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Who Can Conquer Themselves??? (Attaining Discipline, Willpower & Creative Success)

Reynold King

6 Replies to “Who Can Conquer Themselves??? (Attaining Discipline, Willpower & Creative Success)”

  1. Thanks illement. Glad you enjoyed it. I'll be more video-centric in my marketing efforts from now on (read more from the book, give free tutorial lectures and so on), so stay tuned for more, and share with your creative and driven friends

  2. Hey Monaysway…glad to be of service. I have plenty of free excerpts on the blog (even audio clips, and I'll be giving away the first two chapters for FREE soon), so check out the site for more.

  3. Peace!! this was quite conducive to the train of thought I am attempting to develop during Ramadan.. I was wondering what happened to your inspirational videos. CONGRATULATIONS on the endeavor of being published and I think this will be added to my library God Wills it!!!! Thank you young man for just being YOU!!!! Peace!!!

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