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>>If you are watching this video you are either
an autodidact, a curious youtuber or- simply ended up here by mistake. Either way, today
we’re going to be talking about self-education. I’m Josh James and this is ‘Those Who
Can’t Do Teach’>>So- Why do we self-educate?
It seems we spend most of our academic lives trying to get away from the class-room but
as we get older and more self-sufficient that craving for knowledge comes back.>>I believe the quest for knowledge is deep-seated
in human nature, from a young age we ask why? Whilst this can be quite irritating for parents
I believe we should nurture the children’s creativity and craving for knowledge.>>Although I digress, to answer the initial
question we’re going to have to look at education as an institution- starting with
the classroom.>>Former teacher and now youtube educator
CGPGrey has done a great video about this, link in the doobly-doo.>>In any given classroom you’re going to
have children of varying intelligence and the teacher is going to teach the subject
matter in a definitive linear path until the syllabus is complete.
Now here’s where the problem comes in. Some students are going to find this to hard
and aren’t going to be able to keep up. Some of course are going to get bored because
they’re way ahead of the class and very few are going to sit in what i like to call
the goldilocks zone on par with the teacher throughout the whole syllabus.>>The difficulty of keeping up with the pace
of mandatory academia is one of the biggest failings of the classroom. Although this slowly
disperses as you are taught to self-educate during GCSE, A-level and further education.>>We’re living in a digital era and have
vast accesses to resources the world of academia could only dream of years ago. Access to the
internet has significant changed the way we access and communicate information and may
one day change the face of education forever.>>Project Halo is planning a digital Aristotle
per say. Aristotle of course being the greek philosopher
who taught his students in an accessible manner they could understand.
The concept of this digital aristotle is a system which learns as the user does and shapes
their learning experience on their successes and failures.>>Self-education is of course subjective,
you’ve got to have some genuine interest in the subject or you’re not going to take
anything away from it. And with that I’ll give you a few closing
thoughts on the matter.>>Despite university prices being higher than
ever and applicants being lower than ever, I’m happy to live in an era of academia
with information at my fingertips. And as a youtuber of course i’m thrilled
to see educational content from Youtube EDU gurus and youtube average joes. We’re all
autodidacts and if you took anything away from this- then so are you.
Thank you for watching this episode of those who can’t do teach, if you want to continue
learning with us make sure you subscribe. Til’ next time.

Reynold King

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