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WELL THIS IS AWKWARD: Matt Walsh has to educate biology student on biology

Student: Hi. I thought you had some
really good points, but I just wanted to ask you about hybrids and stuff
because I’m here studying biology, and so we’ve learned a lot about
genetic mutations, and disorders, and such, and there actually are
hermaphrodite humans beings, where they have both ovaries and
testicles. And that… I have it right here. It’s actually a medical condition
called “ovotesticular disorder.” And there are also other genetic
disorders where people are born with XXY, just X, or just Y, and such.
And while it may seem rare, there are hundreds of thousands of
people born with this each year. And so, going off of your fairytale
hybrid people, they do exist, and I’m just wondering how that
would play into your view of there being a spectrum
of gender because… Walsh: These are people
who can get pregnant and also impregnate someone else? Student: Yes. Hermaphrodites
have both ovaries and testicles. Walsh: No. No. No.
[Audience chattering] Walsh: If such a person existed,
I would not include that part in my next speech, but…
[Audience laughter] Walsh: …such a person does not exist.
Now, intersex and gender deformities, as you talked about, do exist, and
I expected someone to bring that up in the Q and A. I think it’s a fine
point to bring up. Two things I would say to that. Number one,
that actually has nothing to do with transgenderism because if when
we’re talking about transgender, we’re talking specifically about
intersex people, then we would just say “intersex.” But with
transgender, most of the time, we’re talking about men who don’t
have any deformities, they are just straight-up men, clearly, and they
are identifying as women. So even if I agree that what you’re
talking about is some sort of exception, that actually would have
nothing to do with the transgender topic. But I don’t think it is an
exception because, as I said, I think a true resident of the middle
circle of the Venn diagram would be someone who has the
reproductive capabilities of both genders, and no one like that
exists. I mean, not to be crude, but there isn’t anyone who can get
themselves pregnant, right? That doesn’t exist in the
human kingdom, anyway. So I think what you’re talking about
there are people who have deformities, and so in their case, it would be more
difficult than usual to determine what their actual biological sex is
because the usual indicators aren’t there or aren’t as obvious, but that
doesn’t mean that they don’t have a biological sex. It’s just not as clear.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “WELL THIS IS AWKWARD: Matt Walsh has to educate biology student on biology”

  1. Teachers, especially in college and university need to be screened better, lying to young impressionable minds as a teacher should be a crime.

  2. Why she brought this point up? Even if she's right, this is an exception. They're an extreme minority in the human race. And you can't transform an exception into the ruling factor.

  3. I'm sorry college campuses are nothing but institution to radicalize children and political playgrounds where people go to basically learned nothing except how to be as racist and as ignorant as possible not all but at least 85%

  4. Least she wasn’t foaming at the mouth liberal…just the professor teaching hybrids, crazy… college is a re-education camp, Americans pay for, in China you get trapped there.

  5. Why are these libtard millennials always need to look at their phone while asking questions ?? And this is a college level biology student ?? Oh America ! Get your shit together !!

  6. Why title this video in such a disrespectful manner? The girl asked a legitimate question and did so respectfully. You are doing a disservice to your cause and reputation. Shame on you.

  7. I wonder if she believes that atmospheric carbon drives global temperature?…I'm guessing she will know that to be an absolute fact:) – we are stuffed once this generation gets to run the show…the devil is winning!

  8. Both sides were civilized and respectful. Yet a video title is able to trigger half the comment section into ridiculing and demeaning one side of the debate. I’m not surprised humans cant agree on anything, there’s always people who like to create controversy and put down people merely because they dont share their opinions…😂😂😂

  9. Higher education is now just higher indoctrination/propaganda/lies; and the cost is higher also, the cost is life and freedom. AOC and all the other Facist Marxist leftists want to turn the US into another Venezuelan nightmare. The world is in an escalating moral collapse and the last bastion of freedom, the US, is falling like a giant dominio. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only answer to this worlds problems. John 3:16.

  10. This is the same type of student that's probably going to go into health care, but will be more concerned with the race/ethnicity of the patient instead of the diagnosis……

  11. Typical that she tries to muddy the waters by equivocating hermaphroditism with transgenderism. How would a hermaphrodite be transgender if they were neither…what’s the transition from?

  12. To all Christian parents! You love your children, and so you want them to be successful in this world, so you send them to universities so they can have a better life, and have a good career, so they don`t have to struggle in life. But what is more loving them? For them to be brainwashed and make lots of money, and loose their souls? Or for them to just go to a trade school, and even become a plumber, ect. And not be brainwashed into the world system! I mean what does it profit, if a person gains the whole world, and looses their soul? The universities have turned into a brainwashing center! A antichrist factory! Love your children enough to allow them to struggle more in this life, that they may gain life eternal! Whats more important? A good career, or a good report on the day they stand before the Judge?

  13. Please tell me she just started learning biology or she is in high school or something. I won't believe if you tell me she's in college

  14. I hate to say it but this is what happens when good and strong men step aside or are shut out of leadership in lieu of being led by feminine ideals. This is the society you get. All based on fantasy and the way things "should be", not how they actually are with realistic ideals and solutions. When you rule with "feelings" and caring and nurturing for the weakest among us instead of what will help the majority and the strongest and best equipped the most, you will fail every time. Get ready, our country is absolutely doomed to subservience once the generations of our youth get ahold of it.

  15. Your both wrong, and just pandering to people who are clearly ill. They are just men. You aren't the recipient of another classification just because you feel like it or mutilate your gender. Just like a Panda with a missing limb is still a Panda. Medicine should classify someone with a hormone imbalance as sick because they are. Pushing any sort of Delusion to the public is very damaging to society and is rightfully met with scorn and outrage. That IS a normal reaction to spreading lunacy.

  16. Intersex is STILL 2 genders either way…Male and Female! Not penguins or unicorns and rainbows! Anything other than the MALE and FEMALE gender is a mentally made up gender in the mind only!

  17. What part of DISORDER does she not understand?

    I'm sure she will run to 'professor' to get the word DISORDER changed because science doesn't fit with the perverse narrative.

  18. Even if such people exist, and they were among the hundreds of thousands, they would still be extremely rare, and wouldn't affect the way we place humans into male and female categories.
    There are hundreds of thousands of people born without some extremities, but if asked, you say people have two arms, two legs, one head, and a pair of eyes. Now, that doesn't mean you should dehumanize people who happen not to have a limb, but let us just not go and pretend it is within the norm or just another group in which humans as a whole can be categorized. They're called exceptions for a reason.

  19. When any woman uses the phrase "and such" I instantly judge her intelligence at the level of Miss South Carolina 2007….

  20. I can say I have known a person who said she was at first a lesbian and later she claimed to be a hermaphrodite. She told me as a baby growing up her family taught her she was male. She was very confused when puberty hit.

    Fast forward and she has a baby girl. Raised the girl half of her young life as mother until she had sex change operation to become male. It is obvious that her biological body says she is female no matter what she believes and altered her body to be.

  21. Male WC, Female WC and General WC. That should sort out this issue once and for all. Just don’t get annoyed sitting on a seat with piss all over it. You asked for it, you got it. 🤓🎇👍

  22. When people say they are a student of something, it doesn’t mean they hold any expertise on a given topic. It only means they’re learning about it

  23. There are several conditions where a baby is born and the gender is not obvious. But it’s an ANOMALY.

  24. What I'm always confused about is how they keep on referencing gender, which is a matter of language not biology really, when it seems they mean sex, which is biology.
    But gender is really an element to language. Like in Spanish and German (and English to believe it or not) they use gender. Which should, right away tell us that there's more than two as German has a masculine, a feminine, and a nueter or neutral form. We use gender to help us understand language. For instance if we had a language that classified dangerous animals as masculine and safe animals as felin feminine the person listening can make that distinction, whether an animal is dangerous or not, even if the person doesn't here the entire sentence. So like let's say a person says "oh, shit, there's a bear over there!" You'll want to know that the person said bear and not deer for obvious reasons, and if the words are similar or there's something creating noise and drowning out the sentence you can still find the meaning based on conjugating the words to be masculine or feminine.

  25. There are not hundreds of thousands hermaphrodites born every year. That's as fallacious as their abortion argument that most are for rape and incest.

  26. Why don't they realize that hermaphrodites are people with physical mutations, not a 3rd sex? Same if you are born with a different number of limbs or something.

  27. At least she isn't one of the shouty screamy types. She has been misled. Because of the manner of his reply, she should be able to embrace the facts without feeling offended.

  28. Standard conflating..using a small exception of cases to justify the extreme activisism of many who are not in those cases that wants to change legislation and demonise the majority in order to advance/exert political control..this young lady does not realise it and with many others but they are all gearing up to be the facists amd tyrants that they so passionately denounce.

  29. People need to look up the prefix "trans" In a fucking dictionary and people like her would have no argument, no ground to stand on with stupid questions like that.

  30. Intersex people have everything to do with transgender people. The reason to bring up intersex people is to show that there are people who do not fit a binary view of sexuality. Infact intersex children are horribly violated by doctors who cut off parts of their genitals at birth in order to "fix" them.

    I really don't understand what this guy is trying to say by asking if an intersex person can give birth and impregnate someone. Like somehow that means that they are really one gender or the other? What a load of bs, that's tying reproductive capability to gender, which is a terrible argument.

  31. that is a shit title.
    of course students need education…its why they're there in the first place you "awkward" mongoloid.

  32. LMFOA!!!! What the hell are they teaching kids in college these days???? So glad I dropped out and just got a job like regular folk lol I don't even have to deal with college loans!!!!

  33. Theres a lot of unwarranted hate for this young woman. The whole video is taken from its original context where I'm guessing the speaker mentioned a 'fairy tale hybrid' of both sexes. The young woman was asking a legitimate question to clarify his position, which he did. I see no issue with this.

  34. I bet hamorphadites get it the worse when it comes to coming out to people today that they are both sexes to the community. I would accept them, but the question in general is in time, will they accept themselves the way they are?

  35. Well she’s obviously still in school learning from the worst of the worst biology teachers. At least hopefully now she knows how wrong she is…

  36. They’re people who identify to the opposite sex. Gender is a social construct, has been for over 2000 years. Socrates invented the word.

  37. Congenital disorders are completely different from a person choosing a different gender other than what they had when they were born.

  38. Ya I don't think this guy won his point. I think the biology student had a polite, articulate and intelligent point that wasn't refuted by the speaker's subjective opinion.

  39. As a biology student she should know that only having a Y chromosome is incompatible with life. All other pathologies its very simple, its either they have a Y chromosome or not plus all other functioning feedback pathways and negative feedback pathways.

  40. With intersex people, usually only one part works or neither works. If one works the parents and doctor opt for the part that works and surgically removes the other. She didnt need a biology degree to know that. Learned it in highschool biology. Makes me happy that my public school was in the hood. Less indoctrination.

  41. "Gender is a social construct that you just decide. Here's physical proof." Yes. Proof that you're an idiot.

    Born with a Y chromosome – male, with or without a birth defect.
    Born without a Y chromosome – female, with or without a birth defect.

  42. True hermaphrodites, according to a since-closed organization for them, don't have fully formed sex organs of the opposite sex. Most of the time, it's just a nub or something like that. But they always have a biological sex of one of the genders. Sometimes, they may have an organ or two that have the opposite sex DNA, but that is incredibly rare.

  43. I had to listen to this twice to make sure I actually heard her say "Fairy tales exist" & some people can get themselves pregnant. She actually SAID that.

  44. Hermaphrodite humans don't exist. The idea of that is not needing a mate. If you had both male and female genitals fully formed and capable, you still couldn't mate with yourself

  45. This is a clear look at what our education system has become. We have a college biology student who knows less about biology than my 3 year old.

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