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Types of Discipline – Is Spanking Your Kid OK? | Dad University

There are many types of discipline strategies when it comes to dealing with children’s behavior But what works what doesn’t work? Well in this video I’m gonna give you my opinion on a couple of types of disciplines Based on my own experience with my two children Hey guys, I’m Jason Kreitman and welcome to another episode of dad University We released a new dad advice video every Thursday So be sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and click on that notification bell So, you know exactly when our videos are uploaded for the purpose of this video We’re using the term discipline as it relates to Modifying and teaching the behavior that we want to see in our kids as you watch this video Think about the different types of disciplines and how they would have an impact on you as a child Would they change your behavior? Would it teach you a lesson? picture yourself as a child in these situations This is really important to keep in mind because something we talked a lot about on this channel is empathy Putting yourself in somebody else’s place and looking at it from their perspective is Powerful. I know that it is really hard sometimes to put yourself into your child’s brain and look at things from their perspective But it’s crucial in this situation. Try to be empathetic with your child So what type of child discipline is going to impact them in a positive way and teach them the ways of the world? Let’s take a look at some of the various types of discipline that you as a parent have as options physical punishment Let me get this one out of the way quickly. There is never a situation that warrants a child being hit smacked spanked any sort of physical contact this was more popular in previous generations, but They are still some people that think this works. I know I’ll get the comments Jason when I was a kid I spanked and it worked on me No it did you ultimately got upset at your parents and just learned how to avoid getting caught Physical punishment doesn’t work and it’s been proven over and over again It’s also harmful to children so you can argue this one all you want But it’s harmful another type of discipline taking away privileges This covers a pretty wide spectrum of discipline, but it’s basically grounding taking away phones or electronics Parents seem to really like taking away privileges I think it makes us feel like We’re making an impact but the impact you’re really making is that the child thinks about what you did to them or the punishment Rather than thinking about changing their behavior or what they can learn from it. Sure. We say you better think about what you did But they don’t the child is really thinking my dad’s a jerk. He took my phone Or they’re thinking about how they cannot get caught next time. How can they be a better liar? They’re not thinking about how they can change their behavior We start the taking away privileges pretty young go to your room And sometimes it just feels good to say that because we don’t know what else to say. We’re not sure how to handle the situation But taking away privileges is not a good way to teach nor does it modify Behavior long term feel free to comment below on how taking away your daughter’s phone Totally improved her grades. We’re keeping your son from his gaming Absolutely made him nicer to his sister. I’d love to hear those results and next ah the old timeout Timeout is still thought of as an effective type of discipline especially among young children It’s basically where the child sits in a designated area Maybe on a chair or a step or against the wall and it’s supposed to think about what they did They don’t timeouts if used effectively Can be a way to teach a young child how to calm down They’re not an effective type of discipline nor do they change behavior? But they can be a good way to teach a child to calm themselves So if you are using the timeout method, maybe change it up a bit and say hey Let’s take a break and calm down And then once the child is calm then you can talk to them about their behavior And what kind of modifications need to happen another type? rewards this type of discipline set you up for some difficulties if Your child is always being rewarded for their behavior Then they’re just going to expect it. You’re not going to get the behavior you want Without providing some reward this creates an environment where their motivation is external They’re always thinking what’s in it for me. This is not behavior. We want to reinforce Ultimately, it will lead to entitlement next Consequences if you’re going to use consequences you want to make sure they are either natural or logical consequences natural consequences occur because of the actions of the child, but there’s no Intervention. So basically it just happens on its own an example would be maybe your child refuses to wear a jacket as a Result they get cold. So the next time you tell them to wear that jacket because it’s cold out Maybe they’ll listen This is a natural consequence now logical consequences happen as a result of the child But the parent imposes a consequence related to what’s going on So you might say hey if you want to use that new toy, you’ve got to pick up the previous that you were playing with That’s a logical consequence. They should be related reasonable Respectful and revealed in advance if they’re not all four of those They’re not logical consequences and they certainly should not make a child suffer the natural and logical Consequences are just small elements used in a broader type of discipline called Positive discipline positive discipline was made popular by dr Jane Nelson who is awesome, by the way but the foundation for this type of discipline was created by Alfred Adler and Rudolf DRI kurz Strykers taught that being both kind and firm to our children was important The kindness was important because it showed respect for the children and the firmness was important because it showed respect for ourselves And the situation parents sometimes have difficulty with positive discipline Because they feel like it’s too permissive or that we’re being too nice But that’s not what it is nor about this kind of discipline doesn’t require yelling nor Does it require punishment many of the videos on Dada University deploy positive discipline? it’s about mutual respect communication and Teaching them how to solve problems on their own It’s about cooperation and love and ultimately Giving them strength keep this in mind and in perspective it can take children 40 to 200 Times hearing something before they get it. I think this could be a thousand times for some of the things And one of the most difficult things of being a parent is having patience we expect our children to be able to modify their behavior to understand what we’re saying the first time we say it and It takes things over and over and over again. And so that’s difficult as a parent Our children are greatly affected by how we handle situations They watch they listen they model our behavior. There’s so many different types of disciplines in different ways to handle situations But you have to think about what is the ultimate goal you want for your child? I’d love to hear from you What type of discipline resonates with you? Is it working for you? Is it not working for you? Leave your feedback in the comment section below if you found this video helpful You don’t want to miss what we have for you in our other videos Be sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and click on that notification bellow. We’ll see you next week

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5 Replies to “Types of Discipline – Is Spanking Your Kid OK? | Dad University”

  1. Agree to disagree however there’s a few points here I can whole heartedly agree with, and the spanking DOESNT WORK! I became a big p.o.s as an young adult. As a father of 2 girls under the age of 2, i found staying firm but fair works for me. A little of this and that, the eye contact is key!!!

  2. I think one of the most common mistakes is yelling! Yelling just makes the problem worth in my experience.

    Ofc, we're all human, sometimes we lose our patience and yell, but try to avoid this. Apologize afterwards if you lose your temper!

  3. You should pay for ads. Your info is so useful you need to reach a wider audience. Thanks for another great vid. Will be a first time father mud October, will be using your vids .:)

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