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Women Try Circus Training For A Day

(Kelsey screams) – [Aloysia] Yes. Arch your back. Arch your back. I got you. – [Kelsey] Sorry. – [Aloysia] I got you.
(Kelsey screams) – I don’t know if I can. (upbeat music) – What the hell is cirque school? – Cirque school is designed
for anybody with any body, the only thing that you
need to both commit to today is to have a belief in yourself. It really pushes you to the
places you never thought you could go and helps
you be a more empowered person in your life. – [Kelsey] That sounds
intense. It sounds like – It’s intense!
– Yeah, it’s crazy! – You get like therapy
here in a weird way. – Yeah, it is. Yeah. – [Kelsey] I’m so excited,
let’s do it. You ready? – Yeah. I’m ready.
– Let’s go. – [Kelsey] Where are we
going first? Oh. Hello. – Oh, this way. Let’s go for some fun hula hips, just rock the hips from side to side. – This is nice! – And now we’re going to
get into jumping jacks. Knees kiss every time and we’ll take a full circle to the right. – [Jordan] Your jumping jacks look great. – [Kelsey] Oh shit! (Kelsey laughs) – [Aloysia] Good. Jordan, Kelsey, keep up. Let your head lay back. (Kelsey grunts) Yes. Good use of words Kelsey. – [Kelsey] I feel drunk. – [Aloysia] Turn yourself
around, back to the centre. We’ll wait for you, Kelsey. – [Kelsey] I’m good.
– Not a problem. – [Kelsey] I’m good. – [Aloysia] Alright, legs underneath. We’re going to do it all together. Push your toes straight
toward the brick wall, yes. – [Kelsey] Oh! – [Aloysia] And now
you’re going to sit, how? Like the queen..
– Like the queen that we are. – [Aloysia] Yes. – Kill them all. – [Aloysia] Slowly bring the feet down. Come down, feet touching the
floor like a little fairy, using your arm muscles
using your ab muscles, yes. – I’m a big fairy. – [Aloysia] Very nice. (Kelsey laughs) – Stay. Stay. – How’s the weather down there, Kelsey? – Your butt looks nice. (Jordan shrieks) – [Aloyise] Yes. Yes. – Ah, it’s caught on my vagina. (Kelsey grunts) Did I look graceful? – Looked good right? – [Group] Cirque school! – That was so fun!
– It feels so good! – [Kelsey] Even when I
couldn’t do the stuff I still felt like good. I feel energized, I feel happy. – [Jordan] It felt challenging. – [Kelsey] Yeah? – Still, which is great. – You did great at it. Did you think you were gonna be this good? – [Jordan] Well, I used to be a gymnast so I had a feeling that it might be, like a little bit easier for me. – [Kelsey] Yeah. Alright.
See you out there. – Bye I guess. – Click here to watch my new
show, “Am I Doing This Right?” It’s the perfect thing to
watch with a glass of wine and your best friends. – We’re not your best friends. – Watch it! (glasses clink) (epic music) (car breaks screech) – Aaaa! – [Kelsey] Ah shit! Am I doing this right? – Yeah, you’re looking good! – That’s the name of the show.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Women Try Circus Training For A Day”

  1. (The video you're trying to watch cannot be viewed in your current country or location.) Oh right currently attending my uncle funeral in Mars

  2. so is there an actual video of their day or did they do this just to show her failing lol would have been nice to actually see what they did.

  3. My school actually offers cirque as a after school option, so I get to do this kind of stuff at school and we have performances also.

  4. Reminds me of my firsts aerial class it's now been two years and I discovered a love and talent for contortion and aerial!! I love what I do and would definitely recommend!!

  5. Ok if they had done split stretching, oh lord we would have 100 dollars in the swear jar!
    Ya it is one of the most painful things I have ever done it is forcing you muscle to stretch to the point to where your vadingdong feels like it's being ripped apart

  6. I went to a camp that had a trapeze and they had famous circus coaches there. It was so cool cause they do all that stuff! Hard work

  7. Wish they actually tried to make it look like this video wasn't only about Kelsey. I love Jordan and the camera barely even looked at her

  8. I started circus classes last week in the middle of summer. The hula hooping made me sweat but I think that it was also because of the heat. I love the circus πŸ’œ

  9. 1:41, I am an eigth grader, and that is in out dance, except the bottom person has to bend their knees and straighten them twice. And the top has to raise their leg, therefote shift their weight and mess both of us up, at certain intervals.

  10. After about four years of training once or twice a week, I can say that looked great. I’m sure I didn’t get that far in my first session- it took me way longer than that to start climbing silks!

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