible headaches. – I, real serious, have a headache. This whole day has been
slowly more and more. – I had to go to the
chiropracter all the time just because of my back and like my upper shoulders, my neck. – I just I can’t do it anymore. I’m just over it. – Normal everyday things like
finding clothes that fit me or finding bathing suits or
cute bras was impossible. – This bra is killing
me more than the weights and I think it’s because it’s
just not correctly sized. Is your underwire bothering you at all? – Yeah, it’s like it’s all bothering me. – Every time I straighten
up my whole back cracks and that’s not normal for me. – I don’t think three
pounds, or seven pounds sound like that much, but
when you’re wearing it on your chest for 24 hours
a day and you have to do normal things or jump around or anything, anything really it
makes a huge difference. – I’m so sorry mom, I’m so sorry sisters for anything bad I ever
said about your boobs. (gong rings) – Can we go? – [Man] Bra first. – When you get home that bra comes off you are like, “Ah, free”.
(vocalizing) (exultant choir music) – Oh. – Ah, ah. (exultant choir music) – Oh, I’ve always wanted
to experience this moment. (exultant choir music)
Ah, ho my god. – Yes. – Look, if a large
chested woman is ever like short with you and seems a little pissy I’m just gonna say fucking take it, because you have no idea
what she’s going through. You don’t know what kind
of back pain headache she may have. – Some people’s boobs are a
huge burden to their life. So, it’s no so simple as like
a face value appreciation. – I can’t imagine if this was
on my bare breasts all day. All I hear about is that
bras are not correctly sized across the board, that’s a
real problem fashion industry. – Don’t just appreciate the boobs, appreciate the person behind the boobs. – It’s a struggle sometimes,
but I love my boobs. They make me feel sexy and beautiful. – For young women growing up who maybe aren’t so comfortable with your body you have options and you deserve to feel really good about yourself. – [Winter] It’s about what
makes you feel awesome. – This really, at the end of the day, is to open people’s eyes. We love you girls. – We do. – Also, the whole bra
thing, who designs a thing that you can’t look at? I mean, what am I supposed to do? Where does it even begin or end? We know how you zip your pants, here. If I had to zip my pants
on my butt I’d be furious. (exultant choir music)

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