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Weightlifting helps my Parkinson’s

This is my tiny gym, this is it Somebody passing would go there’s no way on this planet that woman
has Parkinson’s If they’d seen me three years ago? It was obvious, I was just… I was like a ninety year old And to see me now and the strength I have and just everyday things Being able to carry my heavy school bag into work and carry the shopping and do things in the garden Just being physically fit When I go and pick Lucas up from nursery He literally – Grandma! And comes running at me and literally jumps in my arms So now I can just because I’ve got the strength and stability behind me I can just scoop him up and let him come in for a big Grandma cuddle and that’s down to doing weights A combination of everything has given me the strength to be able to do things like that There’s a myth that for women you’re going to bulk and become like the Hulk and it’s not the case We’re not physically made to be like that Unless you become a serious body builder or something That’s not what my goal is! I want to be fab at fifty, put it that way I don’t just concentrate on flexibility I don’t just concentrate on being strong I think it’s important to have a balance and to have strength in all these areas Not everybody’s into exercise they maybe like to go for a walk have a go at badminton or Tai Chi There’s lots of different things so it’s finding something that you enjoy doing You won’t know ’til you give it a go I’m not here to pontificate or say you must do exercise All I know is that exercise has saved my life It’s not been easy, it’s been a long process but I’ve just stuck with it

Reynold King

3 Replies to “Weightlifting helps my Parkinson’s”

  1. geat video, i have PD now diagnosed for almost 2 years now.

    ive been trying to get more exersice even joined a fitness club but some things are hard..inbetween "off times" i have not a lot of time to eat and exersice(going to the gym takes my 15 to and 15 minutes back also.) motivation, as single dad with 2 daughters and a full household to run its not easy to keep motivated without a partner there to help.

    i do however have a spinner bike in the house and i could get some weightlifting gear and do it al from home that would a least take off 30 minutes travel time and i could spread exersice over a day.

    that would solve the practical side, the motiivational side is to me harder, with PD it hard to find a partner.

  2. In February last year, out of nowhere, my eyes became light sensitive, had slurred speech, my vocal cords seemed strained and my legs/hands began to shake uncontrollably, and I was diagnosed of PARKINSON DISEASE. I started out taking only Azilect, then Mirapex and sinemet as the disease progressed but didn’t help much. In July, I started on PARKINSON DISEASE TREATMENT PROTOCOL from Herbal Health Point (ww w. herbalhealthpoint. c om). One month into the treatment, I made a significant recovery. After I completed the recommended treatment, almost all my symptoms were gone, wonderful improvement with my movement and tremors . Its been 6 months since I completed the treatment, I live a better life..

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