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Triceps Workout Mistakes – The 7 Sins of Tricep Training!

Reynold King

97 Replies to “Triceps Workout Mistakes – The 7 Sins of Tricep Training!”

  1. How much can your triceps handle before you overtrain them? On my first push day of the week, I do 4 sets of regular bench press, 3 sets of close grip BP, 3 sets of dips and then 4 sets of rope pushdowns. On my second push day of the week, I do 4 sets of incline BP, 3 sets of overhead tricep extensions and 3 sets of pushdowns. Is this too much?

  2. Question on the tricep pulldown at the 4:44 mark. Is there a reason for standing back and pulling the rope towards you like that? I ask because when I do these I stand closer and pretty much just go straight up and down. Just curious if it's more beneficial this way.

  3. 8. Not using your TRX! My favorite tricep exercise is TRX overhead arm extensions. (My trx is improvised.)

  4. Ive immediately subscribed

    This guy is not only straight to the point but he is very concise too

    I really like this an other videos by him..
    Bothers me not about anything else
    I walk away with knowledge and always works for me!

    Not only that, sharing the knowledge with other guys at the Gym too.
    Hats off to you buddy!

  5. I know you probably won't see this, but if you do I have a problem. My left shoulder is slightly higher than my right one ( I'm not sure if its to do with my shoulder blades or what).
    Initially I thought it was my traps that where uneven so I tried just doing shrugs with my right arm, but I soon realized that its not my traps just my shoulders, do you know what I can do to fix this?

  6. Right ! but a small benchgrip makes you lift alot more and dumbells like your doing is more for the chest , don't say too fast this is a "SIN" now , don't even go there , show whats good and make a new excercise for people at home with body weight is TopClass , but the head under the barbell was over the top too , just do a cable overhead standing tricepspush not locking out and stretching hard instead ! (back towards weights) or maybe yeah again a thing for people who don't go to the Gym ~~))

  7. for tricep dips aint you supposed to go to 90° (Chris Jones/POG said)? whereas how little he went down was what Chris recommended for chest dips

  8. The tip on doing tricep dip was very good
    I always thought u had to go 90 degree and since I couldn't do it without hurting my shoulders, I stopped doing it.
    Well now I know you only have to go down 45 degrees. Thanks good info
    Although I don't agree with the close grip bench haha
    Don't feel much stress on my wrist and its hard to work out with 100 pound dumbbells

  9. i was just wondering if you said we need to overload by adding a weight vest and reducing reps, is it not enough to just keep going until failure without the weight? 

  10. Thank you for your useful and constructive video. You seem to have a good grasp on the field of Mathematics and Physics. In your Dip exercise for the upright position targeting the triceps specifically, you recommend not to break the plank or 90-degree motion? Seems I'm not the only one who's asked the question that has gone unanswered. Thank you for your time.

  11. I remember that Larry Scott used to say that all triceps exercises done with your elbows higher than your shoulders are more effective, because you are pre-stretching the long head, which is in great part responsible for adding size to the arm.

  12. Jeff, how can close grip dips with the torso leaning forward be an ineffective triceps exercise because it's like a suspended pushup while the close grip pushup itself is an effective triceps exercise? It would seem to me that the triceps moves the same amount of weight in extending the elbow, regardless of torso angle. I do see how the amount of forward torso lean determines to what degree the chest can assist in moving the upper arm bone down and across the body from the shoulder joint. But I don't see how it can have any impact on the triceps' movement of the lower arm from the elbow joint. Close grip dips, pushups, and bench presses are harder because the grip is narrower. Torso angle has nothing to do with it. Consider this: If a close grip decline bench press works the tri's just as hard as a close grip flat bench press, then shouldn't a forward leaning narrow grip dip work the tri's just as hard as a vertical torso narrow grip dip?

  13. You are not supposed to have your grip so close when you do close grip bench press. It is supposed to be your shoulder width apart which means its different for every person.

  14. This guy is brilliant! I've been working out for years and unfortunately not always the proper way. I put his techniques to the test and they work.

  15. I call skullcrusher elbow fuckers because they fuck my elbow really hard to the point that I can't do a triceps pulldown well it hurts to do them.

  16. Really enjoy your tips Jeff! Very usefull! i'm 50 and used to trained as the old school methodology and just found that some exercises are obselete. I show you video to my 16 years old son who just start training and i want him to do the right at the beganing. Thank you very much. Cheers!

  17. Good video, I changed the angle of my skull crushers after watching, it's good when you see something that makes complete sense but you just never think about it on your own

  18. Thank you so much – I recently started doing dips and was so bothered by the fact that I felt is so much in my shoulders (not a good feeling either). I was going down too far as I figured you wanted to get a full range of motion on the tri-cep. I cannot wait for arm day to do this properly and hopefully not aggravate my shoulders in the process.

    I love your videos. My blood starts to boil when I read such IDIOT comments that your information is not right. Amazes me that so many think just because a famous body builder did a certain exercise, that they were some how right. I can't imagine how annoying it is for you to read those comments and realize that you will never be able to reach that person because they are unwilling to see the truth. Our bodies are in many ways so strong, yet so fragile – ONE wrong move and that can be it. Sad people have to learn the hard way.

    JUST MY PLUG FOR YOU JEFF!! You are awesome and invaluable. THANK YOU!!! Only unfortunate thing is that I can spend an entire day going through your videos and get nothing done. LOL But I love it!!

  19. how many exercises for the triceps is to many? I do about three exercises of three sets of about 8 to 10. Now I wonder if I'm overloading or over training?

  20. I've done both close grip with Dumbbells and the barbell just fine. The problem with close grip barbell isn't the exercise itself but the fact people have too much of a narrow grip. It's not supposed to be out of this world narrow. Also I do it on in line bench to hit the triceps even more

  21. hey Jeff, Great stuff just discovered the channel. I'm 60 yrs old and have lifted weights since I was 16. Motivation is not my problem. I am still amazed at how little information on intelligent exercise there is out there most stuff focused on quick results and selling something. I'll get to it now. I'm recovering now from distal tricep tendon reattachment surgery on my left arm. Trying to equal my arms out now. Any advice?

  22. so how many sets for triceps is too much in one workout? on bicep-tricep day I'll do about 9 sets super setting with biceps with 2 burnout sets at the end with lower weight (so 11 in total). Wondering if this is a good set range for a workout

  23. Dude, when keeping arm slightly bend backwards lying down in kickbacks, then the weight is not balancing restingly on the mere bones in topposition, but is in need of muscleworks to stabilise it on topposition, as topposition is still not mere balancing like as if straight up balancing weights.
    But your videos are f…. great, keep up the great work!

    Thanks for many many good and great videos!

  24. Sir, I have been watching your videos. You are awesome. I wish you write a book on bodybuilding covering all the most common mistakes and best exercises.

  25. I have just been working out for a month. I am retired at 56 years old and just went under 300lbs for the first time in a long time. So I'm way to heavy and out of shape to do your program. But I have been watching your videos for a while now and incorporating many of the exercises into my routine, and I'm seeing results. First the drop in weight and then a gain in weight from muscles forming again where there hadn't been any muscle for a long time. Then dropping weight again. In about a year when I have lost enough weight to do your program, I plan on doing every single level you offer. Thanks for the videos.

  26. I'm 40 and been working out a long time. Preventing injuries by properly executing exercises is becoming more important. Thanks Jeff!

  27. Woo I've seen every Jeff vid except this one. Woohoo this is old. Still cringey in this one. Ahhhhhh even got the toasters back!!! Love it

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