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What It’s Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State

Möge Gott euch akzeptieren. Gott ist bereit. Richtet meiner guten Mutter schöne Grüße aus. Trauert nicht um mich. – Betet für uns.
– Möge Allah dich akzeptieren. Sei vorsichtig Abu Abdullah. Halt es hoch. Kämpfen für den Islamischen Staat Vice News machte Aufnamen die von einer Kopfkamera eines Kämpfers des Islamischen Staates gemacht wurden, er starb während des Kampfes. Der Peshmarga im Norden Iraks im März 2016. Der Kampf fand 30 Milen im Norden von Mosul statt.

Im Gegensatz zur Propaganda des Islamischen Staates, welche oft einen schwungvollen Sieg darstellt, zeigen diese Aufnahmen die Kämpfer in Unruhe. Die Sequenz des Events beginnt mit einigen Militanten welche einem Selbstmordbomber Abschied wünschen. Bewegen sich die Zahlen? Ja, drei Sekunden Im Namen Gottes

Reynold King

100 Replies to “What It’s Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State”

  1. I had a nick name :Abu Hajaar, at Battlefield V .
    Now I understand why no one wanted me to their squad!!!

  2. honestly the best move would have been for them to stay in the armored car. Even though they are sitting ducks its better than having to roll over an open desert basically to avoid gunfire. I would just stay there and try to surrender or something.

    edit: WOW 1 UPVOTE, thanks kind stranger!

  3. to be fair to Haajar, what did his teammates think was going to happen when they decided to cuddle up on the right side of an MG3 in a small space? Haajar was just doing his job keeping the enemy's heads down, the other two were being prissy idiots complaining about brass while standing right beside the port where brass ejects.

  4. Fighting with 60 guys all named Abu something. No wonder these cowards got wasted. Seen more ISIS take face shots than pornstars. These people are going to end up extinct. I mean their average intelligence level is that of an American house pet. And they are all pussies on the battlefield. They can stone women to death though. Tough guys…also half of them are confirmed homosexuals. Just look how they fight, it's pathetic.

  5. at 5:52, if you play extremely close attention, you can see Abu Hajar get shot, his arms flail just a small bit as no more gunshots are heard

  6. America spends as much as the next top 3 countries in military yet took years & suffered mass causalities fighting untrained soldiers like these guys?? Abit embarrassing no??

  7. Fools! Just like General Patton said, " You don't win a war by dying for your country, you win a war by letting your enemy die for his country". Well said.

  8. But Islam teach simply different than this….. My advice for them ..stop doing like this…..pls understand in prophet Muhammad's ( PBUH ) Life…..and waiting for the caliph Mahdi ….

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