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Treating, and educating, the whole person. | Speech-Language Pathology

I chose speech-language pathology
because I knew that I always wanted to work with people. You get to know the
family, know the person, and you also get to work with them through their
difficulties and find out the best way that you can help them succeed.
I chose Loyola University Maryland because I just really like how they
emulate this whole person perspective which is something I was not aware
ever did not experience in my undergrad. They really emphasize working as a team
and taking care of yourself while also getting to take care of other people.
When it comes to my clinical internships and externships Loyola stresses a
jack-of-all-trades kind of aspect of it. I got to work with pediatrics, and I got
to work in a hospital setting, I got to work in a school, and I got to work in
our in-house clinic. So, I got to do a variety of different settings and myself, to this day, was unsure of what population I wanted to work in and what
I really liked was Loyola pushed you to get experiences all over. I think that
Loyola has a great reputation from what I found in the entire Maryland area. We
stand above the rest because I think of that diverse clinical
experience that we’ve all gotten to have and I think overall it was the best
decision I could have made for a graduate program.

Reynold King

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