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What are the fruits of your labor what
is it you want to come from your business and we talk about all the
aspects obviously the impacts making a change in society the economic returns
for yourself for your family for your employees for your partner’s that are
not about me they’re about weed they’re about this connection is human
connection in a world where technology can do so much good it can also separate
us so we use it they’re using forms of Technology in my mind as a way to create
a deeper connection among human beings and I really believe the experiences
they create what set them apart and make them some of the extraordinary
businesses in the country and in the world the difference in people the
difference in performance the difference in the final result the outcome is it
usually dependent upon skill about what makes one person better than other yes
or no company seen someone with unbelievable innate skill get wiped out
by an athlete a person a business individual who clearly had less skill
how many seen this happen say ah it’s our ability to maximize we said on day
one leaders are transformed organizations you want to grow this
company you want to transform this company leaders do it the leader doesn’t
mean everybody else follows you it just means that you have a higher what higher
standard than anybody else does will make you the leader is when you have a
higher expectation not of other people anybody can do that alone of yourself so
if you want to know what does it take to take things the highest level what’s
going to take to change my business permanently not temporary you go home
and you can install some of these strategy skills tactics tools insights
and see a significant change but if that change is going to be a lasting company
of value that keeps growing then the things you’ve learned here have to
become the standard for your organization not something you did for a
period of time whenever you look at somebody and say why are they more
successful anybody else it’s always because of step one they’ve raised their
standard if you go back home and you want to
change your life in any way personally professionally or your company is boring
as it sounds as stupid as it sounds you might say I spent all this time this
energy this money and your to somebody raise my standards yes because even
though that’s not sexy it is the only thing that creates lasting change you
want to dye it and you can lose weight but will that person eventually do
they’ll go where back unless they raise their standard now sounds so trite and
stupid and positive thing kyoro school but the truth is it’s the truth
so maybe I can language it away that’s more compelling to you or more simple
what does it mean we say raise our standards it means you turn your shoulds
in the muss the difference in people is that they turn their shoulds in the muss
the things that you used to say I should do you do your sheds when it’s
convenient when it’s comfortable when it goes your way though when something is a
must not other people but a must to you do you find the way to get it done yes
or no so the difference in people is what’s their must or in other words for
that is what’s our standard every person this room right now
our bodies are reflection of our physical standards they are not a
reflection of our desires many of those people have a desire for more energy or
a better body or stronger body or more fit body you don’t get our goals
together must the ones that are the must become how you are and guess what it
shows up in your rituals when it’s a mosque you have different rituals
different things you do consistently when you must have your body a certain
way then you should or you’d like to or you ought to somebody thought I’m
talking about here say I so whether we want it or not the only way you change
your body long term is change what the must is for you now I’m going to tell
you what it should be who the hell am I I’m just saying maybe it’s time for you
to take a look because many times you set the standard a long time ago or you
lost the standard completely because most of us base our standards by our
environment who you spend time with is what you tend
to become so if everybody around you is gained a little late or everything
around you is you know constantly tired after a while even if you are
high-energy you don’t want to make fun of them or Keys them or make them feel
bad so gradually subconsciously you lower your own fat in just a little bit
and that little bit is that old metaphor overused but true you take out frog and
put them in boiling water what they’re going to do to jump right out but if you
put them in and turn the water real slowly over time it’ll boiled to death
that’s most people’s lives isn’t it it’s usually because you haven’t remembered
the power of Li spend time with who you spend time with us who you become so one
things that’s great about this five days as you found people from all over the
world who are all absolutely committed to go day and night night and day
literally sometimes the food sometimes without but whose standard was I’m here
to maximize Who I am what I’m about what I’m going to take home what I’m going to
create that raises your game number play against somebody you’re better than your
skills going to go down play against something better than you just to stay
on the court the game has to go up want to change your life
raise your stand I want it raise your standards the most get around where it’s
better surround yourself with people playing the game much higher than you
are so just to be around them your game has to rise that’s part of what we try
to do we come into a company we create that by raising the standard amongst
them or you got to do it by yourself but you got to do it how many great thing on
the say I and it starts with whom it starts with us so raise the stain I
remember when I met Michael Jordan for the first time there’s while I’m still
with the Bulls I asked him I got a chance to do some
coaching a bunch of people and got a new system because of this and this is
Michael I said how is it you do this you’re the best that’s ever lived at
this stage got that same question Wayne Gretzky interesting Wayne Gretzky ad
that’s some place and he gave me the same answer I says to the same thing
you’re not the fastest you’re not the strongest you’re not you know you don’t
how is it you the great one when you have the fastest the strongest the
quickest he said well Tony I appreciate the
compliment that he said I think one of my advantages is most people skate to
where the puck is a nice skate to where the puck is going the power of what
anticipation he knows the pattern what Jordan his standard was I asked him he
said he’d hook Tony everybody you know I said what makes investors that natural
ability is a talented of skills that god-given as if strategy what is it he
said Tony I think I can save this to you without us saying like hyperbole he said
I had got unbelievable natural skills and he said study my history and you’ll
know I am Who I am I did not make the high school varsity team when I was a
sophomore in school high school I got cut they said I had a lot of natural
talent but the greatest gift of my life was a coach who said you’re not on the
team and I looked at him I laughed at him he’s got to put me on the team when
the most talented guy out there he said now you’re not he said you have a lot of
natural talent but you have no heart no absolute commitment no real Drive you’re
not on my team and it just crushed him and finally he negotiated he said look
you want to be on my team next year simple leave me every morning before
school for a one-on-one practice and I’ll take this law talent and I’ll teach
you discipline I’ll show you how to raise your standard did you show up the
whole year of guarantee a spot next year and if you don’t probably the same
outcomes than half when you try out next year he couldn’t believe it and guess
what most people know Michael Jordan got up every morning and drilled and drilled
and drilled and didn’t get to be on the team the next year he’s on the team and
he was not only good he was great guess when his career exploded when he lost
again championship to Detroit and he was on the boss he said he was
crying in the back of the bus physically crying pissed off and all the other
players they hadn’t done their job if something inside of him snapped and
realized crying whining blaming everybody else is not the problem
I need to raise my coz he realized that’s what did it for him originally
you know you do that year he lifted weights like never in his entire life he
decided he was going to dominate every person every person every floor every
place every spot in the country he’s gonna be stronger than anybody he
practically he’d never practiced in his life and oh by the way you want how many
NBA championships how many in a row three retired came back when I’m going
around three never anybody in history would even dream of such a thing
especially after retirement that’s the power of raising your standard but guess
who he competes with Michael told me one time he goes Tony if I competed with
other people I wouldn’t be Who I am you see my competition is with the best I
can be there trying to compete with me that’s why I beat them because they’re
competing with where I am but I’m competing with where I can be think
about that mindset the guy your life would be different if you raise the
standard what you expected from yourself but you’re people yourself to that level
how things could shift it’s all about changing your shirts the months it’s all
about going back and saying this is how it’s going to be it’s like when Gary Vee
was here and his guys were saying man I’m working so hard man I work from 9:00
to 6:00 yeah what are you doing for Nathan do 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 I am that’s
where you master your craft I always say to people it’s what you practice in
private it’ll you’ll be rewarded for in public people say oh my god you know you
have this great abilities great skills let me see all the hours this class this
course I know tons of stuff like the back of my hand but if you talk to my
teen was exhausted they’ll tell you we’re up to 4:00 a.m. almost every night
to be able to figure out how to provide for you a life cycle and get it to be
real so you can think about Nike and how to give you accurate information about
Linda they really get the young adult when they fall down you got to make
phone calls read financials do all kinds of stuff we did all that stuff we’re
doing all these things we’ve accomplished so much I figure how to
make it even better that level of commitment is
what makes you great at what you do and gives you that little edge that makes
you stand out from everybody else and that’s standing out is what makes
somebody absolutely own an industry or brand themself like nobody else in the
world that process is what this is about raise your standard when you got to go
home you got to say where are we going to raise the standard what am I going to
take that’s my shit and make it absolute musts where are we going to do that as a
team how we’re gonna pull it off now who here is ever one way your income right
now as a result of your standards as well it’s not the industry that’s not
the economy who here is making more money today than you’d have made 10
years ago when you shoot your hands how many feel like it’s not enough today let
me get your hands and how could that be real estate is so cheap now computers
are cheaper than they were then you get so much more for your money because once
you achieve a level who knows what happens you immediately you close the
gap the credit you got that’s because that what makes a skrub who’s willing to
go back to where you were 10 years ago not many some of you you would be
because it’s gotten worse in the last 10 years for you the majority there’s no
way see once you’re fortunate enough if you don’t like cleaning else what’s your
fortune enough to have somebody clean your toilets you will not be doing that
again unless you like that you’ll find
somebody loves cleaning toilets and you’ll pay them handsomely
because now to go back and do that once you’ve had the privilege of not having
to do that it’s a different game it’s a gross metaphor but who gets what I’m
talking about here say I once you have a must you find a way to get to it every
one of you in this room is earning what you must earn not a dime more don’t get
me wrong you might have big goals big desires it’s not a must for you because
even the economy crunches if it’s a must you will find the way how many agree
with me on to say I see when I was a must for me to get at one level I did I
remember right it was a must for me to finally make a million dollars a year
I had my son Jared gonna be born I swore I would never have a child unless I was
financially sat and I wasn’t financially set and he was on his way I went from
38,000 dollars a year to making a million dollars a year in the next 12
months that was all bs and I had I thought all my growing up all the pain
was because when Terrence Fox there’s no money they
would have fought anyway where could I believe that though I raised the
standard made it happen and I made a million dollars a year for seven
straight years even though I built five more companies even though I was helping
more people I made the same amount of money
guess why that was my must at some level above that seem greedy
I wasn’t like I had this incredible lifestyle even the magical home I had
this place called the Del Mar castle overlooking the ocean and Del Mar
California but I was on the road staying at the Ramada End in Milwaukee with shag
carpeting and smelly you know dead animals on the wall on my birthday and
my maid she’s back at home in the castle going all up mr. Robins happy birthday I
can’t help thinking you it’s so wonderful all this Robins is so
beautiful here I was sitting out in the jacuzzi overlooking the ocean oh yes oh
I’ve lost 22 pounds I can’t tell you it’s been so amazing I get on your
Stairmaster and I watch Oprah I love your gym mr. Robbins I’m thinking she’s
got a multi-million dollar lifestyle how many can relate to this in his own
way right so I went from 38,000 a million if I changed my income it became
an absolute why it was nothing about money it was about growing because I
knew to make more I’d have to help more people I have to expand and I came to
this goal I wanted to feed all the people in San Diego that were homeless
first my goal was a third is of homeless people they might go with everybody I
said if I go from 38,000 to a million I should they go from a million or three
million in three years and I did in 12 months
I found the Y I found the reasons that a different RPM but it became a must for
me not a shit you’re meeting your must my friends maybe it’s time to change
your mus something was must to survive so please must is B okay some you must
just add three of them some people’s mustards have more than they could
possibly spend so those monsters take care of everybody around them
whatever your must is you’re going to get it when you leave here get clear on
your Musk or raise your light step to real fast and we’re go real fast
who here’s ever raised the standard and you get out there you go I’m gonna go do
this now I’m committed I’m going to change this I’m going to make that
happen to lose 50 pounds I’m going to take my company next level and you’re
all excited and then also I’m this voice in your set head goes
who are you kidding who’s ever had one of these raise your hand say aye
so once you raise your standard you got to get certainty behind it you can
sustain it and that means you got to change your limiting beliefs you got to
change your limiting beliefs and who has limiting beliefs by the way who everyone
does so you got to become aware of it and you got to destroy it now how to do
that honestly if you’ve been DBW know how if you haven’t come join me in San
Jose or someplace else and who has living beliefs by the way who everyone
does so you got to become aware of it and you got to destroy it now how to do
that honestly if you’ve been DBW know how if you haven’t come to join me in
San Jose or someplace else and come through the experience when you change
your limiting belief everything changes because as you believe so is it done
unto you if you believe you’re right you believe you’re wrong
you’re right because whatever you’re certain about you find a way to support
it I always teach me little exercise try this and if you know it do it fresh look
at this room real fast for everything that’s brown in this room going to give
you a test what’s Brown quick look for Brown with the brown before brown brown
here Brown clothing Brown close your eyes tell me everything you saw in this
room that’s red raise your hand if you see more Brown and your husband red and
say aye open your eyes now let’s wrap the thread
litter adlet red look the red let’s go red look everywhere for red look for red
raise your hand if you found more red this time raise your hand say aye
why but you’re looking for because whenever you focus on you’ll find is
that you’ll find stuff that’s not there how many cell-based called it brown just
to feel successful how many saw burgundy called it red just to feel successful
see once you believe something is a certain way and you need for certainty
you’ll change things to meet that beliefs let me show you in two seconds
flat when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer I called the success
cycle real fast throw yourself four squares put them up on the screen in
you’ll see we do this take a quick look you’ll notice you’ve got the word
potential up in the left-hand square over the right hand square is the word
action bottom right is the word results bottom left is the word beliefs or in
other words that would be essence of certainty
potential action belief results and notice there’s arrows in a clockwise
fashion where they just keep feeding each other over and over and over again so again it’s potential action results
belief one other word for that would be certainty that you ever notice how rich
people tend to get richer and for people to get poorer and I don’t just mean rich
in financial terms I mean people that are rich emotionally should know so
happy be able to get happier and depressed people tend to get more
depressed I’m going to found this feature too sad because the power of
momentum and what I’m about to show you so let me show you something here what’s
the potential of any human being you tell me quick unlimited do most people’s
results reflect that true potential yes or no no way why because most people
aren’t taking in that’s what but is it possible take a lot of action and still
get lousy results what if you’re going to salesman that works for you and they
walk out and they knock on a hundred doors and they say you wouldn’t want to
buy link from me would you or they don’t say that verbally but they see it
non-verbally does that going to affect the results yes or no so it’s not enough
even to take enough action because when we believe it’s not going to work or
working certainly does that affect how much of our potential we tap yes or no
if you don’t think it’s going to work you’re not going to put out a bunch of
your energy when you think it’s going to fail and by the way when you’re not sure
you tap little potential do you take little or live action when you’re not
sure when you think it’s not going to work you take massive action or little
action now when you take little potential with little action what kind
of results you get little lousy results when you get lousy results what does
that do to your belief you’ll see I told you it wasn’t going to work
total waste of time and then by the way when you have less belief how much more
potential you take more or less if it’s possible you have less potential more or
less action less and what happens your results they get even left
and now they got worse results was that do you believe and by the way now you
see the current economy isn’t it true everybody out there is going oh my god
the results are so bad it’s going to get worse in the future so I better pull my
horns there’s less potential so I’m not going to push as hard I’m not gonna take
much action oh my god I’m getting lousy results with a little potential action
oh my god it’s gonna get worse that’s what creates a recession depression
whatever you want to call it how do you change that by the way can it work the
opposite direction what would happen if something aside you gave you so much
certainty inside of you that you felt absolutely certain the recession was
your friend that the worst economy for you was the greatest time on earth and
all you want to do is manage your state and apply your fundamentals and immerse
state coach so you don’t get off target keep taking action and you can own your
business and you go to other people’s businesses how many believe that by the
way now say I when you have that kind of certainty are you going to use more of
your potential when you go home or less which one my friends are you going to
take less or more action when you are certain and you use lots of your
potential with massive action what kind of results you get massive action gets
massive results what kind of relief do you get now when you get better results
you go home use your core store you go home you take 1a techniques you get a
different response you go home and you stimulate a new source of profit or
income you go home when you add a servicewoman to anything and it works
you break off here it works you’re by the way had a whole
mess we went in there thank God we went in there because they
took our stuff and it looked like it wasn’t working given birth because some
people there didn’t want the change to happen so we had to dig in fire it was
working we knew you can’t take action you can’t sell that feed and read
nothing so we uncovered what was really going on you have to watch for the same
thing Springs on the size of your organization the bottom line when you
get great results belief gets stronger now you’re totally certain are you going
to use more or less potential my friends which one more gonna take even more what
good an even greater what even worse Ernie and now what happens
your business I’m a bum and now you have a different momentum and so your economy
does not have to reflect the economy you get to create your economy you get to
decide whether you freeze to death or ski or snowboard it’s winter but you
can have the best time of your life it could be a sunny beautiful magical time
but you got to do you got to manage this process in order to do it you got to
change your limiting beliefs and this week has been about doing that by giving
you so many tools and examples you’d be immersed but I promise you when
you go home all this is going to be tested a because all the stuff that’s
waiting for you after being gone for five days be all the people that you
work with limiting beliefs whether you have one employee or two because you’re
an army of one or two people or whether you got 10,000 if you have to be able to
implement this by the way is I’m going to sell you bring us in if we can help
do you think we could help yes or no yes or no bring us in we’ll do it or get
your team together and find a way to make sure this momentum goes in the
right direction make sense this is the must if you have this high standard but
you don’t really believe because the Momentum’s in the wrong direction having
the tools will be worthless that’s where certainty that’s where
everything else we teach that’s what I do in my events that’s what you guys
have been do before that’s what you got to bring to the table what are the five
keys for integrating this number one you got to go home and raise your one come
on guys raise your one please turn your shirts into step number two you got to
go out and change your limiting one find anything is limit you and destroy it
what’s the fastest way to destroy it you can do it very quickly by producing the
results in your mind over and over again or why do you think I get people to walk
on fire because they think it’s impossible when they walk this fire
mentally might say oh I can do it when they get burned that fire and it’s 2,000
degrees burning hot coals it gets their full attention
if something they have a state change and when you get yourself in a state
where you can storm through fire it’s not about fire walking the state you’re
in gates of the walk cross fire is the metaphor for anything it used to stop
you to fire your life and by the way when you cross fire and you’re on the
other side doing something you want thought was difficult or impossible it’s
that easy your brain goes what else can I do that I thought was impossible it’s
unbelievable it’s not intellectual it’s emotional plus after fire walking cold
calling is not a problem they get the idea ladies and gentlemen all right so
what we’re really talking about here is changing a belief so here’s the third
key if you’re going to get maximum results
you got to model what works we brought you for five days and nights here models
what works go back and get them now here’s where the challenge is how many
got tons to do in your normal list of things to do when you go home I’m going
a lot fitter to say I how many have a lot of outcomes you got to go out to say
I how many other same amount of time you’re out before say I so in your
business if you need something to get done you get it done because it’s an
absolute what or you hire someone to get it done hire us hire someone else get
somebody inside but are these things you’re going home with muster shoulds
which one do whatever it takes I don’t have the money you know the money not
you forget us hire some buddies an individual who knows what they’re doing
and put them in there leverage yourself the only way you’re
going to get the game bigger is by taking a little bit of what my friends
risk but that means get yourself some resources be resourceful enough to get
the resources what’s great about this what is this opening what is this
creating what’s possible what have I not seen this is going to make me see what
did I learn from this what can I learn from this what am I willing to do to
still have it the way I want that’s the fourth step you get you
intensify and you innovate and then there’s a final first step and that
first steps really simple my friends and that is step up and give step up and
give more than anyone else did possibly expect the ultimate transformation
happens when you stop trying to get and start give whenever you’re your best
you’re giving remember so vividly driving in my car by Volkswagen love and
I was struggling and I was 19 years old I was driving on the freeway in San
Gabriel Valley a 210 freeway I’ll never forget at midnight and I’m frustrated I
felt like I tried everything I had these big hips like the one you just saw and
nothing was going on my way and I was frustrated I kept thinking how come I’m
not getting what I want because all of a sudden it just hit me
on the freeway I pulled over the side it’s almost midnight
no cars really around grab my journal I wrote I still have the journal to this
day from was 19 years old whole page I wrote the secret to living
is giving can I realize why I wasn’t doing well because all focused about
what I wasn’t getting I was not focused on what I was not giving and the whole
game changed

Reynold King

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