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WFW 13 – Do Not Disdain the Discipline of the Lord

Hey, I’m Amanda Vernon,
welcome to Word for the Week. My word for the week is “Do not disdain the
discipline of the Lord.” I’d like to share how I felt God speaking
to me in Mass last week. I’d like to explore what
the Lord is asking me to do about my word for the week, and then also ask what
my word for the week might have to say to
your own life as well. So, this past Sunday, I was blessed to hear my word for the week during the second reading, and it was proclaimed by
my good friend, Paige. Now, Paige is so kind and
she was just extra beautiful as she was reading this word of the Lord, and the word really resinated with me, “Do not disdain the
discipline of the Lord.” But I felt I was able to receive the word in a way that was beautiful, because Paige was the one
who was proclaiming it. So I’m really grateful for that, and because Paige is such a gentle person, the word seemed gentle enough
for me to really embrace it. So this week, as I ask God, what do you want me to do about this word? It seemed very clear that God is confirming through
his word a new schedule that David and I are
implementing for our family. So, back story, I’ve shared many times about my health journey in recovering from the birth
of our youngest daughter. Now, Serra is about to
turn three years old, and it seems like such a
phenomenally long stretch of time to get back to feeling like myself, but just as of this month, I really feel like I
can take a deep breath and say, “Okay, I feel like myself again.” Even though, for over a year,
I’ve been feeling healthier, and stronger, and more
joyful, all of the time, it’s finally, I was able to
cross this plain recently of just instead of remembering
how I used to feel, I just feel like I’m back. And I miss myself, so
now that I feel so well and so normal again, David
and I are saying, okay, how can we work with my
new found healthfulness to have a better schedule
for our family overall? So that means this week, along
with my word for the week, I am diving into
discipline in our schedule in a new level that I couldn’t previously. So, things like going
to sleep early enough so that I can wake up
around dawn to go running to get my run in before
the kids get to school, so I can help them go to school. It means ending my work day at a time when I can go pick up
the kids from school, and even be available
to help with homework, and to have family dinner, things that I just was not
in a place to be able to do until just recently. So while I’m very grateful for the extra time with
my kids and my husband, I also am feeling just a
little bit of tension as I’m trying to embrace the discipline. So, the reading from the
letter to the Hebrews explains how all discipline does not seem like a cause
for joy while it’s happening, it’s only after, awhile after
sticking with that discipline that then this peaceful
fruit comes about through it. So as I ask the Lord how my word for the week
might speak to your life, I’m reminded of a story
in the old testament about Naaman the Syrian. Oh, it’s thundering here, which
rarely happens in Arizona, this is exciting. So there’s this story
about Naaman the Syrian and he has leprosy. And so, somebody suggests to him that he goes to find
this prophet of Israel so he can get healed. So he shows up to see Elisha, and Elisha the prophet instructs him, here’s what you need to do. I’m paraphrasing, this is from the second
book of Kings chapter five if you want to read it verbatim. So, Elisha says, “Here’s
what you need to do, “you need to go wash seven
times in the Jordan River “and then you’ll be cured.” And Naaman’s shocked, this is too simple. What about other rivers that are better, or what about if Elisha just comes and waves his hands over the leprosy and it’ll just be cured. And then, the people who are
traveling with Naaman say, “Hey, you would do something extraordinary “if he asked you to, so
why not something simple?” So of course, Naaman goes,
washes himself seven times and then is cured. Now, he goes back so thankfully to Elisha and Elisha won’t except any gift, any sort of payment for this, he just says, “Go on your way.” Then, to take this story a bit farther, there’s a servant who’s
observing all this, a servant of Elisha the prophet. And he’s like, “Well,
that seemed too simple, “we should except these gifts.” So he goes and he says, as
Naaman’s leaving, he said, “Hey, you know all those
gifts you were gonna give?” “Could you actually please share those?” So he receives this gift
that Elisha had said, no we don’t need that. Now, I’m not gonna tell you
about the end of the story because it does not go well
for that servant at all, to say the least. If you
want to read about it, second book of Kings, chapter five. But, all of that to say, I
would encourage you this week to just ask, in your heart,
to ask the Holy Spirit, what are those areas of discipline that the Lord is inviting you to, that are gonna bring
peacefulness and joy to you that might seem not glamorous,
that might seem too simple. Maybe just waking up a
little earlier each day, or taking some time for quiet after you get through school or work, or just something little
that takes discipline, but that makes a difference, and brings peacefulness to your life. This episode is made
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us reach even more people. P.S., speaking of discipline, I mentioned in a recent episode that I’m trying to grow my hair out, and it’s getting long, it’s almost there. It’s just curling almost the
right way, but not quite. It is taking so much discipline
for me not to cut it again. Because I just want it to be
like either short or long, but this in between, I don’t even know. So I just want to pat myself on the back and just acknowledge the discipline that’s
happening right here. That’s all I have to say about that. (upbeat music)

Reynold King

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