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Training mission in Iraq

[SSG K. Longbine] When the Bandit Troops of
1-9 Cav came to Iraq in 2010, they hit the ground running.
And they’re training their Iraqi counterparts to do the same.
It’s getting better every day, actually. We conduct training with them every morning
from 9:00 to noon. We actually do dismounted patrols going into
Zumar, which is right across the road from the CCP.
So we do dismounted patrols, we do training, we conduct anything from CLS training here
or we’ll do BRM, basic rifle marksmanship, training,
map reading, just the basic skills that any armed force needs to work effectively.
[Longbine] Whether on a mission or living at a checkpoint,
there’s always an opportunity to hone skills. Today’s mortar shoot is going to illustrate
the capabilities that they’ve learned through our training and our guidance.
We hope to leave them the skills necessary to be able to protect their country
once we leave Iraq. [Longbine] With the country becoming more
stable and the drawdown continuing, the troops are confident that the skills they’re
passing along will continue to help the people of Iraq.
[male speaker] It’s been a fluid mission overall. When we got here initially in 2010, we were
still in the OIF mindset. We were doing a lot of missions, a lot of
raids, working hand to hand with the Iraqis that
way. Now it’s become more of a mission of them
transferring over, and they’ve been taking over a lot of the
responsibilities that we used to have as far as patrolling, guard, checkpoints.
And now we’ve just become trainers. We’ve given them a lot of the responsibility
to run their own operations out here, and we’re just here monitoring and making
sure that they don’t do anything that could endanger themselves or the local
civilian population. [explosion] Reporting from Checkpoint 11,
I’m Army Staff Sergeant Kelly Longbine. [♪upbeat music♪] That’s the Army Today
from Soldiers Radio and Television.

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