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Why ECM? – Enterprise Content Management with Konica Minolta

Why ECM?
Why Enterprise Content Management? Today we would like to shed some light on how businesses can benefit by using
an ECM system. With the rapid growth of
unstructured corporate content, enterprises face increasing difficulties
with managing documents, electronic information and
related processes. How about you? Did you ever want to reduce the time it
takes you to find information? Have you ever thought about more
efficient filing of documents in a central location? Have you ever wished for seamless
collaboration on documents and contents to work on projects more
efficiently? In short: You want to take control of your
documents and their related processes in your company but the reality looks quite different? Documents and content from different
sources – with their own structures and purposes have to be managed. Whilst certain
departments might organize their information by customers, others might structure their files by products or projects. This data and those documents are
related to folders, further information is located in emails, on paper or even on
portable storage. As a consequence unorganized
sharing and copying of documents arises frequently, resulting in fragmented and unstructured
data; resulting in working time that is wasted on
searching for information instead of using it in a productive
way. This can also leave you vulnerable with regards to data protection and
security. Unauthorized access to
confidential information like data and documents can increase the risk
of information leaks for each piece of information stored in
an unsecured areas. Frustration is inevitable for the
office employees as well as for the IT management. As you can see, chaotic document
processes have big negative business impact. They will ultimately cost you time and
money! To avoid situations like this – Enterprise Content Management is the solution: Take control – Maintain Control – Let Documents Flow ECM structures your data and
documents by what they are instead of where they are and helps to organize and automate business
processes. Let’s have a look and see how ECM
can help you! ECM helps to reduce the time it takes to
obtain information. Instead of spending time searching for a
document ->with ECM, documents from all sources are properly indexed and filed to find information quickly by
keywords. In the future it won’t be about
where a document is stored. It will be about: The kind of document you are storing
and the labels and tags you attach to your document in order to identify it. In doing so the label will replace
the need for any hierarchical structure and since everyone with access rights
can easily find and reuse documents from a central storage location, there will be
no need for any duplication. This means that a document is stored at a central location together with all its previous versions instead of having different copies of the same document at different locations. By establishing an ECM system
document handling is recorded and offers transparency about what has changed on a
document, when and by whom. This offers seamless collaboration on
documents amongst colleagues and even across different departments. ECM encourages collaboration
seamlessly on documents and content.. As you can see efficient
operations in companies are strongly linked to documents and their
processes. Within an ECM system, companies benefit
from time and cost savings, secure data, increased efficiency and
productivity as well as improved collaboration and
higher profits. You will simply say: Let Documents Flow. Konica Minolta’s ECM system is called: dokoni Suite. dokoni Suite is based on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform – the most common and popular ECM system. To give one example: dokoni Suite connects the efficient filing and
collaboration functions of MS SharePoint to the users’ Windows Explorer and an MS
Outlook interfaces, enabling drag and drop between
applications and increases document integrity
while letting users operate their familiar desktop environment. The different modules of the dokoni Suite
provide valuable enhancements to the Microsoft SharePoint to efficiently file, find, manage and process your documents and
information. dokoni Suite covers such
straightforward functions as well as the management of advanced business processes. Konica Minolta is your partner when you are looking to optimize your business
processes. We will provide you with the right tools
to achieve higher productivity. Let’s work together and see how ECM and dokoni help you
improve your business! Enterprise Content Management
by Konica Minolta Take Control – Maintain Control – Let Documents Flow

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