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Why Guidance Counselors Should Be Put in Jail

– Hey guys what’s up, it’s
Seth with and I show people how to get
jobs in digital marketing and how to get started in life faster, cheaper and smarter than college. And in this video I want
to talk to you about why your guidance counselor
should be put in jail. And I mean that, because
what your guidance counselor, and college presidents and
even your teachers are doing, if it was done in any other
industry, other than education, would be illegal, absolutely 100% illegal. So let me explain, stock
market crash back in the 20s (laughs) the reason the stock market
crashed was because of a lot of factors, but speculation:
there were stocks and companies that were just based on B.S.
they weren’t based on anything. And average people were
investing their money into these companies and when the
market crashed it brought everybody down and created
this huge unemployment and the country was really in the shitter. Now the Securities and
Exchange Commission was created and legislation was passed by
Congress in the 30s to protect consumers, consumer protection law. Now consumer protection
law is a huge force in pretty much every industry out there. Like in the pharmaceutical
industry there’s disclaimers and in the stock market, a
stock, when a company goes public there’s all sorts of rigorous
inspections and disclosures. And companies have to be very
transparent, you know if you want to invest in a stock,
you have the right to ignore this information, but you have
to be disclosed all the risks of the stock, all the
information that the company has. All the methodology behind
what they’re trying to do, the statistics, the numbers, the potential losses you could have. And all this stuff is in place to protect the public from bad investments. Now the SEC also, you can
invest in a stock without, doesn’t matter who you are,
but if you want to invest in a private company, say I was
raising money for a film, or I want to do a start-up
and I want you to put in 50,000 dollars, cause this is
going to be the next big thing I’ve got the next Facebook here, right. Well technically, that is
regulated and if I take money from you, a private citizen
without following certain procedures it’s not legal. You are supposed to be,
according to the SEC, if you’re going to invest more than
10,000 dollars in a private company you have to be what
they call an accredited investor or at least what they call
a sophisticated investor. Now, accredited investor
has all these guidelines, It has to be somebody
who has a net worth of two million dollars, or an
income of 200,000 dollars. I forget the exact numbers,
but it designed to make sure that the individual is not
only sophisticated enough to understand the risk of the
investment they’re making, but if they lose all their money they’re not going to be devastated. And so, if I go around
and it’s illegal for me, for example advertise a
private placement publicly, until it is cleared by the SEC. That’s illegal, you’d
be put in jail for that. Because, they don’t want
people out there to be making wild claims that, this
is the next Facebook, you should give us a lot of money. And they definitely don’t want
people, the general members of the public doing this
because, hey what if you put all of your life saving into
this company and it goes bust. That’s terrible, this
is how economies fail. Well what do you think is
happening in the education sector? Colleges are able to
send their sales people, which is the representative
or the admissions officers to high schools to sell their product, which is college, to young people. The guidance counselors
assist in this, pressuring and guiding young people
into this purchase. A purchase of an education,
that they don’t understand. Is an 18 year old sophisticated
enough to understand the investment they are
making in this degree? No. Is this 18 year old ever going
to be able to get a loan, if they apply for a
business loan at a bank? No. But, the same 18 year
old will be able to get a government loan, for as much
as 100,000 dollars to pay for this thing called
college, this product. And again, if this were
done in any other industry, this would be absolutely illegal. Giving 18 year olds
misinformation, misleading them, pressuring them to go into
debt and take out loans. And then the student loan
companies and the government, primarily profiting off of
an 18 year old’s debt for the rest of their life is a
travesty, it is a travesty. Again, if any other business,
Firestone back in the day made some bad tires and
there was public outcry. But colleges have built up a
1.5 trillion dollar debt load for young people, devastating
their financial future and nobody is held accountable. In fact, we say no, the problem
is we need more education, we need more people to
take out student loans. And again, if this were
being done in any other sector of the economy, there would be congressional
hearings about this. But, a student loan which
can never be discharged in a bankruptcy, will stay
with this young person for the rest of their life. And at no time during the
college frenzy, the application process do teachers sit down
and actually talk to students about the unemployment
rates for college graduates, the underemployment rates
for college graduates, the fact that college earning
statistics are completely misleading, inaccurate,
they’re not scientifically or statistically accurate. And I have a whole other video on that. It’s correlated data, because
smart people are pressured to go to college they get their
degree, they learn nothing, they go into debt and then
10 or 20 years later they make some money and that
data goes back and then the colleges say hey, Warren Buffet
went to college and that’s why he’s a billionaire, so
you should go to college, cause it’s gonna make you wealthy. It sounds ridiculous, but
colleges have actually used this million dollar(laughs) they
say you’ll make a million dollars over the course of your lifetime, more if you get a college degree. And that is, first of all
incredibly misleading, it’s inaccurate, but it also
borders on consumer fraud. You really could not say
something like that in any other industry without being subject to some type of litigation. This is why pharmaceutical
companies, as ridiculous as it is they have to say
during the commercial: this could cause side effects
including nose bleeds, blah blah blah, maybe it
doesn’t make a difference but they have to say it. But there’s at no point in
the college conversation where anybody says, hey listen this
is a very risky investment, your bachelor’s degree, you’re
not majoring in engineering you’re majoring in English,
you’re majoring in psychology this is the underemployment rate. By the way, when you get out
of school, according to most recent data, you’re probably
going to get a job in sales, customer service,
retail or an administrative office job you could’ve
gotten without the degree. Plus, here’s what your interest is going to be on your student loan. I had a 17 year old in New
Hampshire, whose parents were pressuring her to
go to a private school. And I had to sit her down
and I showed her, here’s what you’re going to owe for
the rest of your life, if you take out these student loans. Now the good news is once she
saw this, she was responsible enough to say hey, these are my finances, this is my life, I’m not doing this. But we live in a world where
the parents and the teachers and the guidance counselors
are the ones that are being irresponsible and I think
borderline criminal.(laughs) So, this is why I say
your guidance counselor should be put in jail. As an accomplice would be all of the teachers that are pressuring. Any teacher that says to a
young person, you have to go to college to be successful
and you should take out student loans and they don’t
disclose the risks, and they don’t explain that
there are so many better ways to get ahead, faster, by
learning marketable skills. By just learning how to present yourself in a compelling way to an employer. The fact that it’s not 100%
of the jobs out there require a bachelor’s degree, it’s
a much smaller number. And even when a posting says
bachelor’s degree required, it’s not really a requirement, I have all these other videos on this. Cause I’ve helped people without
college degrees, get jobs that said BA in the description
because they learned how to present themselves
in a compelling fashion and get the skills that the
employer actually wanted. So, before you dig yourself
into debt out of the frenzied fear of the middle class
that, without a college degree you’ll end up living in a
box, think for yourself. Think about this, and ask
yourself if this was being done in any other industry
other that education, would anybody be standing
for this nonsense? This insanity? I don’t think so. And I think we owe better
to our young people than to keep feeding them bullshit and pressuring them into debt. So, if you’re one of those young people go to,
I got more in-depth information about why
college is a waste of time, and exactly what to do instead
to make money and create a life where you actually
are the one creating it, not your parents and your teachers, with a lot of bad information. This is Seth Jared with and and I will see you in the next video.

Reynold King

9 Replies to “Why Guidance Counselors Should Be Put in Jail”

  1. Actually in the process of filing job applications on LinkedIn after I dropped out last semester because of you. Feels weird having company’s ask me how much I want to get paid. In the Fairfield count area next to nyc so I should get one real soon. Thank you so much Seth

  2. Hey Seth, awesome video as always. You make a lot of great points in this video that I've never even thought of. I do have a question about digital marketing though. How likely is it to get a remote position? I live in a smaller town and all job postings I see are in the big cities. Is it likely that I can find a completely remote position?

  3. This is so true. I remember back in my final year of high-school how guidance counselors would pressure my peer group to attend seminars held by university "representatives" that were there to "educate" us on the importance of university. Little did I know these seminars were just sales pitches that played on our fears in order to manipulate us into signing up.

    Many 17-18 year olds simply aren't mature enough to know what the potential trap they are getting themselves into until it's too late. I was partially aware that a career in STEM had a higher chance of leading to employment but many of my peer groups did not and ended up getting useless degrees.

    If your young listen to what Seth is saying. If your not going for a career in the STEM field than stay away from college as there are other ways to make money that don't require a massive loan.

  4. Your advice and your warnings underline a profound need for change. As I write this, the DOW is crashing. On the financial channels, one reason for our economic ills that's given is: "millenials debt load". Weeks ago, I saw on Bloomberg Markets TV a discussion of why the real estate market is messed up. Why? The millenials are so indebted, they can't afford to buy a house! College debt is ruining lives and ruining our economy! Keep that voice of warning crying out!!! You are SO NEEDED to turn things around!!

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