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Training Day 5 – Nils crossing the Steps

A very good day to you all, We are back at the spot where we filmed our “schoolyard session” videos, today we are here to record a new “training day”. “training day” means we pick a single trick we can’t do yet and practice it until we are capable of doing that trick properly The “Peter Pan”, a trick I learned in a previous video, is no longer a problem for me but the cross-step, even though it is a similar trick, is one I still can’t do So Paul is gonna show me the Theory and how it shall look…and then it’s time to practice! That’s the problem if you own such a short board and not a fresh crown board dancer…..can’t work that way! I just need a new board! There are no two ways about it! So, if you would be so kind and spend 1€ to me each I will buy a new board of the money, I promise!

Reynold King

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