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TITANIC Theme ( Lead and Chords ) Guitar Lesson – WITH TABS

hi, I’m Bobby crispy this guitar lesson is about how to play titanic the main theme as I play it in my performance video of the same title Okay, so I’ll show the chords first and then I’ll show how to play the melody [I] started off with a d major chord then a Suspended two chord which is the same as an a major? But lift your pinkie and play the second string open Then g And a source cord again D Asis gee a Sus then [b] Minor and [f] [sharp] Minor than a root gee a [Sus] and D major gee a Sus Then a single note f sharp, which [is] top string second fret the B minor G a sauce and D last word Okay now for the melody okay starts off the third string seventh fret second string fifth fret slide up the south Vii again Yeah third-string some threat back to the second string fifth fret Slide up to the 10th back to the seventh fifth and the third string seventh fret fourth fourth string fifth fret back to the third string fourth fret fourth-string some threat Let’s back to the 7th fret of third string second string fifth fret but it son Seventh fifth Third string seventh fret second string fifth row [startup] in [tenth] [7:10] slide up to the 12 Tents hey Vii hammer on to the 10th and path or something slide down to the fifth first string seventh fret 9th, okay ninth second string 10th, right slide down to seventh Yes slide up the 12th fret [10th] fret 7 so [that] [outfit] And third fret hammer on to the fifth and [pop] the third again fifth slide up the seventh yeah third string seventh fret fourth fret And a bit of a [pass] to the fourth string some threat back to the third string seventh fret 5th seven eight fifth so sorry seven eight seven five third string some fret Second string so threat V Third string seventh Back to the second string the threat So that Fastrak once again is like And slide [down] to the third fret second string get one more time And that’s it. I hope this video has been helpful and thanks for watching

Reynold King

100 Replies to “TITANIC Theme ( Lead and Chords ) Guitar Lesson – WITH TABS”

  1. Its purely boring like real amateur. Looks like you've just learn how to play this from some one and made a video and uploaded it. It would have been great if you had played a little faster like a pro in the end… thanks

  2. The video was okay but it could have been better if you actually played the whole song 聽before or after you started to teach us just so we could get an idea of how its supposed to be played, but other than that it was good

  3. Need some musics about the love of Jesus, remember he died for you so you can enter into heaven and live for ever with hom, John 3vs16. Can you do a tutorial on your favourite gospel song please

  4. this is the most horrible guitar tutorial i've come across on youtube, and it has more than a million views oh my god

  5. You seem like a very amiable fellow, Bobby. To Hades with all the ingrates in the comment section.

    My impression of everybody that's bitching about the song not being played in this video:
    "Ohhh, it's just too hard to have to click on another video to hear the song being played!!! I'm gonna badmouth you now because you didn't just absolutely spoon-feed me like I wanted!!!!"

    smh… in the grand scheme of things, what does it really matter, man?? It will take you exactly 2 seconds to click on the link to the other video.

  6. Unfortunate how the tab sheet from the link looks so different than what is presented (for us beginners, this is really frustrating). Why are the only chords on the tab Asus and F#min? If you are going to go through all of the respective chords for a beginner to learn, one would presume you would also have those on the tab sheet? Or am I missing something here…?

  7. I really don't like guitar instructional videos that don't play through the song before starting the instruction.

  8. Good excellent.., but u should have shown , playing the complete melody , once either at the beginning or end .

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  10. check out my attempt to play titanic theme on guitar
    PS– i am beginner , just one month into guitar world
    like and subscribe if its worth it

  11. I would really appreciate it if u could play it first so that I could know the timing and also know how it will sound like after I learned it


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