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Tsunami Preparedness Preparing Your Evacuation Route

Remember, one of the things that helps us prepare and be ready for disasters is to get ready. Know our signs, know where we’re going, be prepared. If you’re prepared, you help your family, yourself, and your community to successfully navigate through a disaster. Look around and be familiar with your environment. Be aware of where you are. Signage in the community may be helpful. Look for low-lying areas that may be affected by tsunamis. Look for the areas that tell you where to go for safety. Follow the road signs for evacuation routes. Look for the walking routes. They may be different. In our community we have the “yellow brick road” because it helps people remember that’s the evacuation route. Look for assembly areas. Go to the assembly areas. Look at the signage there. The signage may provide valuable information such as GPS location, elevation, and numbers to help others identify your location. Also in our communities, we have evacuation maps. They tell you where driving and walking evacuation routes are.

Reynold King

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