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During our outreach to campus partners, one
message we consistently heard was that our managers needed clear, standardized expectations
and development opportunities. In response to this feedback, UNLV human resources
created the Management Training Academy. We know highly-skilled supervisors and managers
directly impact work quality, productivity, morale, and engagement. We intentionally use a blended learning approach
that includes live seminars, interactive time with colleagues, panel discussions, and online
coursework. The eight-week program allows participants
to learn from each other and practice skills by applying techniques to hypothetical case
studies drawn from the workplace. UNLV faculty and community professionals with
relevant expertise facilitate each course. In the MTA, we focus on four measurable competencies:
Active communication and listening; holding yourself and others accountable; resolving
conflict; and conducting performance management. This Management Training Academy is a requisite course for any UNLV employee who supervises non-student employees. When management is well-trained
and feels supported, they are empowered to make decisions and feel respected by being
given the authority to do so. Visit the MTA web-page and start your journey
to strengthen your management skills!

Reynold King

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