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Uma inglesa falando português | Speaking Portuguese Practise #1

Hi all! Today I just wanted to make a little video where I speak Portuguese, because I studied portuguese at university and I don’t want to forget my Portuguese, that’s why I just wanted to talk a little about my experience with the language, and yeah, just practice a bit! So, I lived in Brazil for 6 months to practice my Portuguese, I was living on an island in the South called Florianópolis, it was amazing, I studied in the Federal University of Santa Catarina (“the UFSC”) and I was living near to Lagoa (the lake) maybe you know it or not..
when I was there I met so many beautiful people, such friendly people and so happy, I felt like I was truly welcome and I want to return because I feel such “saudades” (*see translation in description) I really like the Portuguese language and especially the Brazilian accent I think there is something really … I don’t know the word… there’s something really fun about saying the words with this accent/in this way Yeah, I like it a lot! When I arrived in Brazil I was basically speaking Spanish because I study Spanish too and for me, in University (in UK) Portuguese just seemed kind of like ‘Spanish with an accent’ (at first) – I didn’t understant the differences between the languages so when I got to Brazil it was really difficult for me to explain what I wanted to say, I didn’t know much about the accent or the culture… I didn’t know anything! But after lots of time speaking with people there, I learned a lot, and I think that’s why Brazil, or Florianópolis, has such a special place in my heart. But I still speak incorrectly sometimes because I have so many Spanish words in my head is “cabeça” (head) Spanish? or Portuguese? … I don’t know… If you understand Portuguese, or you’re Portuguese or Brazilian, and I say something wrong, please leave a comment because I always want to improve my language. I want to speak much more in Portuguese So if anyone wants to speak to me in Portuguese or about how to improve my Portuguese please, I would be really happy to talk to you! I don’t have anything written down today, I just wanted to talk a bit, so I don’t have anything left to say right now but I’m going to try to make more videos like this where I’m just talking because it is really good practise If you have any topic or theme that you’d like me to talk about in Portuguese please leave a comment about it! I hope that you liked this video & thank you so much Until next time, bye!

Reynold King

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