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Tower 26 Swim Training Day 3: Endurance and Speed Swim session and Podcasting with Gerry Rodrigues

– Morning trainiacs. Morning stretch cords. Third and final full day here at the week that I’m spending in LA, Tower 26 swim program. Let’s get ourselves some
bent elbows shall we? (upbeat music) – Let’s switch positions every every 25s, okay? (upbeat music) You’re gonna race take out all of these, so we’re going fast. (upbeat music) Well today’s session, we
did some technical work in the very beginning to get us set up with good mechanics and then we right into an
endurance and speed session. So we had some longer swims. In this case, a 20 minute swim, followed by some race take out effort 25s. 16 of them today. So longer swim, 16 race pace 25s. Longer swim, which was 10
minutes, 12 race pace 25s. Longer swim which was five
minutes, eight race pace 25s. And on those 25s, we’re introducing the
elements, as you know, that you have in your race. High frequency of sighting, especially on take out speed. We put you guys together
in small quarters, so you have three or four in a lane to get used to that contact, which occurs at the beginning
of many races today. So, just adaptation, that’s all it is. – That was hefty. – You did okay, right? – I did the opposite of okay, thank you. You’re too kind. That swim took a lot out of me. Of all the things that
Gerry wants me to work on, I think the easiest one is for me to not be coming back and then lifting out my hand and like exiting basically at me speedo, is to back, push all the way back. But instead of my propulsive
phase being this long, it’s this long with each stroke. I don’t know, for some
reason that feels like the easiest thing for
me to like conceptualize and engrain into my body. All the other things
are multi-year projects. That said, totally new movement, totally new muscles being activated and I was pooped halfway through. I bailed with 10 minutes left. Anyone got time for a six hour nap? – Play with your mics. Can you hear me? You got it? Okay, this is set up. Good, good, good, good, good. – I’m nervous here, guys. – 10s of 1000s of 100s of millions of people listening to this. – Welcome back to the Tower
26 Be Race Ready podcast I’m Jim Lubinski here, once again with Coach Gerry Rodrigues. Coach, how ya doing? – I’m doing well, Jim. This is a good intro this time. – Hey, you know what, let
me tell you something. We’ve had a few weeks off, I’m fresh, ready to roll. My voice is buttery soft, hasn’t been depleted through weeks and weeks of podcasting and I’m excited. This is gonna be a fun show. Maybe the funnest we’ve had in our, how many episodes have we had now, 53, 54? – This is number 53. – 53 episodes. This might be the funnest episode ’cause I am excited about our guest that we have in the studio. Not only because he’s a fellow podcaster, not only because he’s a fellow triathlete, not only because he’s a member of the Tower 26 subscription program, but because he’s from the
great white north, Winnipeg. Taren, how ya doing buddy? – I’m doing fantastic.
– Triathlon Taren from the Triathlon Taren podcast. – I feel like there
should be a laugh track or an applause track, if you can edit that in there? – That’s on our other show. That’s on our comedic relief show that we take from this one. I know many listeners may think this is the comedic relief show, but we might have to get
on the Triathlon Taren show and have some comedic
relief podcasts after this. – We can make that happen. – You know what I’m saying? – Yeah, yeah, I can pull some strings with the editor of that show. – You know the guy?
– Yeah. – Alright, well it’s exciting. We’re excited to have you in studio. We’re gonna light up the airwaves. The listeners are gonna enjoy this one. Gerry, are you excited
to have Taren in studio? – It’s fantastic. Taren, triathlon, what got ya in? What’s the hook? Were you as a kid, were you
a runner, a swimmer, a biker? – I was nothinger, I was a curler and curlers are not known for
their peak levels of fitness. We are known for big guts and I was the epitome of that curler. – Further, I always set up
race 25s race take high effort. Of course, always doing those 25s, Jim, as you know– – Pulling away with Emma
sitting on, tapping my toes. Let’s get onto the questions of the show. (upbeat music) – So, Gerry Rodriguez,
second podcast of the day and our first two time guest time here on the Triathlon Taren
podcast, welcome again. – Thank you. First, two time person. First, two time person. – I feel special. – Well, I feel special. Your program. – So, I think we sort
of have two categories using your word of pillars. One’s a technical category and then the other one would be, here’s what you really have to do to optimize performance in triathlon. So, when we get segmented into
the technical side of things and then into here are
the four key ingredients if you want to become a
good triathlon swimmer, here are the four key ingredients. – Number one, perfect world. How often should people be
swimming throughout the week? – Difficult to answer in a vacuum because you need to know a
little bit about their background did they have a little bit
of a swimming background? (sighing) – That’s it, I have now 12 hours left. All done, so much homework to do on my swim stroke. So, first fun thing, I will put a link in
the description below. Very first thing, that
podcast that I did on the Tower 26 podcast is already up. Like literally, Jim he just said, ah yeah, I did it, up. Okay, so you can go listen to that. We chatted about me and like
the evolution that I’ve had over the last couple of
months with Tower 26. A little bit about my
background, all that stuff. On that, somewhere around 15
minutes in the Tower 26 podcast believe it or not, I think they are some of the most downloaded
triathlon podcasts in the world. Ours might be the highest rated, but theirs is the most downloaded because it’s really
short, really condensed, and it’s like just the facts. Man, like everything you
need, no more jibber jabber. So, if you haven’t listened to them and you want a little flavor of Taren with your Tower 26 podcast, check it out, link is in
the description below. Next thing is that part of what Gerry and I were looking
to do with me coming here, not just swim training, is like talking about if there’s anything we could do together, Triathlon Taren and
Tower 26, business wise. Still trying to work on that, but the reason that
we’re talking about that is because I really
believe in what Gerry does. As far as people that I’ve met in my life that are super nice, really
genuine, very honest, and an amazing overachiever
in their craft, Gerry’s it, Tower 26 is it. And something that you should
know about this whole trip is I have no business association
with Tower 26 whatsoever. I pay for the program just the same way that everyone else is. I flew down here on my own dime. I stayed in this AirBnB on my own dime. We don’t have any business
relationship together, I’m just here because I like
what they do, it’s good. Go check them out. We can do the workouts together. They’re really good. Alright, I gotta pack this place up. Back to your regularly scheduled
pain cavern videos tomorrow later trainiacs.

Reynold King

16 Replies to “Tower 26 Swim Training Day 3: Endurance and Speed Swim session and Podcasting with Gerry Rodrigues”

  1. Nice work TT. For me swimming is so technical and full of bad habits. Interesting tips – will give Tower 26 podcast a go ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Het Taren, what is that rope called that you use in the video? Any suggestions on where to get one? Thanks! JP

  3. loved the Tower26 podcast with you ๐ŸŠโ€โ™‚๏ธ Really hope you get Jim on the TT podcast soon ๐Ÿ˜„

  4. I just envy you guys. All the facilities, top coaching for all levels and ages..all those opportunities for those having a glimmer of desire and willingness to achieve whatever their goals are. Please stay aware of what you have in hand, and appreciate the opportunities.

  5. Hey Taren,
    Love everything you put out there. I am also a subscriber for tower 26 which I found through your videos! Could you do a cost summary and maybe points of contact for any of us who might want to make the trip like you did to swim with Gerry? I know airfare is very subjective, but where you stayed and what local transport costed you.

  6. Ok, I assumed they sponsored your trip down. Iโ€™m glad you gave us the details. Itโ€™s nice to know youโ€™re really into the program.

  7. Taren! Very cool. I actually downloaded the T26 podcast before seeing this video. Was very stoked to listen to it knowing you were the guest. Iโ€™m a big fan of the T26 podcasts and swim program thanks to you. Also very jealous of your opportunity to swim on location. Keep up the great work and living the dream!

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience with Tower 26. Among many other issues in swimming, I also pull out my hands to early, missing out on quite a few centimeters of additional propulsion. I wonder, what you would recommend to change that. Keep up the great work. Your videos are an awesome daily inspiration.

  9. I will be in this process with you or better learning and improving my swimming my bicycle and my race to run my first and I hope it is not the last one in March 2019

  10. Me: nothinger of all trades, jack of none ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿšด๐Ÿƒโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ nothingers here..

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