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– There’s a lot that we can
learn from professional swimmers and I’m not even talking about their beautiful and
efficient swimming strokes. Today, I’m talking about hacks. I mean, if you swam twice
a day, six days a week, then you’re probably
going to find some ways to make your life easier both during, before, and after training. – Yeah, absolutely, so today
we’re going to be sharing some of those shortcuts and tips
so that you can adopt them ahead of your next swimming session, and just enhance your general
swim training experience. (upbeat techno music) Now there are some specialist
bits of equipment out there that you can use to increase
your drag when swimming, such as swim parachutes or
bungee cords and the like. And the theory behind that
is that the drag makes it harder to swim so that
when you pop them off, swimming feels that much easier. But you don’t need to splash out on all these fancy bits of equipment; you can just use your own. Such as, say, a pair of running shorts. They can just go on over
the top of your swim kit. But do make sure you use
one with, say, a draw cord, because you can very quickly
have them around your ankles when you push off from the wall. You can also put on an
old pair of running tights over your swim cossie as well. And another trick is to
just double up with another older pair of swimming
trunks or shorts even that can go over the top
of your cossie or trunks that you’re already wearing! (bouncy guitar music) – Okay, this one could
be a little bit cheeky. But it’s rather frustrating if you’ve got a key swim session planned, you come down to your local swim fit, and the fast lane is full
of slow breaststrokers. So if you’ve got a group
of you, say three or more, that’s quite a good way
to make sure that the lane then flows at the speed that maybe is appropriate to the lane you’re in. And if people aren’t getting the hint when there’s quite a few
of you doing a session, then maybe even add in a few
sprints or some butterfly, and hopefully the slower
swimmers will realize which the appropriate lane is. (upbeat techno music) We have enough kit to wash
and dry every day as it is, so the last thing you want to do is get that dry kit that’s in your bag contaminated with a
pungent chlorine smell. Now I learnt this hack a few years ago. Basically, using a swimming cap to keep the rest of your kit dry. So once you finish your swim, make sure you’ve rinsed and
squeeze-dried your swimsuit and then all you need to do is pop it inside your swimming hat and that way it should keep
the rest of your kit dry. If you want to be really safe, then wrap it in a towel to keep it dry from the rest of the kit, or pop it in a side pocket out of the way. It saves you getting a towel extra wet and it also keeps the
rest of your kit dry. But, if you don’t have a swimming hat, I’m aware some people
don’t swim with caps, then you could use a specific dry bag, or even a plastic bag. Put it in there, and then you can easily pop it inside your bag, and
the rest of your kit is fine. (bright techno music) – Now then, goggles when
they’re brand new do come with a nice anti-fog
solution built into them, but after a while that soon
disappears and you’re left with some foggy goggles. Now you can go and buy something specific like anti-fog solution to
put back into the goggles but a cheaper option
is some baby shampoo or something that is completely
free is your own saliva. (spits) So when your goggles get a scratch in them you can undo that. So do try and keep care with them. Put them in a box if they’ve come in that, but a nice trick that you can do to keep them from getting scratched is use an old and sock
and pop them in there which works just as well. (bright techno music) – Swimming pool floors aren’t necessarily the cleanest of places, and they can be pretty slippery as well. So flip-flops are great
for protecting your feet as well as reducing your
chances of falling over. And if you are swimming in an outdoor pool and the ground temperature is really cold, then flip-flops will at least help keep your feet a bit warm. But my favorite reason for using
flip-flops is to save time. Now, admittedly, in the winter
it’s not really an option, but trying to battle to get your feet dry, your socks on when they twist, and then into your shoes can
take quite a lot of effort as well as a lot of time. As soon as it’s warm enough outside, I opt for flip-flops post-training. You slip them on and you’re
out the door in no time. And another tip: if you are a woman and you’re wearing tights
after training heading to work, it can be a nightmare trying
to get them on when in you’re in a really hot and humid changing room, and they end up twisted and
you feel uncomfortable all day. So if there is another
bathroom you can use, get everything else
changed, walk out the door, find somewhere a bit cooler, and then you can put your
tights on much more easily. (bright techno music) – Now there’s something
about chlorine in the water that just makes you hungry after a swim. Now, I have no idea about
the science behind this, but usually after a swim I am starving and have got those post-swim munchies. So try and plan ahead
and having something like a recovery shake ready so
that you can have that when you get out the pool and on
your way to work or going home so you avoid the temptation
of the vending machine when you leave the pool, or even the petrol garage as you drive by. And another thing to think
about if you’re doing an early-morning swim,
or it’s a long session, you might want to take a gel
or something that gives you that little bit of extra
to tide you over mid-swim. (bright techno music) – Post-swimming hair is not
necessarily the best look, and if you don’t have time to wash, brush, and blow-dry your hair before leaving, you can quite often end
up walking out of the pool looking like a drowned rat that’s been through a hedge backwards. But I have learned some
tricks over the years. A cap hides a multitude of sins, so if you ever wonder
why I’m wearing a GTN cap in so many videos,
well, that’s the reason. If, however, it’s in the
winter you need to make sure you keep your head warm,
especially if your hair is wet, because you will lose a
lot of heat through that. A beanie is a great idea. Also, if you’re going
training early morning I find a beanie helps
getting out of a warm bed and makes it a little bit easier. If you’ve picked up
any hacks from swimming in a swimming pool that
we haven’t included today, please let us know. Equally, if you’ve tried any of these, let us know how you got on
in the comment section below. – And hopefully you have enjoyed
our video today about hacks so please give it a thumb up, like button, find the globe on screen and click that to make sure you’ve got all the
other videos on our channel. If you want to see a video
that we did about how to swim with paddles, you can find that here. – And if you want to know more about how to prevent foggy goggles, we’ve done a whole video on it, and you can find that just here.

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