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Weiss Hard Enduro Training – Day 2

Do that again, we’ll try to make it
a little bit more technical Once you come down,
come down on your front tire and come to a
full stop immediately If you put your front wheel down and
your rear tire is still on the block see if you can hold your balance
right there ’cause right now you’re flying off
like a sack of potatoes all of you See if you can come down
more smoothly Oh nice! CRACK Oh he chipped a little! The 525 broke the block! – I’m sure somebody got that on video, did they!
– I did! Let’s maybe move these… I feel like I’m done for the day,
I’ve accomplished that Nah you did good! And I haven’t been on the
highlight reel yet… Tyler will.. – Just to make it a little more balanced…
– You do everything perfect then
you’re never on the video… -Yea, who wants to watch that? I wanna see you crash There’ll be plenty of opportunities
later today, trust me Right here, we can practice going up
in big curves like zig-zaging for those of you that are into
training the pivot turns just go to one corner,
pivot it around and once you pivot,
here’s the important part where you combine
what we did yesterday Once you start pivoting,
you lean towards the downside of the hill but in moving over you need to
lean against the mountain just in case you need to put your foot down
which you will have to do Make sure it’s on the good side That’s slick! – And it’s not as easy as that…
– No way! He makes it look easy… I wasn’t thinking about that line… I had the speed so
I was just going for it.. You just need to lean a little more forward
so that you can control it more too far behind you don’t have control – OK, so I was too far back?
– Yea, too far – 360°!
– Wrong direction Martin! Why do you do that when
the camera is not ready? I believe I can flyyyyyy…. – I love that you see someone [email protected]#$ up
and you’re like “oh I wanna do that”! Nice! Yea this is definitely a step up… – What is it, 6ft, 6 something?
– Yea I’d call it 6ft – ’cause we built this up Are you [email protected]#$king kidding me? – I’m thinking about it…
– For sure, of course Look at it:
“It’s just a wall™” -That’s cool, don’t worry, good try..
– More gas! – Do it another 10 times until you really have it ’cause this is gonna be breaking down
and at the end you’re gonna see your 10th time it’s almost gone.. Hey Martin, slow down a little bitBecause who needs a runup… I’m pretty hapy with that other one… Well… the bike’s up there… – Holy shit, that was awesome!
– That’s what I’m talking about!

Reynold King

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