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Tony Robbins: How to Become More Disciplined (MUST WATCH)

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Tony Robbins: How to Become More Disciplined (MUST WATCH)”

  1. Me:: Say "Aayiiiiiiiii" if you want to see Jordan Peterson and Tony Robbins on "ONE" stage….

    Audience :: Aaaaaayiiiiiiiiiiii


    We can have great relationships.
    We can live happily with our family for whole life only if we follow some small rules.
    What are the things which breaks the relationships and what are those things which we must do to maintain great relationships are explained in this video.

  3. – "We all act consistently with who we believe we are. […] the strongest force in the whole human personality is this need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.
    – "Raise your standards.
    – "There is always two pains in life: the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret. […] discipline weighs ounces, regrets weigh tons.

  4. i wonder what kind of seminars he is talking about so i can check one out in my area. i need to be around those kinds of people.

  5. Come down to my level your a man with high intentions
    As a number in the working world the standards use to get you some where in life is bullshit your useing your standards to make owners of companies standards look 100times better than lower standard workers that are hungry to gain Higher standards doesn't make sense when you're nationality standards are considered as criminals and killers fucking bullshit really

  6. Attract what you want out of life step your game up and reinvent yourself to be where you want to be believe in yourself and stay away from the past and Live in the present and be grateful and you will attract more health and wealth Believe and you will see it everywhere. Love your self and be your self you are special never compare yourself to others you carry something the world needs god is good much love to every one trying to be the best in life🤙🏻

  7. Thank you for the inspiration! My life was a wreck for many years… but now all that is behind me and I strive to motivate others myself! I even started my own YouTube channel!
    Thanks again.
    One day I hope to be as successful as you. 🙏

  8. This speech really helped my mindset. I’ve been trying to stop smoking for about 4 months now. Evertytime I stop I always fall back into my ways. But those aren’t my ways. This video helped me a lot.

  9. Smoking is such a good example. When people ask me "How did you quit?" But I just don't have an answer for them.
    I just did it, six months have past now and not a single day I thought about smoking.
    Because I'm not a smoker, so why would I?

    But I can't explain it to them.

  10. I love you Tony. You say it and deliver it with so much realism. And it helps open people up , shows them that you can achieve the things that sabotage your life in the first place .

  11. Tony Robbins together with Les Brown are my motivational guru! They help me to overcome the darkest days in my life, keep me motivated and finally to believe that no matter what, you can start writing your own story from any point of your life. And I have already started! Thank you for being a true inspiration! If you too, are in process of changing your life and dreaming BIG I would appreciate your support:)

  12. Anthony your analogy of the elephant is not accurate. When an elephant is deprived of movement, male and female will continually move their body from side to side because they cant move forward and now they become stressed. Eventually the movement from side to side stops because their mind knows they cannot move forward. This behavior also happens to humans. Restriction of forward movement. Don't take my word for it, just research it.

  13. When Tony says, "If you don't have 10 minutes for you, you don't have a life;"….. that's where I'm at in life owning my own business, a catch 22 now & working on balance. It's so rewarding & I love what I do, however this is my year to take inventory & say "NO" to some clients. ….Maybe I'll go to Michael Phelps Plan B. & smoke some weed!😂😂😂Blessings & Prosperity to ALL of you!✌💜

  14. Instead of worrying about TONY'S private life, take what you can from his inspirational talk. Do you worry about the heart surgeon's private life when you need him? No, because you assume you are getting his attention, because it benefits him to get you better.

  15. I wud definitely owe my success in Life to This Giant Guy one day! ❤️ Sorry Tony, I will nevr b able to pay u back for what you have taught !

  16. Tony was send to earth to help people with disability bless you brother he came from another planet Mr Robbins

  17. Throughout listening to this I got urges to hug my mom, to bake something, and to cry and laugh. I got that child in me hehe

  18. @16:14… Tiger Woods. So grateful he made his comeback happen yesterday. He has shown millions who may not believe in themselves that it can be done.

  19. I love his opinion but I don't like the disconnection of the commercials, that's pathetic to disrupt his voice because a company wants to profit off him.

  20. >> 🅻🅰🆆 🅾🅵 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽 É́́á́́śí́́ĺӳӳ Ćŕé́́á́́té́́ Hí́́ǵh ví́́bŕá́́tí́́őńá́́ĺĺ 🅵🆁🅴🆀🆄🅴🅽🅲🆈 í́́ á́́ńd ḿӳ ǵőá́́ĺś á́́ŕé́́ ćőḿí́́ńǵ tő ḿé́́ ńá́́tú́́ŕá́́ĺĺӳӳ ( 🅻🅰🆆 🅾🅵 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽 ) ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) >> Ⓡ ✔️

    මට දැනගන්න ඕනේ මොකක්ද මේ පයිල් අකමැති?

  21. This is for Tony Robinson Phillips I hope he reads this and replies to me I went to one of your seminars I sat next to a guy that literally lived on the same road you grew up in I taught you in a b***** lie yourself in one of your sentences you said you didn't have power in your apartment you didn't have water going and then in the next sentence you said you were sitting there watching TV and your friend came and knocked on the door and you were so embarrassed cuz you didn't have power or water or anything and you didn't want to open the door and let him in but how the f*** were you watching TV and I went to one of your seminars I think I saw you for a total of maybe 15 hours actually on the stage in the entire thing it was a bunch of other f**** people that I paid a bunch of money to listen to really and I wasn't very impressed with the entire last day of basically just you trying to sell your productsI could have got just as much out of watching YouTube videos cuz I didn't like going to your seminar and spending three grand kind of a waste of money in Miami and my girlfriend was the one that was all excited to go see you and she was very disappointed by the end of that seminar! And so was I

  22. "Always move forward never stop". Before you know it all your days n weeks are always moving toward your goals n next thing you know your there".
    "Thank you Tony Robinson, the journey is awesome".

  23. Please be aware that circus elephants are horribly abused elephants. As babies, their mothers are killed and the people abuse these beautiful creatures so badly until their soul is broken and they fear and obey humans.

    Hopefully one day we humans can enjoy elephants without any abuse.

  24. Used to love this guy until I heard him say the n word and spread a lie about how he got gangsters to let him say it AND dance like clowns.

    Since then, I can't listen to him without being disgusted.

  25. If we believe we are an angry person, we are right – if we believe we are a patient person, we are right! We are who we believe we are… 😊

  26. The only reason I don't like these videos is there's too many ads and commercials twice as many by far then what I normally have to see

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