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Training to be the World’s Best Triathlete – Camilla Pedersen 2013

When I wake up in the morning and the time says 4:30 or 5:00am, the thought about staying in bed does strike me, but only a few seconds later I feel super happy and good to go. I get excited just thinking about getting up and going out to do exactly what I love to do; physical workouts and pushing my limits. My name is Camilla Pedersen — my goal is to become the best triathlete in the world. There are many challenges when it comes to swimming out in the open. First of all, you never really know how far you swim. Secondly, you miss out on the black stripe that you often find in pools, which guides you to swim in the right direction. Orientation is a must at all times, and it makes it more challenging, especially when you add some stormy weather and waves to the equation. Finally, I am also challenged by the tide as I live on the far west coast. The reason why I get up every morning around 5:00am is due to the fact that I have so many hours of training ahead of me. I need to do my training in intervals so that I don’t end up working out for nine hours straight. This also allows me to have breaks where I can get something to eat. Furthermore, I am preparing my body to be ready to perform early in the morning, because that is when the Ironman distance sets off. You have to enjoy your training, and do it because you like it. Another challenge in an Ironman is the shifts between the different types of exercise. When you swim, your primary source for power is in the upper body and therefore the blood will tend to be enforced in that area. When you get out of the water, you will immediately stand up to run to your bike, this requires blood to your legs and the pulse rate will increase by 10-20. I have always been crazy about sports. I have always loved to take on any challenge. I love challenging myself, my body and to see how far you can push yourself. It’s just like a car. If you put diesel in a gasoline engine – it will not go very far. It makes me very proud to have become a member of the Red Bull family. It gives me a certain satisfaction and inner peace, as I know Red Bull only cooperates with the best. Therefore I feel the need to proove that I can be the best — and that I will be.

Reynold King

68 Replies to “Training to be the World’s Best Triathlete – Camilla Pedersen 2013”

  1. i was really interested in this video, came to learn but as i am not educated enough i cannot understand what she is saying 🙁 Thank you red bull for added subtitles. 🙁

  2. You still got a long way to go to reach the best…. Vanessa Fernandes from Portugal, unquestionable world's nr 1…

  3. u doing great
    just keep going < if i had the chance to train u < u would certainly be incredible but still u r great

  4. you are so blessed, i wish this was accessible to all girls around the world…

    Carry on Camilla! Wishin you all the success

  5. det er fedt at se at der er nogen der virkelig presser sig selv, og så gør det heller ikke noget at hun er jyde 😀 det er folk som hende der hjælper med at gøre danmark lidt mere cool 😀

  6. It's pretty funny she mentioned fueling… "Putting diesel in a gasoline engine". As there is zero chance that she (or any other elite athlete for that matter) consumes Red Bull before, during, or after training or competition.

  7. lol @ running a marathon being extreme. literally millions of people do that every year, tons of them in stupid costumes for a joke

  8. hey, no I don't really have my own notion of "extreme sports".I just mean in it in relation to the other kinds of sports that redbull push for (skydiving, surfing, bmx…etc). Triathlon doesn't exactly fit their trend if you known what I mean. Yes of course what they do is "extreme" but I don't think we can take that word too literally when we talk about "extreme sports" 🙂

  9. hey, don't take the word "extreme" too literally. What I mean is that triathlon is not exactly in keeping with the kind of sports redbull normally gets behind 🙂

  10. i know what an iron man is. its extremely hard but that doesnt make it an extreme sport.
    an ultra marathon is extremely hard, not an extreme sport.
    doing crossfit competitively is extremely hard, not an extreme sport.
    base jumping while relatively athletically easy IS an extreme sport.
    snowboarding in the backcountry again relatively easy is an extreme sport.
    the difference is that its dangerous and life threatening.

  11. Yes of course it's extreme, as in it's extremely hard physically and mentally to take part in a triathlon. But it's not an "extreme sport" in the actual sense of the phrase. Boxing is pretty extreme if you ask me, but it most certainly is not an "extreme sport"….

  12. She just says the west coast, but im thinking around the middle of the west coast on Jutland, in Denmark 🙂

  13. It's about time Red Bull emerged onto the triathlon scene! I look forward to seeing more videos related to this and hopefully some Xterra athletes.

  14. Does she seriously drink redbull as a part of her training? Or was that part for show… I can't imagine drinking redbull before, during or after a workout of any kind. I know redbull supports all types of athletes, but how many do you think actually drink the stuff?

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