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Work Ethic And Discipline – Study Motivation

we are getting too soft as a culture and
that’s what happens when we get 100 years of prosperity things become easier
and that’s a great thing it means we become more educated our universities
use technology to teach us more efficiently more is known about our
subject field but these technological advances also breed procrastination it’s
never been so easy to get distracted we’ve screens everywhere our phones our
laptops tablets the TV video consoles which is bad enough as it is but that
combined with a culture that is getting too soft that doesn’t know the meaning
of discipline and work ethic it leads to even more serious procrastination issues
on a huge scale once you’re focused with the task on hand you won’t even think
about getting distracted it’s being able to fight procrastination and refine your
discipline to get the best education possible just start that’s the hardest
part just start get in the zone of studying turn your notifications off
turn your TV off lock your door put your headphones on and settle in for a few
hours of studying so the next time you’re facing a decision where you want
instant gratification and you forget about the long-term goal and you forget
about the dreams you have that’s when it’s time to get excited you need to
pump yourself up you need to remember the reason why you’re doing it you need
to close your eyes and see where you’re going to be in 10 or 20 years time you
need to smell it hear it and feel it within you exactly how it will be if you
decide to push your work back and procrastinate and if you decide to stay
focused and stay disciplined and get the work
done it’s on you no one else can make that decision for you burn that
long-term dream into your mind think about it talk about it write about it
stick post-it notes around your room about it but most importantly do
something about it you

Reynold King

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