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Training camp Sjusjøen | Vlog 25³

I’ve never walked 62 kilometers on rollerskis are you finished Emil? I’m done My hands are hurting we went 2 hours and 30 minutes and Tønseth only 2 hours and 10 minutes even we’ve done the same workout Something is wrong with his watch I’m happy it’s not my watch our watches are working perfectly fine we are tired and we are the only ones who have finished our workout here they are Niklas has trained a lot in June he’s not doing other stuff than training yeah, he has trained a lot yes, he has but he is still not better than us I am looking forward to laying down in my bed insane much we went rollerskiing for 62 kilometers today on three hours that may be my longest trip on roller skis it was a tough skate session however, it’s good to be done we still have two more sessions left on our ski camp I am looking forward to being finished I am just going to lay here and watch some “Lars Monsen” and just sleep then it’s time for another session later today goodnight 62 kilometers, peace out done? finally finally? Are you tired? yes, I am tired I am really starving pork loin with some salad and some potatoes are these starting to get tired? yes good that I am going to compete in just a few days you’ll manage it 50 kilometers is nothing my tiny muscles are starting to get tired I am looking forward to getting home I look forward to relaxing I am going to watch you fight through 50 kilometers on Sunday are you going to chill in the couch? yes and I will love my life it’s been a brutal week 30 hours with training it’s been brutal including many hard sessions it’s good to be done and it will be good to get back to Trondheim yes you should be happy that you are still alive cause this was your first ski camp in my first completed ski camp in… I have no idea over a year finally it’s crazy we are leaving the ski camp and now we’re going back to Trondheim and you are going to Bø it just started raining we are having an interval done with 2 out of 5 we have started we still have 36 minutes with interval left done with 24 minutes 36 minutes left which means we are going to have an interval for an hour in my speed or slower it just started raining I like it because then people will think we are much braver than we really are training in rain makes us seem brave do you agree? yes what about you, are you done? Ola had an interval for 12 minutes I ran at the same speed as you for 12 minutes yes, you did as well as I had an interval yesterday 12 minutes interval today and an interval yesterday more than good enough I am looking forward to eating cake today yeah, we are celebrating your birthday today I am not looking forward to eating cake cause there is no cake I can eat I will be eating bananas, apples, and fruit but it’s tasty as well true I am looking forward to eating a banana when we’re done training 3 minutes break it’s almost time for starting the interval again let’s finish 36 minutes with pain let’s go! are you done with the interval? yes, I am done 60 minutes interval are you happy grandpa? yes, well done I am tired and we are now going home and do some gaming or something we are going home and we’ll tell you some good news that’s what we are going to do and we’ll see if we’ll tell you the good news in this vlog or the next vlog we’ll see but at least we are done with the interval my favorite session I love skiing hello Johannes hello Ola what’s going on? I am tired are you tired? I am dead all I do is training I am trying my best what’s happening tomorrow? I am just going to train and then we are going to China oh yeah exactly we are going to China tomorrow we are not sure which days the vlogs are coming but we are thinking about making at least two vlogs from China don’t say, at least we are thinking about making two vlogs, not more yes, we are maybe I want to make one more vlog it depends on Ola we’ll see at least, we will be making vlogs from China and some good news is coming as well you talked about it yesterday yes, I can’t tell you yet stay tuned I just want to end this vlog right now go to and buy hair wax so you can look fresh I forgot it today thanks for watching this week see you in China next week

Reynold King

39 Replies to “Training camp Sjusjøen | Vlog 25³”

  1. It is so inspiring to see just a fraction of the hard work you put in day after day in the off season. Rain or shine, you give it all you’ve got. Another great VLOG! Thanks for taking us along. See you in China 🇨🇳 and good luck!!!

  2. Hard work pays off
    Well done Johannes 🙌🏼
    You’re doing an amazing job! Tough days now but sweet taste of victories next winter🥇❤️

  3. Хорошо сказал Высоцкий о себе и о таких чуваках как Клэбо:Мне папаша подарил бычее здоровье. И в головушку вложил не "хухры-мухры"

  4. 🤩💣🙏круто, а с канатами супер. Попробую на себе😀

  5. А теперь по русски. Тренировки твои и что ты делаешь на соревнованиях это что-то. Ты замотивировал много людей! Удачи!

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