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What is the Suitcase Carry? | Strength Training 101

[Intro Music]>>JOWAN ORTEGA: The suitcase carry is another
variation that presents similar challenges as the Farmers Carry, but focuses more on
antiliteral flexion or preventing side bend. Start by picking up one weight, either a dumbbell
or kettle bell. Here, we’re going to use a dumbbell. Stand up nice and tall. Pull your shoulder blades down and back to
create a neutral spine and brace your core. As you walk slowly, you will notice that the
weight will be pulling you down on one side. In order to prevent lateral flexion, you want
to pull your ribcage down on the opposite side that does not have the weight and hold
your core tight. You will perform this exercise over a given
distance, number of steps or time. Be sure to equally work both sides. The suitcase carry is a great exercise that
challenges an athlete’s overall stability, strength and resistance to antiliteral flexion. This is important in maintaining good posture
during athletic movements. [Outro Music]

Reynold King

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