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Why you are not LOSING WEIGHT! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Hey! Thanks for tuning in to MY BOLLYWOOD
BODY. I am your host Sunny. [Slides his hair back]. It is very hard to ask people to leave
the gym and then carry on with the shoot. Today we’ll discuss, and a lot of people
ask this question and we hear this question in our gym all the time and on the internet
you shower us with this question a lot. That is, I am doing cardio I am following the diet i am doing everything but I want to lose weight however my weight has started to grow. So, people who are doing
cardio, they are trying to lose weight. They are eating this bla bla bla diet. They end
up gaining weight rather than losing. So now you have to understand how weight loss work.
There are two three different aspects. The first aspect is that weight loss, how it works
when you go to the gym. So in the gym, first we’ll tell you about the aspect of diet.
So when you go to the gym 220 minus your age is the maximum capacity of your heart to beat
in one minute. Let’s suppose you are 20 years old, so 200 beats per minute is the
capacity of your heart to beat in a minute. The higher it goes the more calories you burn.
As a matter of fact you can burn anywhere in between 18 to 22 calories in one minute
on an average if your heart is beating 80 to 90 percent your capacity. You can do the
math yourself as to how much your heart rate be. So if there is this 20 years old guy 200
beats per minute is the capacity of his heart, that’s the maximum. In the beginning it
doesn’t matter because you are not conditioned. You start going to gym and the first two to
three weeks don’t count because whatever you do it will exert pressure on your heart
and your heart rate will soar. So it’s irrelevant. So after 5 to 6 weeks when your body is well
conditioned and the strained muscles relax it is after this that all these things matter.
So now you have understood that you have to increase your heart rate to 70 to 75 or 80
and eventually 90 percent to burn the most calories. So what kind of workouts you should
go for in this situation, you can do sprints. It’s an amazing workout. You can do high
intensity cardio. Even on a treadmill or an elliptical, supposedly if you are on a treadmill
sprint at the speed of 8 to 9 for 30 seconds then bring it back down walk for a little
bit. So put pressure on your heart and then remove it and then exert more pressure and
remove it and then more pressure, so this kind of a workout. Weight training is very
very crucial and essential. So normally I recommend, irrespective of male or female,
to do a lot of and a lot of weight training. Train every muscle, your quads, your hamstrings,
glutes, miniscule, maximus, calves, soleus’s, trapez, your shoulder, your chest, your triceps,
your biceps every single muscle of your body you need to train and do proper weight lifting
and after this do cardio of this sort for 20 to 25 minutes. Now you have understood
that you have to do this kind of cardio to lose weight. Now comes the very important
part that is the diet. Now your body, you know when you are doing the weight loss, you
know the trainer they use the fancy word it’s called macro nutrients which is your fat intake
which is carb intake which is your protein intake. These three things make up your macronutrients.
They are very very important. On an average how much calories do you need to consume.
It’s different for each individual. First, you should know your maintenance calories
for example I ask you to take 1600 calories. But where are these 1600 calories coming from.
They are coming from protein, fat, carbs and a little bit of sugar combined to form 1600
calories. So now that I have to give you these 1600 calories or 1800 calories, so let’s say I advise you to take 100 grams of proteins and 100 grams of carbs and 30 grams of fats. So 100 grams proteins gives you 400 calories and 100 grams of carbs provide you with 400 calories as
well and your 30 to 40 grams of fats, a gram of fat contains 2 calories and thus will give
you so and so calories. So after accumulation let’s say they become 1500 calories but
now this is counted. It is counted that these are the amount of macronutrients you are getting
and your workout is counted that you are burning this much calories. If your body needs 1500
calories, you should give 1500 calories to it which is accumulative of your fats, proteins
and carb intake and then you burn 400 to 500 or 600 carbs daily and that’s how you lose
weight. You are not going to lose weight that you need 1500 calories a day and yet you only
give it 500 calories. Consequently, you won’t even be able to work out. So now you did this,
Sunny ji, I have done this and that, but Sunny ji, how am I still gaining weight. The problem
is that if you mess up with your macronutrients. So what you are gonna do is, you have taken
a 100 proteins but have taken 200 carbs instead of 100 carbs. Ok so now what happens is that
actually by doing just cardio your body, ok so, you did weight training and in the process
provide food to your body and when you would feed your body it will automatically grow
no matter what. You are giving your body protein, you are giving your body carbs, you are giving
your body sugar, you are giving your body all sorts of foods. Your fibre, fats, everything!
Your body will definitely grow muscles because we advise you to first do weight training
and then do cardio. So when you do weight training your body will grow no matter what.
If your body is not calorie deficit i.e. if it needs 1500 calories you provide the similar
amount to it and reduce 500 calories [with exercise]; if it needs 1500 and you give it
2000 and burn only 500 in the process your body is not in the deficit. So eventually
you’ll start putting on weight. Putting on weight is basically just water weight if
you are dedicated you won’t gain fat that easily. So this is one of the sciences behind
this. The second reason or science is that let’s say for an example, you eat something
and it stays in your body. If it’s a cleaner diet which is that you have counted your macros
i.e. the amount of protein, carb and fats you need. So this is what you have eaten.
This is clean food very calculated carbs. So when you work out your muscles need constant
energy they want the energy and food. If you will give your body cleaner food with low
carbs, fats and higher proteins your body metabolizes. Let’s say after three to four
hours your muscles demands more energy, this is how you put it in simple term, the
muscles will go into the fat stores and turn them into and metabolizes them into the source
of energy and starts burning. But for an example your carb ratio is higher as compare to your
proteins and you considering yourself to be know it all, have inserted a banana or a samosa
or rice or lentils in your diet, now what happens is that when your body is hungry it
won’t go to the stored fats deposit because the things you over ate have not been metabolized
and thus it will start utilizing that. So what’s happening, your muscles will grow
and your body will get stronger, you know, you look a little bit toned but your weight
starts to grow up. That’s why you are not losing weight. That’s why you are like,
I am spending two hours in a gym and yet I am not losing weight. Number one reason: either
you are an extreme calories deficit which is like you are only taking 400 to 600 calories
a day or you are in a surplus that is you are taking way too many calories. It has to
be calculated as to this precise amount of calories you need to take. In a nutshell,
I’ll just quickly wrap it up so the video does not become too long. How many calories
do you need a day? If you want to lose weight, calculate your maintenance calories, you can
search it on google as to how to search your maintenance calories. Check out your BMR i.e.
basic metabolic rate or resting metabolic rate i.e. RMR. For a person who works out,
for example if it deduces based on your age height and weight that you require 1800 calories
then this is it. Now how are you going to find your macro count? How do you find your
macro count? For macro count I’ll share with you another video. I’ll leave you with
this and will address the issue in the next video. Do not forget to subscribe us on YouTube
@MYBOLLYWOODBODY. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to check on
my video tomorrow, for how to count your macros!

Reynold King

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