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What is Learning Management System (LMS software)? Are you a teacher, who wishes that it didn’t
take you days or weeks to manually grade all of your student test papers? Or are you a
training manager, who wishes to reduce high travel costs or administration and scheduling
problems associated with corporate training. Choosing a Learning Management System, popularly
called LMS software, can solve your problems. So what is an LMS, exactly? LMS is a software application which allows
instructors to create online courses, and training courses. Along with creating, managing
and delivering e-courses to their learners, instructors can also track the progress of
their learners by accessing detailed reports and statistics that LMS software provides. Another important aspect of a Learning Management
System is that it provides learners online classrooms where they can interact and learn
in an interactive environment. To create such an environment, LMS allows instructors to
upload all their courses and training materials such as videos, presentations, PDFs or even
live web content such as wikis and blogs to a central location i.e. the online classroom.
This facilitates anywhere, anytime learning as learners can easily access the materials
by logging on to the online classrooms from any device with Internet access. In addition
to this, learners can access these classrooms anytime even after they have finished taking
the courses, ensuring uniformity and continuity in learning & training. LMS software has a number of features to help
instructors manage their learners better.They can organize learners into groups or classes
to centralize reporting & assignment of courses or quizzes. With advanced reports and statistics,
tracking the progress of large groups or individual learners is also easy. In addition to this,
instructors save valuable time spent in grading assessments and calculating the results, as
the Learning Management System automates grading of hundreds of test papers & enable students
to instantly see their results. Above all, a Learning Management System saves
teachers a lot of time and money as it automates grading & reduced paperwork, while at the
same time companies save on travel and lodging expenses because they can easily create training
programs and reuse the programs to train multiple batches of employees.

Reynold King

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